Friday, June 27, 2014


                   Photo: Pleasant feeling of removing makeup because of some really awesome skin care products I gotten !

Hi peeps!!

my holidays are nearly over... T.T
and I am like thinking damm hard on how to celebrate boyfie bday while watching my fav kdramas
and went visiting my grandma today..

I will be doing a short review here on 2 shades that I bought to tried for Korea's IOPE cushion series-
natural and shimmer series..


Personally, I like S22 better, because it gives me a more shiny and dewy complexion as the shade is even lighter than N21 too.

whereas, N21 is darker in comparison too..

But overall, I am satisfied with iope air cushions!! Because they are just so natural and comfy on my face when applied. Moreover, its functions states that there are whitening properties inside it too, when applied for a longer time basis will whiten skin.. so far I didn't see any visible and obvious results -.- But I love it watery dewy feel and finish look on face :))
and it doesn't break me out too!! ^~^//

will I repurchase it again??

well, I cant find this product in my country and online charge quite expensive and I will be back to a student real soon.. so if I can buy I will buy but if cant find one.. then resign to fate?? lol!! >.< poor me.. hahahaha

so that is all for now yea..
Ciaos!~ <333

Cya soon!! xoxoxo

Thursday, June 26, 2014

my fav skincare obession!!~~


Hello peeps!!~~

today I will be sharing my fav skincare routine with you all!!

Recently, I just bought Shiseldo White lucent toner at half price at their ware house sales to try this amazing product out myself!! >.<
I queued quite long for it!

so here is my review for it after using it for a few weeks close to one month!


Effects: 3.5/5 no breakouts so far! but there is a tight feeling when applied.. slight whitening effects I think??
Packaging: classic and elegant :))
Price: 1/5 it is dam expensive
Scent: 2/5 chemical smell?? lol! 

will I repurchase it again??
yes!!! but if I have the money ... lol as I will be back to poor student life next month and there is not always sales.. lol!! maybe I want to try out other products too because this is too costly...

Next, I will be sharing with you all my recent fav mask too!!

Odbo vitamin C essential brightening mask!!

So here is my verdict!!~~~
                      Photo: Doing an awesome mask review on my blog soon

Effects: 4/5 really love the feel on my face.. not too rich didn't cost me any outbreaks.. cure my slight redness :))
Packaging: 3/5 simple.. quite hard to tear open..
Price: 3.5/5 quite affordable for now.. but as the availability get lesser it is more and more ex..
as I cant find this in any sg retail shops..sighs..
Scent: 3/5 slight pleasant scent..

will I repurchase this??
Yes!! of cos!! I really love this mask! that is if I can still found them around since they are so d))am exclusive in korea only .. T.T >.<

So that is all for now!

Ciaos !! Cya soon!! <3333333333333

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

k drama reviews and my new book review!

Hi there!!

                                           Photo: I do something That makes me feel guilty every day once but sometimes I do compensate myself for it.. So that makes it a balance ?? Lol #solyingtomyselftomakemefeelbetter
I don't like to spend my holidays doing nothing except my must do household chores so I am here blogging about  my recent life at home when is away at work and I am alone without twinie because she has to work lol!!...

So as the title suggest I became a kdrama addict, besides watching these dramas which I do most of the time now..

I am also doing some reading here and there previously as I mentioned... and I had a new book called
"Bringing up Bonsai"


I decided to borrow this cute book besides its cover and is because I love the storyline summary written behind it and it is recommended by the famous author " nora Roberts" herself .. O_O!!

it is about this lady known as Penelope who is trying her best to get over things with her ex husband
Glenn and meanwhile she decided to adopts her a cute little puppy to accompany her..
then she met this cute guy known as Dylan who thinks of her as the most gorgeous lady her ever seen but he is an ex con.. so he is trying hard to get a new life and also proving himself to Penelope that he is better than her ex husband and wants to be with her...and this dog happens to be their matchmaker or something.. lol...

and I had already read one quarter of it already ... it left me keep on reading the pages.. it is quite entertaining and it doesn't really left me bored, but.. not as interesting as my kdrama though.. lol!! >.<

I have following two other kdramas which has been very popular these days

these dramas are called "You who came from the stars" and "The prime minister and I"

First drama "The prime minister and I"



I want to watch it because it is featuring my  all time bias - Snsd yonna shi!!

and the second drama " you who came from the stars" because of my recent obsession with iope products which I will be reviewing and sharing with you all very soon!!~~


if you are bored and nothing to do, please do watch these dramas they are terrific!!

Meanwhile yesterday was on a date with boyfie and we watched a sad romantic movie which has a very good rating in the cinemas called the " The fault in our stars"


it is quite a nice movie really makes me glad that I am healthy and all fine now and the same goes for boyfie too ! so touching I did tears alittle though T.T! I did some stuffs from it.. like reminding me that life is precious, for some it is a battle everyday for them... and cherish your loves ones etc... 

so that is all for now!!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

New drama updates!~

Hi everyone!!

         Photo: Watching emergency couple
ever since I quitted my shitty part time job last week I have been been slacking at home comfortably!!
hehhe I need a break before school term starts for me again :O
hence I decided to stop earning some side cash for myself and be thifty abit..
hopefully I can do it :(
So I have been at home searching for some kdrama to watch and  I ended with this really fantastic
kdrama which has been quite a buzz recently
it is called "Emergency Couple"
I know the female lead from "Running man" and the guy from "The Inheritors"  
and I saw a lady watching this drama from her mobile at the mrt earlier on..
and I wondered what the title is ... lol!! and I found it now..
storyline is not too bad too either... and once I started watching this I was so addicted !! >.<
so I decided to share this drama to my readers if I had any??? lol!! >.<

I am currently half way through the drama now already!
you can watch it via this link below!!
Meanwhile I have been reading up also.. preparing abit here and there for my uni
lol but I am addicted to kid books like "Mr Mystery" series..
and I business book called "Selling the dream"
so that is all for now !!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Korea Snail white mask review!!

Hi there!!! It has been a really really long time since I did a last review here!!! >.<
Guilty me!! I have been shopping for skin care for a long time since my pay day and boyfie bought me some too but I have been too lazy to review and had already tried some of them out myself already and am loving them!! <333

so today since I have just quitted my damm pathetic job so I have the mood and the time to review my new mask!! hehhehee

like a finally right??! >.<

Today I will be reviewing on one of my latest new haul my Snail White mask!!

Why I decided to purchase one to try it out??

I have been buying plentiful of whitening products these days ever since my korea trip

and this popular masks have been appearing on my fav bloggers blog post reviewing on how awesome this is and all the adverts I see on facebook too!!

and I am like... I am so gonna try this one day??!!
and I finally had the chance to do so today!!
happy much!!
because I was shopping with twinie and I happened to see this mask available too and I am omg!I have to get this!!! Although I already have so many masks at home......
their snail white cream tester I tried inside the shop was really smooth!! @~@
but I am not a fan of snail products so I can only stop at one piece of mask only...although I am entitled to regular discount by the shop owner but I still cant stand to bear with putting snail stuff on my face all the time >.< I am EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahah

This masks has a lot of effects in it and one of rhem includes whitening so I must definitely get it!!
Photo: Bought the famous snail white mask to try out  because I want to be fair. 白いの肌大好きですよね。

Above is how it look like and my look of the day!!

Effects: 3/5 obvious whitening effects! but I doesn't really soothe my really minor outbreak at my cheeks area??
Price:3/5 hhaha since I am entitled to some discount by the kind boss!! hehehhehe!!
Packaging:3/5 simple ?? instructions are all written in Korean so I am like so hard to understand so I just place it on my face for like 30 mins and I am done!!

will I repurchase it again??

maybe ?? I am not so sure because as of now I still prefer my other masks which I see better effects and I will blog about them soon??

end of review!!

Meanwhile let me show you all a sneak preview of my other masks which boyfie bought for me earlier on and I haven't tried out yet while having our date out at jurong point area!!

Korea's VDL sheet masks~

                         Photo: Trying out VDL masks sheets

newpaper feel plus vintage packaging right??? @~@!!!
cant wait to try these out and review on these soon too!! #>.<#

Photo: #noedit #nofilter  I was there once, thinking I was most pathetic shit back then, lucky I met boyfie

So that is all for now yea!!

I will blog soon again!!!<333333333333333

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Our 14th monthsary!!

                        Photo: Dear boyfriend  stop

Hi all!!

Today will be just be another post on how we spent our 14th monthsary!!!
I cant believe we had been so long together boyfie thought so too!! >.<

he wanted to buy me another Pandora charm - a home sweet home charm but I refused because I wanted makeup and skincare products more >.<

hahaha and he give in to me hahha! - 2 skincare products and one lippie for me <3333!~

I gotten him a three quarter Levi's pant $_$

That particular day we dined at Hoshino Coffee Café!!

their menu and environment looks so attractive to me.. so I decided to dine there with boyfie since boyfie always let me choose the place!! wahahaha!!

Here is a snapshot of what I ordered
boyfie ordered their house special Hoshino coffee and their Hokkaido milk cheese soup sphagetti O.O!!

Mine is their Sakura iced latte and cream cabonara! hehhehe!

Photo: #throwback at Hoshino coffee cafe

So if you are fond of Japanese cuisine and desserts you can try dining there too!! :3
their foods there is quite tasty but a bit pricey >.< !

After that we went on to catch the movie " The edge of tomorrow!"

Which boyfie always wanted to watch since we saw it's trailer earlier before hehhe!!


It is quite an interesting movie for me though..
Quite not bad O.O after all!!

Afterwards, we went to dine together with his family to celebrate father's day !!

Photo: boyfie feeling handsome face side by side my selfie. I love placing my photos besides his because it makes me feel that I am always by his side (^∇^)

So that is how we spent the whole day!

Because of my boyfie I am so thankful to be myself every single day! <333

so that is all for now!!