Monday, October 31, 2011


MY babysitter's smallest daughter is married
She is very gorgeous in her wedding gown!! (>0<)

Me and my twinnie (^v^*)

Mummy was dress elaborately

And we are seated on table 21 ~~

Special door gifts

First dish served!~~
Some lobster~!!

and the other dishes~~

yam potate and scallop

some soup with abolone

chilli cran mini buns

Some left uneaten three layer pork meat

My favourite dish hazelnut delights Oishii!!~~

We took a polaroid for the first time too!~~WEes~~

That's all byebye
Ps: i did not take managed to take all foods pic sorry!!~~

thanks for viewing once~~

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Chomp chomp, Popsiter and eyetalk

Hi all, these are my new huals, well Domo got the halloween chomp chomp for me...
Watched footloose yesterday with domo, i find the show ok
with some funny scenes..
shall do a review on eyetalk that i just bought, i just started using and so is not so familarize with how to use it properly and exactly.
This latest issue of popsister is GREAT AND AWESOME!!
there are make up tips and face massage that Yui kanno and other popsister model goes for and the steps are stated~~ (>0<) 
if i have the time i will try to post and share with you all the great make up tips and
massage steps shown inside it.. :D
that's all for today
byebye <333
thanks for viewing once again :D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

LoVE and Amo zipper pastel eyelashes spree

All these are taken for fun at Domo's house yesterday
we took a lot of unglam pictures
and these are the 4 pics that i like best (0^V^0)

Next, i will be getting these products soon (>W<)
anyone interested to join me ??
SGD$26 each
interested parties do email your enquiries to

This first design is my personal best favourite (=>v<=)

here is the lower lashes
PS: to NANA:sorry for not replying to your comments
but i encountered some problems with my blog comments section
so i will reply you via my chatbox beside
anyway thanks for your comments <33
You are such a nice sweetie ^w^

that's all for today!! (#^o^#)// thanks for viewing~!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Candydoll brushes spree

Hi all, do you all know that Candydoll is coming up with make up brushes?
Wonder what type of brushes Tsubasa Masuwaka uses with all her AWESOME CANDYDOLL products???

Anyone interested to get this with me??
as i got a direct japan supplier :D
the price will be quite costly if you get it individually
so i will need to get in BULKs
say around 5??
so as to reduced postage charges

Close up View
Base brushes

And cheek brushes

Interested parties do email me at

PS: i am not earning anything from this just helping you all get it
as i already have my own brushes

thank you

Thursday, October 27, 2011

In love with deep parallel eyelids

Tried a new method of eye make today
like it??
if yes, pls comment and will do a tuitorial for you..:DD

Hais today TOTALLY FORGOTTEN about my PACC homework
hais tmr still got some stupid project to do
and need wear some stupid formal wear too
later need do homework and revise abit

So many things to do!!

Die already!~~~ 
that's all byebye

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where to see magazine scans???

lightning can change our photos
the above two pics taken are the proof!!~~

Always wanting to see japanese fashion magazine
but it is not available for sale in your country or place???

well, here is the solution!!~~ visit

 to see all her magazine scans!~~ for free~~

She is very pretty too and she does alot of review and giveaways too
do support her too!~~~

that's all for today thanks for viewing

i update daily by the way!~~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Huals & Yui kanno Taiwan's LiZ lisa Event + Madelyn's Giveaway

LIKE FINALLY got this !!~~~
Candydoll concealor~~

just got these two items
Domo got Yui mellish base for me (o>v<o)

Anyway, do you all know that Yui kanno attended a press conference In Taiwan??

here is the PROOF!~~

She taught taiwanese how to make up in this video using her comestic brand MELLISH
do view it for some make up tips~!!!

Anyway, here is the info for MADELYN 's giveaway~~

She is giving away MELLISH pink blusher and top and lower lashes~!! and jewerich lower lash and DOLLYWINK limited edition liner~~

here is her blog..

that's all for today~!!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Hi all, thanks for visiting my blog ^^

This pic is so cute. AWWW. could not resist it!!!!! (>~<)

Just received my EMS slimming face electronic device!>< happy max!!~~ like FINALLY~!!
Maybe shall do a review on it too??

Anyway, i will visit this gyaru site for inspirations and relaxation

Do visit too if you are a FAN OF GYARU TOO!!~~

that's all

Saturday, October 22, 2011





2boxes =シンガポルの5ドル




why i love Eyelashes???


According to most japaneses,  the most important part of their make up is eyelashes

here are some videos to prove it

How eyelashes can change your eyes according to the way you want it

the most talkative eyelashes brand in Japan  D.U.P

The eyelashes is the key point of gyaru make up...

Gyaru models also specially designed their eyelashes to make their eyes more impactful and kawaii looking

Next, is another intro of a new gyaru eyeamazing harajuku series
they also teach you how to use it >.<

that's all for today's sharing today..


Thursday, October 20, 2011

ギャル Evolution

I used to think that make up is the key to gyaru being so kawaii and gorgeous.

Maybe i am wrong after watching this video

It is plastic surgery that actually helps O.x

Personally, i like yui kanno and tsubasa Masuwaka the best!! ( in this video)
Howcever, after viewing this particular video. I am like i wanna go PLASTIC TOO! >x<


CAnt imagine!!

workload of school started kicking in this first week of reopening
loads to do and worry about ...................

i can't wait for the weekends
already pulling my hair apart Argh!!!!!!!!!

Well, just resign to fate, this is the crude reality.



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What a lucky day for me ^X^

Hi all, i has been worry about my accounting results all the time after i seat for it.
I thought i will FAIL
in the end, i PASSED!!
i am yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Next, my general education scored an A grade
とても幸せです!!本とによかたね!!!(^C ^)

Then my group won the storytelling competition

Then my ringlight arrived WAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Next, i have been watching okarie matsuoka りえちゃん

I hoped that girls out there will be inspired to be like her
working so hard for her passion and everything
and although another girl played her role in this movie.
that girl is kawaii too~~
she is from SKE48

love okarie chan MAX~~

and her hard work Ank Rouge shop~~

that's all byebye~~

thanks for viewing my blog

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My thoughts

The face i see in front of me might never be on magazines,but I know im still gonna shine ^~^

This is because i believe in myself

My horoscope today:
* worries about overspending
 * many chance of relationship disputes
* stress of mind the headache :X

Lastly, i really don't understand myself these days....
so the question is when someone told me that he/she understand me
then i would be thinking, how would you understand me when i don't even understand myself???!!

That's all byebye

Thanks for viewing huge <3

Sunday, October 16, 2011









PS: Did quite well for my Economics :DDDD


Saturday, October 15, 2011

All about me

This is me whenever i am relaxing on my bed texting my boyfriend

This always happens to me
and i will always Yucks!!! and EEEK!!!!!~~~~~~
Hais Dumb me

I always do this so that i will feel and be safe whenever i am scared
Especially after watching Fright night

Typical me

whenever i am lazy to dry my hands with a piece of tissue
or dry towel, i always ended up flapping my hands

These two widgets remind me of Okarie's Ank rouge figurines
Cute max!~~

LAstly, just did new nails not long ago

Ya, so that is all