Friday, July 27, 2012

Beauty buffet mask X a mini gift away!! :)

done with another presentation today left one more and 4 exam papers T~T
saddd wanna cry >.<

so today as the tittle and above pic suggest,
i will be sharing you all my little hauls which the beauty buffet facial mask :D
which i wanted long ago ^~^ after seeing a blogger blogged about it :))

yea.. so i bought an apple and evening primerose mask and another vitamin C mask!!~~
i will try to do mask 2-3 time per week

and i tried the apple and primerose mask immediately :)
it is very nice smelling and have a very smooth texture, and my skin feels refreshed !

 and after a long time of make up!
i realised that natural make up suits me better than gyaru make up :(
so i will not be doing any more gyaru make up for now anymore
although i really do adore the gyaru style and the ppl around me also dont really appreciate my thick gyaru make up too anyway :((

so meanwhile, i will just stick to my natural make up :)

so next is my gift away time!~~ (o^~^o)
this is opened internationally
it is just something small and humble for my beloved readers :)
i just want to show my appreciation towards u !!
so how to win it?

1st: help me share my blog!~
2nd: follow me publicy if you haven't ( please do not unfollow after the gift away period >.<
it is so mean >~<)

results will be generated by a random generator :) totally fair!

ends at 1st steptember 2012!


it is a cat hairband !~~

if  you have seen popteen or any other jap magazines you will know this hairband is very popular in japan right now hehhehehe

so goodluck i hope there will actually be people participating in this gift away!!~~

hehhehe :)

that is all !
byebye!! <3333333333


  1. Noo! I loved your gyaru looks :(
    Wah T_T
    But it's your choice I guess. Natural suits you too :3
    And good luck with your exams :3

  2. Hello!
    I just joined your giveaway~
    Hope I can win (。◕‿◕。)