Tuesday, July 31, 2012

new gyaru make X new hauls

Hello all!
did gyaru make today again because i was very inspired by
a happie nuts model sayoko ozaki!
she is really gorgeous!!


she can be my role model !!! ENVY <3333333

loving my shiny complexion here hehhe
because my sunblock base is just so amazing
if u want to make this look too
please comment below to let me know!!

my eyes looks longer than big here lols...

And these are my new hauls!!!

this eyeliner is amazing!! super waterproof and easy to draw!! this is the best eyeliner i used so far!

havent got a chance to try this yet
lols ..but the packaging attracted me !!

yea so that is all for now

Monday, July 30, 2012

japanese Age-jyo make up tutorial

since these days, i am so sad.. i like to sleep alot

to sleep away all my problems ..

but a reader of mine Liz is so kind to always leave me a comment :))
i really like you liz!! :D
Thank you!

But i like to do some stuffs that i like to keep me happy!
so here is a really nice make up video to see!
hope this is useful!

really envy her!!
She makes putting falsises so easy!! (O.O)

lastly, i want to share a piece of issue  here too!

that is


in fact, love is about the accompany of the both gender, spending their time together happily
that is as simple as that!!

No SEX involved!! only after marriage call me traditional all u want!~

if the partner has aids?? then die tgt??? lols..

this is just a food for thought though..

that is all

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Simple gyaru make!

Hello!! As mentioned since my boyfriend dont love me anymore, i gonna make myself more
pretty !!~~~

gonna improve my make up more :)
he dont like me to put eyelashes but i dont give a damm anymore since he dont care about me anymore

if u love this simple eye make look keep reading...

1st: apply brown shimmery shadow all over your upper eyelids
2nd: falsies
3rd: lower pink shimmery shadow


hehehe so simple right??

and i realised that i dont need anymore double eyelid tapes anymore too!!


i dont love that idiot as much anymore for now
since he keep cheating..
he is just wasting my life away!~

i just miss the old him! >.<

i wonder when he will finally stop cheating on me??

my hair colour looks nice here but pardon my face .. >.<

that is all byebye

Saturday, July 28, 2012

picking up piece and moving on :)

1st: dont waste my time on a repeat cheater!!!

[Besides, being single is awesome—I don’t know how people don’t know that. FACT: being single is always better than being in a bad relationship. Always. Always. Always.]  At least, i will love myself and not hurt myself :) so i dont need a relationship at all

my ex dont care about me, so why i should care about him?

i am sure other girls are cheated by him and if they can move on i can too :)

sending groveling text messages to your ex won’t help anyone. Make this a healthy, positive experience.
Find ways to make yourself feel pretty.

Do not talk down to or belittle yourself—if you wouldn’t let someone call you fat, annoying, unworthy, or stupid than you should never say those things about yourself.


i know i am not ugly, i will just prove myself wrong :)

Chances are that your SC will not change.

This means that you’ll either have to live with the reality of this situation, protect yourself emotionally, physically, and sexually from the possibility of any sexually transmitted diseases, or leave the relationship.

DO NOT think that there is something flawed about you that is the reason why your partner cheats.

It’s not because you are not pretty enough, smart enough, the size of your body, your breasts, penis, your skin color, your hairstyle, or whatever. Do not allow your self-esteem to be diminished because they attempt to blame you for having some “flaw” as being the reason why they cheat. If your partner has decided to cheat, any excuse will do. If there are things you want to change about yourself, do it for you—to build your own self-esteem and not because you think that you’ll stop your partner from cheating.

Be aware that some serial cheaters have “personality disorders.”

This means that they focus almost exclusively on self-satisfaction and self-gratification without regard to how much pain they are causing their partner. They are incapable of feeling any meaningful remorse for their actions. Persons with such disorders must be treated by a trained and competent mental health professional. The problem is that they often don’t believe that they need help.

2. They have cheated on you with more than one other person
It may be that your spouse has recently come to you to admit that they have been cheating. Or, maybe you have caught them with another lover, directly or through evidence you have found. Either way, you are now likely trying to consider your options. Here is one thing that should sway you in the direction of a divorce: if you find out that your spouse has cheated on you with more than one other person. In other words, if this is the second, third or more time they have been caught cheating, you have a chronic situation going on that is not likely to mend itself, no matter how sorry your spouse may seem to be acting right now.
3. You find out they have cheated on every person they have been with
Similar to #2 above, if you found out that your spouse is a \”cheating repeat offender\” with most or all of the other people they have been with, that is a sign that you need to take serious steps toward ending your relationship. People who continue to cheat on those who trust them the most have serious issues that will not likely be fixed through one or two sessions of counseling.
4. You find out they were not having safe sex
Spouses who cheat should at least have the presence of mind and caring for their husband or wife that they wear protection or make their other lover wear protection when they are with another person. After all, with the many diseases prevalent in the world today, wearing protection can mean the difference between life and death. If your spouse has skipped this minimal courtesy, you should consider ending the relationship.

Cherishing myself!

my life is too short..

sadly i spent lots of time crying about a jerk but i dont want my beloved readers to be like me...
so i gonna need to learn to cherish myself and work hard for myself!

but looking positively, i know at least my family love me and they will never ever let me down!
so i will love and focus on them more!! hehheheheh :)

lastly, no matter what from now onwards i only love myself and my family! so that my tears will dry up for now!! :)


Friday, July 27, 2012

Beauty buffet mask X a mini gift away!! :)

done with another presentation today left one more and 4 exam papers T~T
saddd wanna cry >.<

so today as the tittle and above pic suggest,
i will be sharing you all my little hauls which the beauty buffet facial mask :D
which i wanted long ago ^~^ after seeing a blogger blogged about it :))

yea.. so i bought an apple and evening primerose mask and another vitamin C mask!!~~
i will try to do mask 2-3 time per week

and i tried the apple and primerose mask immediately :)
it is very nice smelling and have a very smooth texture, and my skin feels refreshed !

 and after a long time of make up!
i realised that natural make up suits me better than gyaru make up :(
so i will not be doing any more gyaru make up for now anymore
although i really do adore the gyaru style and the ppl around me also dont really appreciate my thick gyaru make up too anyway :((

so meanwhile, i will just stick to my natural make up :)

so next is my gift away time!~~ (o^~^o)
this is opened internationally
it is just something small and humble for my beloved readers :)
i just want to show my appreciation towards u !!
so how to win it?

1st: help me share my blog!~
2nd: follow me publicy if you haven't ( please do not unfollow after the gift away period >.<
it is so mean >~<)

results will be generated by a random generator :) totally fair!

ends at 1st steptember 2012!


it is a cat hairband !~~

if  you have seen popteen or any other jap magazines you will know this hairband is very popular in japan right now hehhehehe

so goodluck i hope there will actually be people participating in this gift away!!~~

hehhehe :)

that is all !
byebye!! <3333333333

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


sadly, having projects now again so blogging time is limited here...

yesterday was super tired >.<
Now rushing for another presentation so busy >.<

headache now!!! argh so stressed!!

so here is some pics for u all to see and relax :)))

trying these new love blue coloured lenses :)) love it :D

trying out with new sun shades:))

peace, love :p

finally i have a nice sun  shades for myself !!! T~T touched ** hehhehheeh

& my presentation outfit!!

that is all for now yea..


peace , love

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

distracted X new style and eyemake!


gonna change my style because i want to look more like my new idol !

she is



Just inspired by her to use falsies again >.<
she is so Pretty!!! >.<

so i decided to changed my eyemake again!~~

 want a tutorial on this new eyemake?
then comment to let me know :)))

that is all byebye
there is presentation tmr so wish me luck?
 byebye!!~ <333333333

Monday, July 23, 2012

looking back? X my new base make up method!

Hello folks!

do you all realised how much i changed?? in terms of looks??

in case u have not noticed here are my pics to compare!

last year!!


this year!~

omg!! i looked so different??

oh no!~

This is freaking scary!!

my friends all say i went plastic surgery! >>,<<
i did not!!


anyway, which me do u prefer??

next is my new base make up

which i only am using my sunblock as my only coverage
mean i dont use any foundation, bb cream or powder anymore just sunblock only!~

and the sunblock i am using is

The korea faceshop acidberry sunblock !~

its latest product too!!

do try it out too!!

it is awesome!~~(^~~^)//
that is all byebye

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My makeup remover! X my simple eyemake!

Hello!!!! Waves!~~

blogging more daily because i like blogging hehhhehehe

So today gonna blog about my new love - makeup remover! ^~^


Korea Faceshop's cherry blossom oil solution makeup remover!~~

Why i love this product?

because it has a soft texture, which is gentle to skin, nice- smelling and it turns white when rubbed on the face :)

although it will require more effort to wash off beacuse of the white parts but it helps to wash off my make up more properly and thoroughy!~~
hehhehhe <3333333

Clean face = no skin problems :)

the packaging attracted me at first to buy this, but i really like this product overall too! :p

Next is my Simple eyemake suitable for daily :))

How to do?~~

First, use a neutral tone brown eyeshadow!
second, apply thin layer of eyeliner inside the inner upper eyeline!~
third, apply upper and lower mascara!~~

And DONE!~~
hheheheh :)
simple and fast right??

By the way , i learn a new base make up yesterday, gonna share with you all soon too!!

please feel free to comment, as i really enjoy, love and appreciate reading all your kind and lovely
comments :) Thank you! ^~^ 

so stay tune!~ <333333333

i want to be happy!

Hello people!!~~

these days i am being so pessimistic..

hate it !!

i always think of the bad things..

had this bad habit since young

have been having nightmares recently...

scary.. and worrying...

dont know why is this happening to me...


i want to blog more about my make up and skin care more often soon!~~

gonna save up for my upcoming sis birthday present >.<


popu must reply me more!!~~ i miss...

>.< so hateful always leave me hanging..


that is all!~~~ byebye
tried a new make up remover recently i really love it ^~^ gonna blog about it soon!~~

Friday, July 20, 2012


Hello !! Blogging with my iPhone right now quite hard to
blog here though ..
Sick now with a cough and sore throat it hurts 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

That is all really hard to blog here .. Byebye (*`へ´*)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

cortry snow chrysanthemum mask review:)


was super tired at during my jap lesson..

camwhore a bit for fun

anyway tried out my new and one and only cortry snow chrysantheman mask just now
bought it because of its nice packaging and name
hhehe >.<

really smooth texture..
and smell real nice too ^~^

effects not known yet.
tomorrow will know as it is not obvious for now yet :)
if it works for me i will buy again

although it ex T~T

 super shagged now
gonna Zzzzz now..

byebye ! ~

Water retention

Hi all!!

today gonna share with a piece of information that i learnt recently...

it is myself having this serious water retention problem..

i have this really bad habit like to drink cold water especially before bed time :(

and this results in me having a really bad water retention problem the next day
which is my face will look fatter than usual..

So last 2 days i was on a water fast from 8pm onwards .. for my eyebag problem..

and whola !~ the next day , my face actually look sharper..? such an obvious  change!

do you suffer the same problem as me too? hehhee
try my water fast method see if you have any water retention problem?

my method these days are lighter...too.. no mood for gyaru heavy make these days too.
busy with my school work.

see my winged collar??
i love it MAX!~~

cant wait for weekends workload is killing me !! urgh!!

lastly thanks for viewing
and have a nice day! <3333333333

Monday, July 16, 2012

Water and Eyebags


recently, my eyebags are quite bad :((

so my big sis told me not to drink water 2 hours before bed time so as to prevent water retention and
hence reducing my eyebags :)

so gonna try this method :)

and will post the results before and after for u all to see

so wish me luck yea??

and currently i am overloaded with school work :((

so busier than usual :(

trying out a new photo angle and my updated SBY camera version in my iphone :))

heheheheh (^~^0)// so that is all

bye bye !~~~~

Sunday, July 15, 2012

photos as memories

Hello! to all my readers!!

starting with a shitty surprises.
woke up early and realised that  first lecture was cancelled.. and i had prepared myself for the lecture already... >.<

so i am like super free now for 2 hours...


anyway, i also wanna share with u all why like to camwhore so much here today..


because like i said photo is part of my memories :)

be it sad, happy or angry moments :(
once gone , gone forever, but stay in my mind and heart like forever...

lols this pic look likes i am so EMO here ... lol maybe i am now??
 but i feel that it looks like some tumblr pic here lols...
                                   ermm... popu bought this for me *~* awww...

blogging is my past time :) too!
i hate my life some times :(

sights~!!! so crappy and full of bullshits...

byebye <3333333333

sorry for being so EMO today btw...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Growing my fringe!

hey all!~~

i have decided to grow fringe as i always wanted to try a new look

but.. i always have the temptation to cut it!

so confusing and annoying
 anyways there are currently shitloads of projects to do and exams are near...

so i will not updating as often..

just to tell you all in advance yea??

that is all
for now!


Some of my easy diet tricks.

today gonna share some diet tips with you all!!

my height is 153 cm..
weight 40kg

1st: i walk alot.. as it is also a form of exercise

2nd: i seldom take caloried drinks as i normally only consume cold water and diet coke! :)

3rd: i do not eat or snack in between meals. only strictly 3 meals a day :p

4th: No supper!! limit your meals portions :) i do not eat sweets too as they too contain some calories!

next, is my fav make up items 
pardon me for being lazy to take a snapshot of them

1. etude house nymph aura primer
2. Skinfood red orange bb cream
3. Faceshop acidberry sun cream

that is all