Saturday, March 19, 2016

New book reccomendation and korean drama reccomendation

Hello peeps!

I am back here with a short Korean drama and book recommendation

first up the Korean drama that I am recently addicted to is


because of Kim tae hee of course!! <333333333

tada!!!¬¬¬ while the male lead is quite good looking and charismatic too!! ^^

I really like it interesting story plot making me wanting to watch it continuously !

if you are bored like me , then please do watch this!!

Next, up is the book recommendation

it is Steve Harvey's book straight talk no chaser!


I lent this from the national library, it is really a good read.
his words sure are very convincing!

this book gives one tips and advices on male mentality to us females. By helping us understand the reasons behind one's male partner behaviour and excuses.

I was attracted to this book because of Steve Harvey, as my bf is a fan of his funny talk shows lol!

so that is all for now

Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Kdrama reccomendation

Hello peeps!

I am back with another short Korean drama recommendation here.

the title is Oh My Ghostess

I began addicted to this kdrama since I started watching episode 1 :)

the female lead is so cute and the male lead inside is very charismatic too :))

it's storyline is very entertaining too !! <333

you can view this drama plot and cast list here :

I would highly recommend you to watch this drama if you are bored like me and wanna take your mind of things which upset you .

so that is all for the sharing today . Hope it is useful for some of you out there :)

Ciaos !! will update soon!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

innisfree volcanic oil blotting paper review

hello peeps!!

today I am gonna do another short review here about another product
which is innisfree volcanic oil blotting paper

the reason why I decided to buy this is because

I have very oily skin :((

and it is not available in my country right now :( I ordered it online.

inside it look like this as shown above in the picture

effects: 5/5 very gentle on skin when used as compared to those clear blue blotting paper from japan :) loving it! :)
Scent: 2/5 neutral scent no scent at all
Price: 3/5 slightly more expensive than other oil blotting paper I must say :( can be cheaper.
Packaging: 4/5 very simple and very eco friendly I must say

I hope this is useful for some of you out there and I will update again very soon

Ciaos!!! <3333333

Monday, March 14, 2016

Peri Pera Ink BB cream review

hello readers!!!

i am back with another review

that is Peri Pera's Ink BB cream!!

i first discovered this product through a korean makeup guru Dadoa! when she applied it on the coverage on her skin look fab!! <33333333333 so i decided to purchase it to try it out for myself :))

later i also found out that  it is endorsed by Kim soo hyun

i gotten the one in pure ivory #01 shade <33

Effects: coverage is quite good, but i dont think it is that long lasting as it claimed to be.
Scent: neutral scent :( it doesnt break me out :) when applied on it look kinda of dewy and oily :)
Price: 4/5 affordable :)   it is only 9000 kwon in korea only now :)
Packaging: 4/5 super cute and handy!  but you need to use your own hands or brush to apply it

Next, i am back with another Kdrama reccomendation!

the title is Sensory couple!

i really like its storyline and actors inside :)

if you are bored like me having your holidays and looking some drama to watch
i would strongly reccomend this drama to you hehehe

i hope this post will be useful for some of you out there

ciaos!! :))

Saturday, March 12, 2016

mamonde rose water toner review!

Hello peeps!

I am back with another short review here

and as the title suggested it is "Mamonde Rose water toner!"

why I decided to buy this is because it is highly raved online and I read many positive reviews on how it calms and soothe irritated skin /outbreak and it is very suitable for people living in tropical climate too :))

Effects: 4/5 it does helps to hydrate , moisturise and soothe my skin on a daily basis :) soothe redness and that's all :) it is a gentle toner :) I like it also because the texture of the product is very watery and not like some rich moisturizing essence which can break me out easily :( and it does a decent job in slightly hydrating my skin :)
Price:4/5 affordable as boyfie bought it for me on a sale online :) thanks bf :))
Scent: 5/5 loving its rosy  scent :)
Packaging: 4/5 very feminine design and pink is my fav color too :) hehehe btw I got the 250ml one more value worth for myself , it is available in other sizes too if you wanna try it out you can get the smaller size one :)

will I repurchase again?

yes! overall I really do love it rose scent and how it soothe my irritated skin :) and it kind of help soothe my outbreaks too which is a good plus point! :)

so that is all for now! I hope this will be useful for some of u out there ! Ciaos!!!!

till the next time!! <333

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Nature republic steam pack review!!



Hi peeps!

Today I  am gonna do a review on Nature Republic Steam pack

which is made of jeju carbonic spring water! it somehow reminds me of innisfree sparkiling water line concept!

As instructed by the staff, if apply it on cleansed face then massage face for 5 mins then wash off , it claimed to help you clear leftover dirt from your pores and thus help your skin  absorb other products better :) use it one or twice a week :)

Packaging: 4/5 it is quite a large tub, so I think it is value worth :) as I can get to use it for a long time :) but what I don't like is that I need to dig the product up from the tub using my hands, no spatula was provided :( which was not vert hygienic :( I did feel my skin clear up after using it. it did not break me out which was a good thing :)
Price: 4/5 value worth I forgot the price though as my aunt bought it for me :) you can search it online :)
Scent: 4/5 slight pleasant smell , no unpleasant smell which is a good thing . I don't know how to describe the scent in words here though sorry please pardon me :)

will I repurchase again?
yes :) I quite like this product overall :) as long as it don't break me out and keep my skin clear of dirt :))

So that is all for now bye bye and I will see you soon! :))

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thank u! <3333333

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Scinic diamond hydrogel mask review!

Dear readers if there are any lol!

Why I decided to purchase this is because I am a huge fan of Girl's Day , and my bias is yura! <333

I first chanced upon this mask while browsing through HongKong's SASA's official webpage.

But my sister's friend couldn't find in their SASA when he was in Hongkong back then :(

so I decided to search for it online instead :O and eventually I managed to get it :)

however, I could not find SCINIC's YURA's black pearl hydrogel mask online. Only Minah and Sojin 's mask were available back then :(

so I gotten the diamond and red ruby mask online first.

I tried on the Minah's diamond mask first as it claimed to have whitening properties which is what I am looking for. ..

the Red ruby one was passed on to my sister..

Credits: I took the images online as I was too lazy to take photos then upload it ..sorry >.<

Effects: 2/5 I must just it is just very moisturizing , not much obvious whitening effects just some slight brightening effects. it kind of break me out the next day :( but well this is just my personal opinion , it applies differently to different people :) when I first took out it was very slimy and felt extremely frail and slim and when applied on it felt like my second skin layer lol.. essence inside it was moderate not very rich which was ok for me :)
Price: 2/5 very costly S$10 per piece :(
Packaging: 5/5 I super love girls day image on them :)
Scent: 2/5 neutral scent.

afterwards, while shopping with my boyfriend around a shopping mall, I managed to chance upon YURA's black pearl hydrogel mask!! I though I was dreaming at first!!

this black pearl mask I haven got to try out myself yet as of now ... :(

overall, will I repurchase it again??

Erm. sorry but I don't think I will repurchase it again because I am quite disappointed with its effects.

I hope this short review was useful for you all out there :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

loccitane pivoine sublime CC cream shade 01 and lip tints rose plum and amber shades review

Hello Readers if there are any!

Today I am gonna do another review here!!

As the title suggested..  is Loccitane Pivoine sublime CC cream in shade 01.

I decided to buy these because I was shown them being used by a famous Korean pretty girl on youtube channel. Her skin and her makeup are awesome! <333 But I forgot her name and her channel as it was way back long ago :O

boyfriend bought it for me! <333 he surprised me with it months ago and I had no time to do a review on it all along.

Effects: 4/5 little coverage, which is its downside, so if you are looking for coverage product this is definitely not the one for you >.< But on the flipside why it 4 because its color when applied on is so dewy and nice finish look when I blended it all out.

Price: 2/5 it was very costly T.T

Scent:  4/5 Smell so nice!! <333

Packaging:2/5 I find it rather plain they could add some rose design on it to make it look nicer :O
that is just my personal preference though.

overall, sadly I will not repurchase this product again. As I am looking for something that will brighten my skin makeup more than this product for me :O.

Next, I will be moving on its tinted lip balms collection
 I gotten 2 shades - amber and rose plum

For a start, these tinted balms are sold out in my country everywhere. In the end, I managed to get it online :)

Credits: I took these images online as I am rather lazy to take my own photos and upload them here as it will requires a lot of processing time >.< so sorry!!

Effects: 3/5 I am rather disappointed that they are not long lasting at all instead the colors came off after just a while when applied on :(( the colors when applied on seems quite nice to me too :) their texture is not very moist and creamy either.

Price: 2/5 very costly T.T

Scent: 3/5 slight pleasant scent :)

Packaging: 3/5 it resembles the brand FRESH lip balms' packaging. I quite like their packaging simple and classic.

 overall, I will not repurchase it again :( As I am looking for long lasting lip products

 so that is all for now ! I hope these short reviews are / will be useful for some of you out there though :)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Peris ink collection review

Hello peeps!

Today i am gonna to do a short review on Peri Pera Ink tint.
the first time i got to know about this product was because i saw my friend using it.
Then i went to search this product online myself, to get to know more about this product and its description.
It description claimed that it is super long lasting ink.

So finally i decided to get one to try out first and i gotten it in shade #03  No way after #02 get the eye was sold out >.< i wanted to see for myself how long lasting it really is and its real life colors when applied on myself too.

Shade ink #03- No way (coral shade)

As it is not yet available in my country yet, i had to order this online

after the 1st purchase  i was so in love with the product that i decided i had to search out #02 get the eye till i get it which i did eventually :)

Shade #02 - Get the eye

Recently i just discovered the new peris ink collection

Which is Ink moist series!

#05 Soul Burgundy

Effects: 4.5/5 Long lasting as it claims to be !! <333 colors all turned out lovely!! <333
Price: 4/5 affordable than other famous lipsticks brands such as IOPE and YSL etc..
Packaging: 4/5 Super cute and handly! :) loving it!
Scent: 1/5 neutral scent


by the way, i reccomended this product to my sister too and she got #05 ink series in No spoiler,
Her color turned out to be very nice too!!

so that is all for now!

i hope this is useful for you !

Cya soon! Ciaos!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Beverly anatasia eyebrow wiz review and some korean drama reccomendations!

Hello readers if there are any?

sorry for not updating for the longest time since I was very busy with my final exams and searching for a new job right now :((

Recently I did bought many new beauty products to try out :)

As the title suggested, I will be doing a review on Anastasia Beverly hills eyebrow wiz product today!

why I decided to purchase this product is because like many other people I saw many positive reviews on my social media platforms.

even its duplicate the NYX micro brow pencil was OOS in my country's Sephora outlets too.
because of the product being out of stock everywhere I decided to try it out for myself to see how good it is lol!

I bought this in dark brown shade

Effects: honestly speaking I am quite disappointed with its effects I thought I would be able to achieve my desirable eyebrow embroidery look  ... but it didn't, in fact my CLIO tinted tattoo eyebrow product was comparable to it :(
Price: 2/5 really pricey and hard to get :( because it is not available in my country Singapore and most online stores are out of stock too :(
Packaging : 5/5 I really like its classy packaging! <33 and the scullery that comes together with it.

by the way, this eyebrow WIZ and the NYX micro brow are both made in Korea!

overall, I quite like this product because it does stay on the whole day it is long lasting as it claimed to be!! :) and further more it is easy to use too. I just need to master the skills of drawing my brows that is it :)

here is a photo of me using the eyebrow wiz here


there is no edit here so the color you see is true to photo here!


in conclusion, if you are also a packaging fanatic like me, you will want to try this actual Anastasia eyebrow wiz yourself too!
but if you are looking for the same quality eyebrow product do purchase the NYX micro brow instead I personally think that they works the same except for the brow color they offer :)

I hope this post / review is useful for some of you out there :)
cya soon I will be updating this space more often since I have more free time on my hands now

Next up, I will be doing some Korean dramas recommendations too that which I have been seeing after my final exams.

1. Pinnochio

I really love this storyline althought it is a tragic one rather funny and smart detective work plot going on!
I love actress son dabi a newcomer actress too!
because of her I think I will soon watch another Korean drama which she starred in which is " the scholar who walked the night!"

2. She was pretty

whereas, for this show, I really love Min hari and choi siwon inside!
storyline was ok but the casts were awesome!!!

3. it's okay that is love

i love this love story storyline too!
it was very touching! <33 and the characters inside are amusing too!! i had a good laugh while watching this and its OST sound tack is awesome too!

4. the producers

Lastly, for the producers, kim sohyun was very adorable inside this drama i meant the role he plated as a newbie rookie. i did have a good laugh. i must say this was very different from other dramas i had seen because of its unique storyline. :)

all of the above! I really enjoyed watching them!
they were all rated to be very famous and popular in 2015!
hehehe :)

so that is all for now!

Ciaos !
I hope these reccomendations are helpful for you to kill your boredom like me hahahah!