Thursday, August 29, 2013

Contentment looking back from the past..


These few days i was so grumpy here and there..

but reflecting back from my past..
now i am definitely more happy and satisdied
so when ever i am down. i will remind myself this...

Went out yesterday and chanced upon a korean mart which sells these!!

THE FACESHOP MASKS!! <3333333333


And some beauty korean collagen drink :D


Twinie also bought the same stuffs as me XD

Am going out to run some errand for my dad then going to prepare to mee the love of my life soon!!

** cant wait!! >.<
we are gonna watch the movie the internship later which both my sister had watched already complimented nice!! O.O!!

So that is all for now!!



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Exams are like OVER Finally!~~


Hi guys i can finally blog like a peacefully now since my nightmare was over today!!!!!!!!
Wees really really happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was really stressed out and tired out..all these while..
really draining me ...


Lucky dearies was quite understanding and keep giving me support all these while too!!
Thanks dear!! <333



am so gonna blog more over the next free days so free stay tune to here more often :3

Cya !! XD


Saturday, August 24, 2013

stress stress stress X study date wth dearie


HEllo all!! it has been a while since i blogged...
tired much...


yesterday was quite a nice day with dearie.. heheh he is so cute as usual..
went to the arcade and try to hook up some toys for me lol but as usual he failed...

so damm cute >.<
But he spend quite alot too -.- which he could save it up though..

happy that he trying to cheer me up :) with his efforts
thanks dearie

yesterday he accompanied me to study toegther and drew alot cartoons on my paper lol!!


i seriously need to study more hais..

byebye -_-

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We owned a KITE fnally!!


Hello all!! <333333

This month is so tough for me with all my damm exams T>T

But it is still ok because i still get to enjoy with dearie :D

Today we finally decided to get a Kite after all the discussion we had since last month :D


i must say it is so hard to find Kite for sales in SG >.<
It is after much research then we found the place from the net then we set out to buy it O.O

Hehhe we gotten a Gnome Kite so cute :p Boyfie says it looks like Papa Smurf here hurhur ^~^

And on top of these!!

we went out try out Robins Baskin love portion ice cream yesterday too <3
wahhahaha it was yummy!!


And the sweetest of all is during few days when i was struggling with my exams he surprised me by buying me starbucks espresso twice !!
O_O and delivered it personally to my doorstep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And was so thoughtful to think that i may think the drink taste bitter and bought me sweets too :P


and also he bought me this too!!
wahhaha Minion stuart love!!!!!


heheheh so grumpy like me >.<

So that is all for now :D

after all these made me realise that i must cherish him more and made me really love him more :D

Doing things for me unconditionally and thoughfully lots of time and bothering to spend all his time to me only so devoted <333

Feeling so blissed
Hopefully things stay this well as time passes too :D

that is all for now byebye <33!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy 4th monthsary!! X Etude house cotton fit BB cream review!~


Hi guys!! haven been blogging for a quite a while as i was pretty preoccupied with my stuffs ..
Alot of unhappy stuffs happened but the happy events overwash them...
cant let those nasty people ruin my life right :p

And having no mood to blog too lazy me >.<

this coming month will be a very hectic one because of my exams and ghost festival is coming too >.<


bought some cosme online with my twinie


been wanting try out this cotton fit BB cream for like the longest time already especially since it is endorsed by F(x) 's krystal!! O.O <333333!!

and here is a short review!!

Effects: 4/5 gives me a really fair complexion instantly nice skin color upon application!!
Packaging: 4/5 it is girly sweet XD love it!! quite a big tube can use a long time too wahahaha!!!
Cost: 4/5 i bought it online so it is cheaper :D
smell: 3/5 it smells not bad dont have any strong smell though

will i repurchase it?
hahhaha yes of course !!!


We went to a tortoise museum last week some day it was super enriching for me!! XD


So that is all for now .. i will update soon :D
byebye <3333333333