Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting used to..

Hi peeps, today is just another random post about my thoughts these days...

My working life and relationship does drilled me to be a more stronger and independent person..

More than often I will bitch about my internship life being sucky and all and how I cant wait to leave that company.. >.<

and conflicts with boyfriend makes me tear easily .. and whenever, he doesn't want to meet me because of some issues... I will cry too unknowingly..

inside I feel hurt.. indescribable feeling..

Dealing with what I have and handling it properly does make my life better and more stable.


I will try to distract myself from those negative thoughts by playing my phone's game or some online games..

last 2 days I spent some time with twinie had dinner together... :3

we just chatted over work stuffs. complaining to each other how sucky it is for us.. lol..

But we had our fav foods at pasta mania and toast box :) even the basic things in life like dining with my twin and eating nice foods actually allows me to feel relaxed.. :)

We went shopping around too and I bought this top :D the design is sexy right?? ahahahaha!!



So that is all for my so emo post now
that is all byebye!!!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Night Safari X X'mas gifts!!! (LONG POST**)


Hi peeps!! ^~^
Luckily for me, my office just operate for half day on X'mas eve.

Today I will be posting how I spent my Christmas with dearie the last 2 days on the eve and the actual day itself. hahaha :3


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a pair of tickets to Night Safari (*^~^*)//

However, up till now I still do not know how to get to the Singapore zoo at Mandai area.

Luckily, dear dear is street smart. hehehe! He managed to brought us there.

Initally when I first reached there I am quite scared as I am a rather timid person and the place is like really crowded especially at the first station for  the tram. That day, the tram are going non stop.

Since it was so crowded and the waiting time is like an hour plus thus, we decided to take the trails first by foot. We went to the catfish and wallaby trails.

Personally, one of the most scary moments for me is the fruit bats area, because there are no protective layer there are all just out there. Outside the sign written if you are afraid of bats please do not enter.. lol!! But I was thinking why not just go, anyway, I don't always go there. Dearie was really keen to go in too, so I do not want to hold him back too.. (#>.<#)

I liked the tram ride the most, because we just sit down in ths tram throughout and since the tram paths and different from the foot trails, we got to see many magnificent large creatures out there, the lions, large elephants, rihnos, pigs, hyenas, deers and tigers too. O.O really eye opening.
Some creatures like the deers are really pretty and some cute too like the Wallaby and pigs hahahaha!!!!

Some photos taken there.. lol because it was dark out there so the pictures we took are too dark and limited.. pardon me :X


hehehe dear looks so happy here !!

the hyena sign board which I took because in real out there was too dark to even take a clear photo of them >.<


Some fossils on display there O.O!!~~

just some random normal fish tank at the rest room area...

When we came to the end of our tram ride, we stopped by at a lot of souvenir shops there

Some photos from dearie's iphone hahahaha
that we took at their photo booth with some ridiculous props!



And then at the last shop stop, I saw this flurry keychain which I quite fancy and keep on touching it
then I asked dearie to have a look at it too..
But I decided not to buy it.. but to my surprise, dearie decided to buy them for me..

Hahahaha he chose the orange one and mine the purple one
He keep commenting that it looks so cute!! >.<
Twinie saw mine then she commented on how cute it is too!! Wahahaha!!!!


Blurr shot when we were inside the bus back home... (O >.< O)

clearer shot of my plushie keychain!!! (^~^*) uber cute can!~~!!!!??

Ok ... above is how I spent my eve...

So next are my this year Xmas gifts..

Sephora palette!!!

            Photo: My new sephora eyeshadow. Palette Xmas gift

Coach wristlet! O.O

                     Photo: My new coach purse  Xmas gift ✌

And 2 angpows too hehehe!!

              Photo: Boyfie bought me this

dearie bought me this innisfree bb cream!! <333333 major love!!! which I will do a review on this soon !

Okk... So on the actual 25th

I went out on a Christmas date with dearie!! (^*^O)///

Photo: My life. My choices. My problems. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business. Mind your own problems before you talk about mine.'

That day, we went to catch Jackie chan's new movie "Police story" which dearie wanted to watch! So I decided to give him a X'mas movie treat :3


Then afterwards we dined @ Crystal jade palace restaurant at ngee ann city!!


The food there is not bad!! (^~^) but it was costly $_$
But it is ok, at least we didn't need to queue so long and the nice foodies that we ordered there didn't spoil my festive happy mood with dearie! (**^v^**)/////

Photo: "Did I told you how much I l love you ? Yes, you did a lot of times  Well, I just want to tell you that " I love you a lot over and over again "

So that is all for now... how I managed to spend my Xmas this year something new and different for me!! (^w^)// What about you guys!!?? How did you all spent it this year?? :O hehehe Much more interesting than me?? hahaha hopefully so.. but this year having dearie by my side happily together is more than enough for me already!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

byebye <33!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Xmas to everyone!!

This year for Xmas, I am not wishing for anything else except to be prettier day by day that is all!!


This year I have gotten so much love <33!!

I gotten myself the best boyfie and my family is going to korea this april !!

What more can I wish for???

And later I am  finally going to  night safari later!! To spend my Christmas eve there with boyfie!!

Yesterday was out with twinie and boyfie and
guess what?!
Boyfie surprised me with these gifts

PS: the ladle on the cup has a " I love you" written on it!! (^~^*)//


yesterday I gotten myself some etude house sponges too

the packaging is uber kawaii and I simply couldn't resist it >.<

and I just started using it today
O.O I like its rubbery, spongey texture and it helps to smoothen out and blended out my precious mineral bb cream!! <333
The sale girl say they can be washed and reused!!
hahahahaha >w<

yestetday while waiting together with boyfie for his bus,
I opened the monsta inc gift from him to me hahahah as I wanted to see what is inside :O

So that is all for now
byebye!! <333

Merry X' mas to everyone <33!!*********



Today I am gonna do a review on my new product which I have been wanting for quite some time
and I finally gotten it!! (*^~^*) happy much!!'

as you are all know I am very fond of trying out korea skin care and makeup product
and I have seen good reviews raving about this product.

and I have already starting using this already :)
so far it has a very smooth and watery texture.

I use it as my night time moisturizer and together with my BB cream makeup for day time

Effects: 3.5/5 not much visible effects but it does soothe and moisturize my skin. :) I really love using this together with my bb cream because it makes me feel and think that there is more skincare on my face then too much bb cream caking on my face, making the coverage more dewy and sheer overall.
Price: affordable :)
Packaging: It is a tub, no spatula was attached or given so using bare hands to scoop out the gel. Unhygenic :(
Smell:3/5 slight aloe scent, no odour , no pleasant scent either. Neutral.

Meanwhile I gotten myself a pair of tickets for boyfie and I go to night safari + tram ride to spend our Christmas night together Wees~!!**
Damm excited can!! >.<
As I am have never been to night safari my whole life before (O.O)
even in my pre school days too lol!!!
embarrassed much!! >.<

So that is all for now ..

will update again on my night safari trip soon !!
hehehe :3

Friday, December 20, 2013

Shills V lifting serum review


Hello all!! Remenber my hauls from genting
well I am gonna a review on my boyfie's gift to me Shills " V lifting serum "! :)

I have been using this for one week already :O

I have been wanting to buy this product for quite some time already and finally I get it XD


because I really dislike my round face :(

Effects: 3/5  So far there is really not much obvious change in my face shape.. I cant tell the difference yet.. so I guess I will be more patient with it O.O then see how .. lol

Packaging 3/5 normal and classic. I like it as a pump bottle as it is hygienic :)

Price: 3/5 I bought it at the SASA shop there.. quite costly >.<

will I repurchase it?
ermm not sure... if I see results soon, I will definitely repurchase as I am a fan of v lifting products

that is all for now ..
byebye :3

Monday, December 16, 2013

Just back from a short trip overseas :)

Photo: Sometimes, the people we argue with the most are the same people we love the most.

Hi all!! Today I am back to work T>T
A few days ago I went to Genting :O
and am just back..
A short getaway from my mundane intern -.-


took a lot of photo for memories sake >.<

lol but not the food photos though, too hungry to take photo of them though...

Everyday see customers travel I am like so full of envy then now it is finally my turn!! wahahahaha!!!

First day I couldn't get any sleep at all as I drank green tea before bedtime!! >.<
 how wrong was I?! and the sleeping position was uncomfortable for me too until I changed it. :O

I did lots of shopping of course since I didn't manage to play any rides... or go to the casino..


lol the above photo is just a portion of my hauls only..
I still bought a lot of other makeup products for my sisters and mum
and foods too wahahaha.. until my luggage become so heavy >.<

no wifi there either so I only managed to blog until today >.<

Someone special was with me there so it makes the trip super nice :)

I am so thankful :)

Meanwhile, I brought my innisfree air skin bb cream sample along with me too
2 satchets ..

and I am super loving it >.<

I am not sure about the skin tone of the satchets though which I didn't take note of >.< regret!
But I did a research last night when I am back
and I like the pink beige tone!! <33
So I am gonna purchase it when my pay day comes!! wahahaha!!

Effects: I super love its coverage and tone!!!
Make me look naturally fairer! (O*~*O)
and Yoona ssi is also endorsing it !!


so that is all for now byebye!!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Innisfree hauls- jeju super volcanic clay pore gift set review!!


Annyeong!!! <333

I am super happy cos I finally managed to lay my hands on my super love product from Korea which is innisfree's super volcanic clay mask!!! :)
Before my purchase, I had actually done some research on the reviews on it :O
Before Lee Minho and SNSD'S Yoona are endorsing it :3

When I went to the store, the shelve doesn't have it because it is OOS. :O
I am like OMG! so popular??! the last time I went there, there were still quite some left so I didn't buy it lol..
then I am kind of regret so I go and ask the sales girl, do they still have it?
and they introduced me to the gift set which is the same price and it comes together with a free mini
volcanic cleanser and toner :) Wees!~~~ The sales girl also ask me whether I want to sign up for the membership for free and I gotten 2 sets of samples thanks to boyfie lol!!!
Which contains samples of their green tea seed cream, serum, air skin BB cream and wrinkle cream which I given my mum to try out ... lol..
So happy!! ^~^//

Boyfie was kind of bored with me always buying makeup and skincare stuffs etc.. lol!!!


So that night I went back home and I couldn't wait to try them out myself so I did the mask last night
and tried the cleanser and the toner this morning only lol!!

So here are my reviews :)

just a short clip of yoona advertising this product here..

Firstly, of course the much anticipated super volcanic clay mask!!
Effects: 4/5 My facial skin did become fairer just after one use, my pimples did subside!! So amazing right?? O.O
Price: 3/5 $_$ quite pricey >.<
Smell: 3/5 No odour ^~^, no pleasant scent either, neutral 
Packaging: 3.5/5 not really hygienic, no scoop was included, using bare hands might contaminate the whole small tub. And the packaging is quite small too. >.<
Will I repurchase it again??
Yes!! of course! superb love this product <33!
Next will be
Effects:3/5 face feel fresh after wash, no outbreaks!! ^~^
Smell: 2/5 no pleasant scent
But I can use it for my traveling purpose so handy :)
will I purchase it?
No >.< I still prefer my mungbean faceshop cleanser :)
Lastly, is my review on the toner also the mini version.. so I gonna pack for my travelling too lol!
By the way ulzzang Pony recommended this toner in her skincare regime too! Wahahaha!!
Effects: 3/5 no visible effects though..
Smell:2.5/5 no odour, no pleasant scent either  
By the way, here is
Yoona endorsing this product here...

will I purchase this product ??
No >.<
I think I prefer my usual clean and clear toner..

So next , I actually also purchased Precious moment tissues too when my twinie was buying some present for her boyfie from there lol...
couldn't resist its kawaii packaging >.<

Furthermore, recently boyfie and I also dined @ some jap restaurant located at Taka basement because back then he said he wanted to dine there
which I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant though but the bill was quite costly >.<
Treated him to it because I wanted to do something special for it ...
This is what we ordered..
he ordered the ramen and I ordered their fried rice O.O
lol when I finally get to taste my fried rice, I didn't like the taste of it at all >.<
but dear was ok with his ramen though and I told him I am so not coming back to this restaurant because it taste awful >.<
meanwhile we also ordered a peach soda too
and it was Nice, so sweet can?! <33!!

so that is all for now yea.. will keep you all updated soon..,
Because I just purchased some new Etude house make up products because they are having a sale bazzar right now .. to be revealed soon hehehe and am gonna do a review on them soon too..


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Movie marathon X Kose eye cream review


Hi peeps!!

Today just gonna be another random post about what I have been doing recently besides working all day!! >.<

I have been catching movies at home alone and the cinema with boyfie too
wahahah so many nice movies :) Besides catching up on my Korean's craze WGM's episodes too.

I watched 3 movies in just the last 2 days

Went to the cinema, and caught EVERYBODY BUSINESS with boyfie yesterday after work :O
Because boyfie really like this movie and keep saying he wanted to watch it :)
it was funny :3 though, we cant stop laughing ... >.<


 I managed to watch online EPIC & FROZEN online
since I missed them when they were out .. >.< and boyfie don't really like cartoons too ...
well, so I watched It alone at home :) but I really do enjoyed myself watching them
so addictive because the animations are so awesome!! <333 Both their storylines are interesting too!!
hehehe.. watched non stop.. because they are just so exciting for me lol.. I sound like a kid here
but I really cartoon movies especially these kinds :)


So next, I am just gonna do a short review on my another recent new haul kose eye cream !

I bought this because I am guilty of sleeping late at times or maybe most of the time because of body clock and work life hais...

and my female colleague bought 3 of these sample sizes at one go, claiming that it is so effective and good, thus after much thoughts,  I only bought one to try out for myself so far only.. lols.. to see the results myself how amazing this product is ???

not enough rest some times >.<

Effects: 3/5 I have been using for one week plus it did helps me to lighten my dark circles abit
but so visible changes/ effects seen though , but can see slight bit lighter now (^~^)/
Cost: 4/5 quite costly $_$
Packaging: 3/5 lol I bought the sample size to try out for now only, normal Kose design
Smell: 3/5 no nice scent just some normal chemical moisturizer smell only

Will I repurchase it again?
maybe yes? not sure because I want to see more visible improvements when I use longer then I go buy because this product is just so costly I am scared of buying it and not worth it . #>.<# later waste money only.. T.T

So this week I also bought a new tube dress for myself too :) during my break I saw this apparel in display and I quite fancied it so I decided to purchase it :)

So that is all for now yea..

byebye \(o^~^o)/!~

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peripera Heart glow powder pact review

Hi peeps!~~~
Today gonna do a short review on one m fav recent haul
Peripera heart glow powder pact <333
Somemore my favourite Apink's Naeun is endorsing it!! Wahahaha!!! >W<
Effects: 4/5 I am using this currently with my Etude house BB cream or Laniege BB cushion
Packaging: 4/5 it is pink in colour and the hearts design make it look sweet and lovely too :3
Price: 4/5 affordable :)
Smell: 3/5 slight nice scent no odour hehehe
Will I repurchase it again??
yes!! hehehe :)
So that is all for now yea!!
byebye <333