Thursday, July 25, 2013

Minion madness

Hi guys !!

i have not been blogging for the longest time >.<
DAmm preoccupied with my games and school


I am so so so tired ............................

been rushing like mad these few days non stop. >.<


Was queueing for this for a long time!!!!!!!!

Lucky was able to get them happy me!~~ ^~^

last few day was horrible not being able to see my dearie and was stuck with school T.T


mentally stress killing me.....

but was glad that was able to cook with dearie one of the last few days..

yummy~ and the corn he cooked really nice! <333333


hahhah greedy me XD


Right now i am missing him so so so much >.<


last week we even discussed about having a pet .. like hamster or a dog O.O

and i bought some really cool clothes too recently...


We even went to a famous dessert shop called "dessrt first" to have some really nice desserts
like this!!


So that is all for now yea.. byebye <3333333

cya soon!!!~~