Tuesday, May 13, 2014

mommy bday!!~~ X Skinfood brown rice oil makeup remover wipes review!! X new apps - my shopping addiction (Warning - Long post!)


Hi peeps!!

                       Photo: the missing and yearning can't yearn
I am backkk with another review but before that let me share with you how I celebrated mother's day and my mommy's birthday too!! hehehe it is like killing 2 birds with one stone hehehe!!!

That day boyfie and I went out to meet twinie to meet up with her guy friend to collect stuffs which he voluntarily bought for my sister when he was overseas lol!!

Twinie's boyfie couldn't let them meet up alone so boyfie and I had to tag alone..
I wondered if it was me which I told boyfie, I bet he wouldn't have let me collect these stuffs like my twinie he would ask me is the item more important or me??!!! -.-

                                  Photo: Not used to his new hair but he is still so handsome

PS: after his new haircut, boyfie keep asking me my hair got messy anot >.< so vain right?? kekeke**
So cant stand him .. rolls eyes LOL!

That night we reserved a place at Ichiban boshi located at Novena Square there.. their service there is not too bad too :3 in fact, I was quite satisfied with their service !

By the way, I wanna share with what I have gotten for boyfie for this monthsary present!! our 13th month!!

Tada!! One piece's thousand sunny go crystal ball!! which is not available in my country yet and I had to specially order it online and have it shipped to my place!! >.< Waited so damm long for it to arrive can??!! hehehe..So exclusive :D!!

                                           Photo: Iam Shermin my girlfriend brought this for me :)

Boyfie, twinie and I had dined there before once and we found the food there not bad so we wanted to bring mommy there to try out since she had never been there before!!

PS: I am so sorry I didn't took any photos during the celebrations though.. Boyfie still bought a mini mango cake slice for my mom too :3

Next, I am gonna do a short review on my makeup remover which I bought from seoul @ skinfood located at Incheon Aiport at the second day my trip there!~ (o^~^o)///

Effects: 3/5 it is ok, it does removes my makeup quite thoroughly but one thing which I don't really like about it is that it is oil based and it gives me a feel that it does not quite get rid of my makeup 100% clear >.< and I did have some minor outbreaks T.T maybe it could be due to other factors which costs my outbreaks.. but one major causes of outbreak is definitely when you don't remove your makeup properly T.T!~

Smell: some neutral scent no pleasant scent or odour thankfully hehehe!

Price: 3.5/5 it was quite affordable since I bought it directly at korea itself and there are no shipping costs involved.. but online is quite pricey cos I did search it online before and I am shocked at the price difference! $_$!!

Packaging: 3/5 normal and simple I guess ..

Will I repurchase it again??
Maybe no Sorry #>.<#!~

Lastly! recently, there has been a new apps which one of my colleague introduced me to -

It is however only available and applicable for SG only so far !

It is called Carousell!!

I bought quite a number of stuffs there already! hehhe!!
greedy me >,<

here is a list of item I purchased from this apps itself because it is so cheap!!

1. A Pink effiel tower design watch

                Photo: I got my new watch like a finally it arrived damn satisfied !! Gonna blog about where I gotten it from soon !!

2. A Dress ( which I didn't managed to take a photo of it becos I am so lazy !>.<) Sorry!!

3. A mini Laniege water bank mineral mist which twinie also bought one herself!! hehehe
( which I previously did a review on in my blog)


4. and Apink's Naeun photocard! with her signature behind too!! <333333333333!!
Which I am lazy to upload it here again >.<!! & Twinie bought a Eunji's photocard too with her signature behind too!! hehehe!~~

After this long post here, I still have so many to blog about >.<

So that is all now !! Ciaos!!~~

                     Photo: even during a simple black and white dull day with boyfie I am still satisfied !

Thanks for viewing my humble blog once again!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review on Missha Signature Pure BB cream!

Hi peeps~~!!

I am just back from work and is heading to bed, but I decided to do a blog entry here before bed ...

& I am back with another review on Missha Signature BB cream!!
That boyfie bought for me as my monthsary present this month !! Major Grins ^~^!!

As we were passing by Laniege and Missha outlet in Jcube and we went in Missha instead of Laneige ...

Okie enough said so here are ratings!

Mine is the white version one from the above picture..

Effects: 4/5 it doesn't break me out, it look natural when applied and it contains SPF too which is a need for lazy people like me who doesn't like to apply sunblock these days >.<
Smell: 2/5 Neutral , no pleasant or very nice scent within either O.O!
Packaging: 3.5/5 it is quite big so I guess I can use it for quite a long time before considering buying a new one ?? lol!!
Price: 2.5/5 $~$ abit pricey although boyfie paid it ..

will I repurchase it again?
hhahaha maybe yes? because I quite like this product and it doesn't break me out at all which is a very good thing for me hehehe ^~^//
                        Photo: Every photo is a memory taken #flashback

So that is all for now yea!!


Nights Nights Peeps!!~~

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Laneige water mist review!!!!!!!!!!

            Photo: Trying out a new look today .. Ps: the I love you is for my boyfie

Hi peeps!!~~

today I am like finally doing another review on my blog now!~ >.<

and it is as the title suggests

Laneige water bank mineral water mist!~~

but before I begin, let me tell you the benefits of the using a facial mist

I decided to purchase one because
lol because I saw in korean dramas the female actresses all like to use one
and I read up on some blogs saying that by spraying some facial mist on your face before you apply any bb creams or liquid foundation makes the whole application more easier and smoother too!!

but if you are using powder foundation use it afterwards when you are done with your whole makeup to achieve the dewy skin finish look!! *~*!!

Effects:4/5 it doesn't break me out and it is very fine and watery really love it!!
Cost: 2/5 Costly $_$!! unless you go korea and purchase it hhahaha!!
Packaging: 3/5 quite small size but portable!!
Smell: 3/5 no scent , neutral at least no odour hahhaha!! :3
will I repurchase this again???
Of cos!! hahahah I already bought my second bottle already!! hahahha!!!
so that is all for now byebye<333~!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

How we celebrate our 13th monthsary today!!


Hi peeps today I am gonna share with you how we managed to spend our day fruitfully today hahaha!!! \\(>W<).....///

                     Photo: T.E.A.R.S - won't means anything to some worthless bastards who are out to hurt you, but they are priceless to that someone special

First off we headed to dine @ a barbeque casual dining place

called the "Little Hiro"!~~ a chef bear concept hahah kawaii right???

we ordered the famous Ramen karage burger, Tokyo mentaitoko pasta, cheesey ramen
and their cheesy nacho fries too!!!!!!

here is a snapshot of what we ordered :3

     Photo: specially went to find at little hiro - Hawaiian Japanese fusion eatery today yummilicious

the food the price is quite pricey especially their nacho cheese fries lol!~~
their pasta taste not bad hhahaha!!
I absolutely love their Tokyo pasta which I ordered <333 simple yet tasty at the same time :0

their ramen burger was not bad too!! I quite love their pricey nacho cheese fries too !!

conclusion:maybe I will go back for their Tokyo mentaitoko pasta maybe delivery hhaha since it is too far away for me!! >.< ...T>T. save me the hassle kekeke***

after dining we went to catch the amazing spiderman movie which is like very popular now!! 

After the movie, we went to dine @ Nihon Murai a sushi express like restaurant..
the food was so only
I prefer itacho sushi better hahahaha...

Photo: Eating sushi with boyfie to celebrate our 13th Monthsary

Photo: Yummy !!

              Photo: ✨dreamy is what I feels whenever I am with boyfie alone

what a gourmet day for us today ahahhaa!!!~
fat die me!! T.T but the foods tasted so nice! <33333333333

so that is all for now

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Hi peeps!!!!!!!!

it has been super duper long since I last updated here...
dam lazy and busy with work and boyfie :3

this post gonna be quite long and draggy so bear with me please.. lol!! (>..<)//

In korea , I got to

1. See sakura for the first time in my whole entire life!
2. learn to make kimchi myself
3. enter into a hot sauna & spa
4.went to Everland ( Korea's theme park)
5. shopped @ Myendong awhile only -.- 
6. ate korea's bbq, ginseng chicken and bibibap for the first time too
7. entered Paris Baguette for the very first time even though SG has one too but I haven dined there before..
8. went to see the very scenic and romantic Nami island for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Went to korea's teddy bear museum which I wanted to go before hahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

other little details which I went to includes
1. Korea's sea aquarium
2. wax museum
3. temple
4. went to see their palace architectures
5. Korea's government residential place

when I first stepped down into Incheon airport to see this very huge electronic advertisement board featuring SNSD for their lotte world departmental store.. O.O!~

a random photo of a korea snack I bought at my hotel intended for my boyfie but my greedy big sister ate it up -.-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took many photos inside the bear museum but I am too lazy to upload every single of them >.<
so sorry!~

stepped into their SM town pop store for the first time too!!!!! (*~*)///

make some fresh floral cheese personally with my family too hhahaha~!!!


I really enjoyed myself there although I didn't get to see any kpop stars during my journey there!!

I also managed to get a new couple for boyfie and myself at name island itself too!! wahhaha!!

Next, I will be sharing about how boyfie and I spent our special one year anniversary..
honestly, from the beginning I didn't thought that we would both last this LONG!! wahahhaa!!!
blissful us!!!

of cos we exchanged our presents to begin with!!

he bought me a Pandora bracelets with charms and I bought him an Armani exchange watch and a mini Timberland sling bag too !!
heheheh!! <3333333333

I was like dam surprised when I saw this O_O!!!!!!!

His watch which I specially gotten for him !! :D

& bag! Because the old one I gotten him was nearly spoilt >.<

that day he specially surprised me by renting a car to fetch us to sentosa to enjoy our day @ the Sentosa's 3D adventure park which we planned. & a surprise pink bouquet <3333 and a poster displaying all the movie memories we made!!!!!!!!!!! So damm thoughtful can!???????????

we also went to sit in the tiger sky tower lol!~~

that night he drove me to Mt faber to dine @ jewel box

I am so glad to get together with him since 4/4/2013 at the lowest point of my lifetime
and he brought me so much happiness and joy since then!!

Without him all these are impossible!! >.<

Tmr we are going to celebrate our 13th monthsary. at some place interesting which I am so not gonna reveal now until we reach there! >.<
hopefully everything turns out nice !!!!!!!!wahhaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next post will be on my korea hauls !!
so please stay tune!! <333

so that is all for now!!
bye bye<333333333333