Friday, May 31, 2013

2nd monthsary with boyfie! X korea's clio's 0.05mm brush liner short review!


Hello !!~~

i ams super happy today because in like 3 days time we are going to be 2 months old in our relationship already ..
so blissful :))

like finally!!

So here is advanced gift from him.. dont know how he found the gift card though
like it alot because he is my bear hehehehhe

and i haven gotten him his pressie yet.. cos we was late for the meeting today with the seller >.<
will share what i have gotten him here later on though hehehheeh <33333333

and i promised him i will prepare some homecook meal for him, so i prepared this lunch box for him



and he has got this cute app which i forgotten the name ..


On our way back home we took videos and selcas lol!!!!!!! XD

Short review on korea's Clio 0.05mm brush liner here
Effects: 3/5 it is really ultra thin but it is rather hard for me to draw on .. >.< will try it harder again the next time.. as i really prefer easier application..
Packaging: 3/5 chic?
Price: 3/5 quite costly for me as i am still a student and i bought it at its full price >.<
Will i repurchase this again?
Prolly No!
So that is all for now byebye<333333333

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hello all!!

I am like finally back !!

gonna blog daily again starting from now!!hurhur..

Cos exams are OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^~^

Recently i have some Kpop obession >.<
gonna share it here

i am really addicted to this song here!! <33333333

There is this girl inside this group called "HELLO VENUS" called Yoo ara is the leader!
i really like her so pretty!!!!!!!! Wah!!!!!!!

So here are some selcas...


i managed to buy quite handful of items which i haven taken any pics yet or received ?

So do stay tune for my latest haul hehehe..


Which means more reviews coming ..

and lastly my boyfriend and i are soon reaching our HAPPY 2 MONTHS!!


SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^~^)//

so that is all for now byebye<3333333

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shibuya girls meetup !! WARNING PICS SPAM!!

Hi guys !!


Today my twinie and i went for a really exciting event!! :)))

IT called the shibuya girl event!!! :))

and we saw Pearly chan there!!!!!!!! <333333

the place was held in cawaii kohii meido cafe!! <33333
i made a friend there btw hehhehe

totally a kawaii venue to begin with XD




at there we get to try all the japanese comestics ranging from koji dollywink to heavy rotation.

after that i finally tasted a soup shop called saybon with twinie!!!!


so that is all for now!!
byebye <33333
so so so tired now!!!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CAp madness!!

Hi guys!!

REcently i am so in love with korean caps!!
especially those with their tops flipped up and have really nice wordings on it! >.<

So i am gonna share with you all my newest cap!! <3333333


This cap is from korea's Stylenanda!!!!!

i ordered this online and waited quite long for its final arrival!!!!!!!!!!!
and i am so happy finally it is my hands now!!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely loving!! <3333
So shagged now with my crashing in projects!!!!!!!!!
and my dear dear is not back yet!!!!!!!! T.T
Hais 3 more days until he is finally back!! >.<
cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Going to sleep now soon already
So tired already still need do project -.-
So that is all for now yea..

Monday, May 6, 2013

self occupied...

Hi guys, i dont wanna always post about my beauty stuffs.
so just some random thoughts here....


These days.. school is draining me..

waking up at weird hours when i should still be sleeping >.<
tired but cant sleep because i miss my bear so much >.<


been trying to complete my homework too...

there is no motivation because my freaking long hours in school


had been watching korean shows WGM we got married taemin and naeun couple..yesterday..
nice <33333333


projects is killing me too argh!!!!



my only leisure now is camwhore lol!!

So that is all for now...

byebye <3333333

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New hauls!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!!!!!
So today gonna share with you all my new hauls from yesterday shopping ..
as you can see from the above pic, i bought myself a new cap :SPARKLE on it.
hhehehe i am loving it!!!!!!
have been wanting one of these caps for such a long time already.. and it is not for sale in my country those retail shops yet.. i got it from an event...
absolutely happy with it!!!!! :D
So before buying this cap, i bought some beauty items too..
MY korea facial wash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its packaging looks so good that i just wanted to get it and try it for myself!
will do a review on it too :))
and i bought a new pair of shorts too wahhaha!!

So that is all for now yea..

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Larme 004 issue preview sharing!!


Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am now blogging in advance for tmr post hahahha

today gonna share with you all my finally arrived LARME magazine !!

damm excited can!!

cos inside got my fav models inside especially YUI !!!!!!!!!!!!!


and it is not available for sale in my country so i need to specially order this book online! :o

 Look at YUI kawaii face!!!!!!!! ENVY!!!
their black clothing stye: Black alice so vintage :3
 and their AMOS and YUI Q&A time!! hhehehe
 i can understand abit though :) hhehehe

their dolly hair make / hairstyles







Meanwhile i als bought myself a korean 3CE concealor online to try out for myself too!!!

hhehe i will review on this soon!! so wait for this yea?? hurhur...


So that is all for this sharing now
byebye and i will  cya soon!!!!!! <333333333333   

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Japan's Kao eyemask steaming eyemask review

Hello!!~~~ (^~^)//

So today i am gonna share another review on one of my recent online hauls.

Which my japan kao steam eyemask!

i bought it because my sister was crazy about it and kumicky uses it too on a often basis!!
hurhur so i just got to buy some to try out for myself.

Effects: 4/5 my eyes felt the warmth amount just nice and comfy, my eyebags are alittle less visible with quite obvious instant results :)
Price: 3/5 quite costly..
Packaging: 4/5 it is pink and it look quite nice!! :))

will i repurchase this again?
maybe yes.. hehhe i quite like this! but i am quite lazy to do eyemask :o

Meanwhile yesterday while shopping i bought this lash glue too to try out from japan :3

wait for this lash glue review too yea?? <3

So that is all for now yea.. byebye<333333

will update soon :) wees!~