Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip tint review RD003 Merlot Burgundy shade

Hello readers,

I am back with another short review,

As the title suggest, I am doing a review on korea's newly released lip tint range

Chateau Labiotte's lip tint in Merlot burgundy shade!

ok I bought this because I was attracted to its cute packaging and I love burgundy shade !
when I read and saw its review online and saw how lovely the shade is when applied on , I am like totally sold ! LOL!

Ok enough said, so here is my final verdict.

Effects: the long lasting power is quite good, stay on a little after a meal. But after say about 5 hours need to touch up again..

Scent: 1/5 I am not a wine loving person and it has a slight strong scent of the wine.

Price: 4/5 it is quite affordable as I managed to buy it on an online sale :)

Packaging: 4/5 it is super cute!! But you need to close it really securely if not the lip tint liquid ink will easily seep out from its packaging. >.<

will I repurchase this again?
sadly no! overall I do love its shade and its super cute packaging but I am really turn off by its wine scent lol weird me >.<!

I hope this is useful for some of you guys out there ! :)
so that is all for now

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Etude house curl fix black mascara review

Hi peeps,

 I know that I have not been faithfully updating my blog space for I don't know how long hehehe

so I am here to make a short update to keep it alive.

Recently I bought quite a number of new makeup and skin care products to try out.

As the title suggests I am gonna do a short review on Etude house Curl Fit Black mascara


I am always on the lookout for smudge free and lengthening mascara and I chanced upon a review about recommending this product here so I decided to give it a try. Also I am a fan of FX's krystal hehehh

Ok enough said, so here is my short verdict on it

Effects: 3/5 I honestly, I don't really think it helps to lengthen my lashes a lot and in terms of volumizing my lashes , its effects do not stand out visibly as well:( quite smudge proof when I used it for the first time, however, subsequently I realized that it  does not last me throughout the day smudge free, as what it claimed to be. So I am quite disappointed as I placed quite high hopes on this..

Price: 3/5 price is nearly the same as other drugstore brands mascara like Maybeline and Loreal etc..

Packaging: 2/5 nothing special very simple packaging I must say.

Will I repurchase it again?
Sadly no, I think I will prefer other brands like maybeline falsies mascara etc.

I hope this will be somehow useful for some of you out there.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Innisfree Green barley cleasing toner review X Bali trip

Hi peeps I know I am guilty of not updating my lame blog for the longest time but that is because I am so busy and lazy these days that I barely have the motivation to blog loll. pardon me..

First of all I wanna share with you my bali trip this april. which was like 2 months ago.

I went to bali with boyfriend to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary..after i graduated from university like finally!! hahahah no more studying but here comes work life :((

We managed to take a number of pictures but most of them were very much unglam..

Day 1 we went to Kuta matahari square mall!

We tried to do some grocery shopping there inside its supermarket.
i remembered i bought a hair product which was super cheap as i converted to SGD! one hair care spray bottle from the japan brand kao, cost me only around SGD$2 plus!! i couldn't believe my eyes and i bought 2 one for my sister and i each lol after which the last day i went to repurchase 2 more bottle to keep extra for myself and give my sister in law one too.

Boyfie and i  bought a shaver which was cheap too, mine costs me SGD$2 plus while bf one is more ex by a lot but it is still  considered cheaper than our home country!

Also the departmental store have NYX counter, which my home country does not have and i managed to get a eyeshadow for my sister..

After we exit the mall, we walked around, and realized there is a stretch of street stalls which is guess is either the kuta art market or the poppies lane!

the things there all can be bargained!
i remembered i bought a perfume for my dad there because bf helped me to bargain for it.

For dinner that night, we dined at some Japanese and western fusion restaurant there , the prices there are quite pricey and the foods are only so so.. which was quite disappointing.

Day 2: Semiyak

for lunch, we headed to the discovery mall, because i want to go to the Sephora and check out their products and price which to my disappointment , the prices there are overpriced and the products there are not up to date at all. So i just left the shop empty handed. But i managed to find a Korean makeup and skincare brand called "The Saem" in  one of their makeup counter in the departmental store itself and the prices are quite reasonable too. I managed to get a bottle of its teatree makeup oil water and a pack of green tea makeup remover tissues for my sister too.

we realized near this mall, there lies the kuta beach which is seriously crowded and polluted with litter all the times and there are really many scam taxi drivers out there, beware!
To my surprise, they offer horse carriages rides there outside the kuta beach by the roadside.

after that we went to the dream museum 3D art .

the admission price is rather affordable! if you are going bali, do remember to check out this awesome place!!

here are some photos that we taken.

there have a kpop corner there featuring many Koreans idols such as shinee, girl generation and others which i cannot quite remember  >. <

here is a mirror reflection trick art!!

i must say this is one of the most awesome place in bali out of all the places that we visited lol.

we went to the semiyak beach where boyfriend went to learn to the surf the waves afterwards we went to oberoi which was a flea market.

But personally  i feel that the prices at oberoi are not that cheap, but we are allowed to bargain there.
Which is a good thing because i managed to buy 2 handbags and 1 wallet for my sisters and i.

They do sell many handmade and leather goods there if you are keen in these kinds of products do check this flea out.

Day 3: Ubud palace and ubud art market!

We headed for the blanco art museum. Sadly, no photo taking is allowed inside. So no pictures to share :(

it features a lot of R21 art potraits.
But overall , the interior design is really nice and unique!!

boyfie managed to get close with the large colorful parrots outside the museum

We managed to have lunch there and their restaurant is located at the top of the cliff!!
Thus, the view there is really breath taking and spectacular!! Initially, we thought the price there will be very expensive but the whole meal only costs us SGD$ 20 plus dollars only!

We headed to the palace first after which we went to the market, whereby i managed to get a nice scarf for my mother and boyfriend managed to get some cheap souvenirs for his colleagues and a hardrock café singlet for his mum and addidas shirt for his friend.
But at there you really have to bargain hard! So as not to get ripped off :)

After which, we chanced upon a pig meat eatery and boyfie finally gotten to taste their famous fried pig skin at ubud after that.

Afterwhich, our driver brought us to a massage parlour where we were nearly ripped off! Beware!
before going to the massage place, the driver claimed to have this good authentic massage place where he recommend us highly to go to, he claimed that it is cheap and afforardable stating that it only 10 000  Indonesia rupiah. the price he claimed i cant exactly rmb but when we reached there it was all charged in USD. My bf and i were super shocked, we wanted to leave but the person demand us to pay up the service charge but we deemed it as unreasonable because we did not use of any their stuffs or even engaged any of their services yet.

There are many cheap massage parlours in Bali but please be careful too! In the end bf and i went for the massage in our hotel additional services instead, as we felt that their prices is more agreeable there. 

During the trip I brought along my skincare products which explains today's review on one of current skincare products which includes Innisfree green barley cleansing toner.

the reason why i decided to purchase this and try it out because I saw this product from a you tuber video and saw it was highly raved in the get it beauty korea's beauty variety show.

here is my verdict of the product

Effects:3/5 it is gentle on the skin, but i don't really see any visible effects and sometimes i still get the breakouts every now and then and it did not help much with it too.
Scent: 3/5 light scented which i don't really know how to describe it.
Price: 3/5 i bought for SGD 25  plus plus to 30$ plus shipping from online as it is not yet availale in my country.
Packaging: 5/5 i like how simple and easy to use design by using pressing the lid and the product will be dispensed out.

will i repurchase it ??
No. As i did not witness any visible results after nearly using 3/4 of it.

so that is all for now!
i hope some of you out there like my post or find it useful.!