Saturday, December 31, 2011

Summary of 2011 and Goals for 2012!~~

Hello everyone!~~

Happy 2012!~~

So i am gonna do a short summary of how i spent my 2011...


I get to learn japanese and obtained my first N5 international japanese certificate with all A s!~~


I get to know my boyfriend and together with with him.
( 11 mths together already...)


i managed to survive my semster 1 polytechnic education while dating

i haven gotten more readers and followers too!~~~~
i gotten myself a proper camera, ringlight and camera stand. ( which i always wanted long long ago!~~)

So my goal for 2012 is...

1st: Is to put on lighter lighter and lighter make up just like
my super super idol
Lena fuji!~~
and also i realised that more people prefer light and natural make up too!~~ (>.<)
2nd: continue to work hard and achieve good results hopefully

3rd: continue to blog daily hopefully

4th: Slim down hopefully.

5th: Be a better person

Overall, year 2011 is quite a stressful yet fruitful year for me..

What about you??
love year 2011 like me??/

that's all

Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY Floral Nails! はなのネオル(自分をつくりました)


              With Flash !~~

Without Flash!~~

These are the items needed just 3 only hehe
1. Gold glitter nail polish ( i got this from Daiso)
2. Mini Floral Nail stickers ( i got it from the FACESHOP)
3. Tweezers

So easy right??

hehehe try this out too!!!~~~


That's all byebye!!~

Next up is my make up tuitorial preview~!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

West coast plaza! An outing with my besties

Hello everyone!<3

My favourite drink now
Japanese oolong tea from Daiso.
It is totally 0 kcal. hehehe bonus: have slimming effects too
taste not too bad either hehehe. 

Although i have been living in Singapore so long yet i have never been to this place
called WEST COAST PLAZA ever before my whole life!!~ (>o<)
The best is that i never heard of its existence before too!~~

But we all have a great and fun day! i must admit.hehehe..~~

We managed to find out this place, is because we were initially looking for some flea market to shop shop but when we reached there we still could not find it. So we just shopped and hang around the west coast plaza mall itself.

At the basement, my sister and i bought some really cheap pieces of clothings!~~

Before that, we stopped by some japanese supermart. We saw these japanese snacks..

Some random and nice shopping mall decos ....

hehehe, meanwhile we entered some arcade and played ourselves silly

After all this, we went ahead to the market place opposite, we passed by an
electronics shop

and guess what??!!
I bought a huge camera stand for just $35 only.!!

Normally online and other retail shops they sell 100 ++ dollars
and its original price was $70 ++ and they were having a promotional discount!
My dream of having one huge camera stand finally come true!!
Happy max!~~

This one is a test shot!~~
hahaha i am not inside though

Will update in another post what are the cheap fab items that we bought
so stay tune yea ?!~~

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

K palette Contest!~~ Canmake pink cream blusher review!

Hi hi!~

Do you all know about the on going K-palette contest ??!!

Join in and you stand a chance to win a Japan K-palette eyeliner!

link below

This only applies to singapore i think?

All you have to do is to share their pic and like it.
hehehe easy right???

More infor can be found in that link.

Goodluck Peeps!~~

Next, i want to do a review on the pink cream CANMAKE blusher that
my boyfriend got for me (>o<)

I wanted this long long ago ever since i  saw lena fuji endorsing it.
After Seeing her so pretty in some advertisments. Somemore, it is from Japan!~~~ I was sold. (O.o)
I want to buy this!~~
(which i forget to do so.. after finally my Bf got me this)


Bought from Watsons!~~ (^v^)//

Effect: 5/5 absolutely love it, as i wanted to get it long long ago after watching
a japan beauty variety show....
Very natural, i apply it only with out any more powder blush as it is more natural look and nicer.
As it is able to blend well into my cheeks. It remains there for a long time.

Price: (4/5) Affordable around $18?? Cant remenber clearly though.

Texture: (5/5) Very smooth, refined and creamy, thus easy to blend well. Not pigmented. (>0<)

Side note: I used to think that blusher is not important because i started out with powder blush
and it makes my make up seems so so heavy!~~ And i totally hate it!~~ (>Q<)
At that point, i wasnt aware that a cream blusher existed so i skipped the blusher always even though i had it. But after browsing at some japanese magazines, i realised that all japanese models wear it.
So i try wear a wee bit of blusher then i another side without.
I finally realised that Blusher can give me a pink and healthy glow to my face and also
achieve a kawaii look too. Then i chanced upon a japan beauty variety show introducing cream
blusher ... Further telling me that blusher can kinda change your face shape too!~~

Overall, i love this Fab product!~~

will i buy this again???

Yes, but maybe i will want to try other colours too. hehehehe
That's all byebye
and thanks alot for viewing...


Fashion Concept: Oh My Laces!

Hello! Hello!

Today i am doing something new and special.

I want to share with you all. What is the type of fashion i like to wear (#>W<#)

This outfit is every thing lace from head to toe.

I love the lacey, princessy and gentle look that it gives me upon wearing them.

Wearing it i feel so comfy (^o^)

Do you all love this look????

That's all byebye

xoxo <3333333333

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some interesting beauty facts and gyaru updates...



So many facial masks for me to use!~~

Happy happy!~~

hehe isnt this uber cute?? (^o^)

ok recently i have read one read interesting articles on how falsies affect out real lashes

But sadly, my real lashes are way too short already and i really need falsies.

here is the link below!~~

After reading this, i freaked out..
i am really thinking of alternatives though...

Next, the gyaru update will be on Jun komori new latest hairstyle
link below~~

Personally, i wont but this hairstyle as i am still young and i love long hair.
heheh maybe when i am older and more mature perhaps?? who knows?

By the way, do you love my daily updated blog
i do my best every day to update
hope you all like i though?? ^X^
please do comments!~~


Review on Silk whita Collagen Eye masks


Today, i gonna do a review on my silk whita collagen eye masks that my mum bought from SASA
and we completely forgotten about it. Until, we do a house clearing...
Luckily, it is not expired yet. (0^W^o)
I really need because my past exams, i have been burning midnight oils non stop and during the holidays which is like now. I am still staying up to watch movie or dramas online. hehehe..

This brand is very famous in Hong kong, and is being featured before in a very famous taiwan beauty magazine. 女人我最大

Texture: (4/5) Rich though leaving a moist and after that a bit tight feeling around the eye areas.

Effects: the condition around my eye did improve slightly after once usage. As in not so dry and lifted up. 

Price: very ex, but i vaguely remebered.

Will i buy them again??
maybe? since it is very expensive.

Overall, i like this hehe!~~(^X^)

Next, is some pictures that i took outside that i found them cute and interesting.
And i want to share it with you all !>O<
hehehe (^#^)

thanks for viewing <333

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Haagen-Dazs Time!~~イスークリム~



Lols, my boyfirend was very greedy with freebies so when a sales girl handed me a free gift box
He immediately took it for me without hesitation.
lols, so he then immediately open it up
then he saw inside it was this!
which he had no use for.
he then handed it back to me ><
i said since he was the one who took and opened it he should take it home with him. Yet he insisted NO~ well, this tells him not to be greedy the next time~!! And anyhow take free things from others..



Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X'mas Giveaway ended and the winner is....

Hi everyone!! Are you all excited to know the Winner???!! ><

This result is generated by a random name generator (100% non-biased)

This Giveaway goes to the lucky person...


Winner please email me your address and details to

Everyone please do look forward to my next giveaway soon!~~ (^~^)

By the way a little gyaru updates....

Do you want to know what are the lashes that Tsubasa masuwaka
uses for her milky bunnt PV????


Dollywink 04 (upper)
Dollywink 13(lower)

Then you achieve those amazing eyes of Tsubasa Masuwaka!~~
Nice right??

that's all for today~!! (^V^)




Warning: a really long post (^X^)








Key points:
This videos show us how famous egg gyaru models wear and use the Brand EYEAMAZING
their eyelashes, blushes, highlight, face powder etc..

Hope these are useful for you all though (^X^)

New year eve です。




Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eurcin skincare review~!!



Hello everyone :D
hehehe, practising my japanese so pardon me (#>X<#)
Thanks Daili for her kind comments hehehe!! (o^v^o)

Today i gonna share with you my review on Eurcin Skincare

My skin is oily/Combination skin!~~ hehehe
But i have read some reviews on these eurcin skincare
products that actually works on sensitve skin too!!~~
Effect: 5/5
My skin feel so smooth after using them
Smell: 3/5 No smell, odourless
Packaging: 5/5 plastic bottle not so easily
broken like glass ones.
Texture: Very smooth and watery not very rich though.
Price: Quite Expensive T~T

 Overall, i like them!~~~(^w^) hehehe,
                 Will i buy them ???
         YES, OF COURSE!!~~~

You can get them at Watsons!~~(^q^)