Monday, January 30, 2012

my latest expensive new huals

hello!! everyone..
recently i just bought some really expensive products T.T

so here goes
1. 2b alternative face set S$72.60
2. Eurcin latest toner $ 21
3. europe v shaper cream + black lace bracelet. $3.50

heart pain my money fly T^T
but i love these items!!


gonna do a review on them real soon!~~
must need time to see their results and use them

so stay tune? yea?
yesterday my readserhip hits 440
happy max!
thank you!!

love you all!
HUGS!** ^^

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review on lycee rhoto eyedrops

hello ! today gonna be a short post on my review of my recent hual
japan lycee rhoto eyedrops
its main function is to cure red eyes
there are 2 types the norma and the contacts one.
i bought the contacts one.

effects: (5/5) very very refreshing!! thumbs up! 1 or 2 drops is very sufficent already! >V< very effective so far no more red eyes already despite very long hours wearing contacts.

price: (3/5) expensive for such a small packaging

Packaging: (4/5) nice design pink colour! , but it looks so cute and lovely. But too small! >.<

will i buy it again???
yes of course!!
love it max!~~
hope you all like this! ^^

Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to clean your make up tools properly X New dollywink lashes huals

hi everyone!!! ^.^

todays's sharing will be about  how to clean your make up tools properly

so here is the video!!

next, i just bought these 2 new dollywink lashes
but i am still waiting for their arrival soon!~~ i paid already hehehe
will do a review once i got them.

that's all byebye

Candydoll ramune pink lipstick review

Hello today i am gonna do a review on Candydoll Soda/Ramune pink lipstick review!
^V^ as promised to Dali

i have it with me long ago. and have been very lazy to do a  review...guilty**
in fact i did not even intend to do a review >.< hehehe so pardon me

Efffects: 3/5 very light colour, cannot cover lip lines. need to additionally apply lipgloss to make it more shiny and smooth :((

packaging:(4/5) simple and classic just that the word candydoll makes it look cute?

cost: (3/5)  very expensive cost me around S$25...

will i buy it again?
sorry tsubsa chan no! >.<

here is a video teaching how to remove make up properly.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Beware of B.liv products! X gyaru face massage videos X new huals

Hello! hello! i am tired now but i shall still blog!

Today i am going to share with all a BEWARE article that i freak out

please read!!!! i dont want anyone to be like the girl too! >.<
Last time after reading some bloggers reviews i initially i also wanted to buy them after see the cleo award winner label on those products. But luckily i never...Wipe sweat!**

So cherish and love your face skin more!^x^

This video show a hardworking gyaru working for her future
and i am so inspired to be like her too!>.<

Erm i find this a nice song preview??

These 3 videos show a face massage routine done by a ranzuki magazine model

Next, i just bought myself these 6 Mama eyelashes!!!
Gonna do review on them soon!
so stay tune yea?

Finally, i bought myself a new WC " i love japan" limited edition charity tee! >v<
love it max!!!

that's all

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review on dollywink long and volume mascara

Hello !!
Today will be doing a short review on Dollywink Long mascara and Volume Mascara !!
hehehe hope you all like it though >.<

above is the long
below is the volume

But before i actually start. Mr love stuck SAys HI!!!! to all of you! ^o^

i shall start with the volume mascara first
**note: i am lazy to take photo of my dollywink volume mascara so gonna take it from the internet
instead so Pardon me? >.<

Effects: 5/5 i totally love the volume effect!! Works great for me! My "unseen" lashes can be seen  immediately ! does not smudge for me hehehe unlike other mascara.

Cost: (3/5) Expensive cost around $30.

Packaging: (5/5) So kawaii and classic. absolutely love it >.<

bonus: the brand! somemore it is candydoll created by tsubasa masuwaka!
awesome! ^^ hehehe

will i buy this again?
yes of course since it works wonder for me ^W^

Next is the Dollywink long masacara review!!!!

effects:(3/5) not really very visible results :((

packaging (5/5) love its pink lovely packaging :))

price: more expensive than the volume one like about $32

bonus: the brand name & creator again!

Will i buy it again??
sadly no >.<

hehee that's all for today!!!
byebye <333333
Thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Candydoll limited edition set X Tsubasa

Hello!! everyone i love my WC knitted Cardigan and furry shorts. Behind my short got 2 furry hearts shaped WEES!~~ ^x^

Heard of the latest limited edition candydoll set??!!
Me want this!!!! >>.<<
only availble in japan only SAD! T.T
Plus there is make up book included too OMG!

See the limited edition mirror included inside this set?!!
OH! me want this!!!

inside view O.o

These 2 lipgloss are tsubasa's current favourites...^X^

Btw, tsu-chan asked in her blog post whether we prefer her black or blonde hair?
To me, i find her pretty in every style and colours. Envy!!! >.<

That's all for today'sharing
hope this is useful though
byebye <333333333

Monday, January 23, 2012

interesting beauty videos..


hello! today's post will be about some interesting beauty videos that i watched online just now
1st video : how different type of contacts are dangerous, how to store and place them carefully, how to wear them properly, and what type of lenses are the most comfy. ^.^



2nd video: very korean makeup tuitorial very natural and professional? ........

3rd video: easy 5 min make up tuitorial to work/school'
i swear this girl has natural beauty

4th: a girl who changes to become 13 different after trying different types of make up..

some personal opinions are that this girl is really amazing she can change into 13 different kawaii, cool and cute jappy look with her make up.
Honestly, i cant do this >.<
Although her no make up face is abit cannot make it, with her big moles, small single lid eyes, big pores and everything..

Lastly, i really adore natural beauty which i dont have at all >.<

This post pictures of myself are the lightest make up i ever wore, no falsies at all >.<
so pardon me hehehee

that's all byebye
hope you all find this useful???

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Double review on Clarins toning lotion & juju Aquamoist firming toner

Hello everyone! Greetings to you all from singapore! <3

Ok, today i am gonna do a double review hehhehe

**Note: pardon me for being lazy to take photos of my own products so i just grab them from the internet, but i swear really am using them now >.<

First up is, the clarins toning lotion

effect: (5/5) you can feel the tightening effects upon using it on your face after cleansing. My face has no breakouts after using this.

texture: (5/5) just nice, not too rich or too watery

Smell: (4/5) Strong cammomile smell

cost: quite expensive as the brand suggest, if you want to buy the full big version. around US$20 ++ ? Currently, i am using a small sample one which i bought for just S$6 from a small temp stall. But it is 100% AUTHENTIC.

Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile 200ml

Next is the Juju aquamoist which i recently bought from the SASA Fair

Effects: (3/5) i only dare to use this at night whereby my skin tends to be more dry as comapared to daytime, if not this will be too moisturized for my skin leading to some breakouts >.<

Texture: (4/5) very watery and quite rich though

Cost: Actual retail price is S$22.90 affordable i guess?

Smell : (2/5) Chemical smell, not unpleasent smell though.

that's all for today hope you all like this! ^V^

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy CHinese new year everyone!~~ X Giveaways!~~

Happy Chinese NEW year everyone! ^v^
Excited or not??!!

Hehehe today's sharing will be on my NEW year's GIVEAWAY!~~
please do join,

***Note: Results are strictly non-biased and carried out by a random generator !

1. Be a public follower of my blog
2. help me share this giveaway >.< on anywhere your blog, facebook, twitter.

Clearer picture of the items inside

1. one pair of Mizukitty eyeamazing ribbon series
2. 8 pairs of princess eyelashes
3. 3 pairs of purple package dolly falsies, from japan
4. Insipred Dollywink falsies with a ribbon package
5. 1 and half pair of Mellish rich lower lashes ( i lost the packaging Sry >.<)
6. 2 pair of lower falsies pink package ( criss cross type)


Dollywink 05
limited edition dollywink purple eyeliner (BRAND NEW!)
dollywink inspired mascara ( i bought during my overseas trip) (BRAND NEW!)

Palgantong BB essence (BRAND NEW!)
Taiwan Famous Malian Double eyelid tape ( bought from my overseas trip) (

multiple eyelash/fake nails casing
SBY limited edition EGG magazine Momoko Ribbon ( bought from Japan) Brand NEW!~
mini heart shaped puncher

Goodluck and


Ends @ 1/3/2012

That's all

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thick Make up VS Light simple make up ?

Hi all, i have just changed my blogskin and header like ?? any comments to make??
& Today's topic is slightly different because it is about an question about my personal

Whether i like thick and dolly make up or Light aad elegant make up??
My personal perception.

1st, Thick Make up.
I love the dramatic dolly big eye effect just like those of many gyarus. However sadly your eyes will be a BIG patch of BLACK
like a panda bear T^T and i hate this >X<

2. people will go round saying you are so FAKE. ( i know i should not be bothered by what people say
but i mind what my Boyfriend says >.<) and i look like one whore or Ah lian.

3.  i am scare of people special attention
4. my family hate the thick make up "me"

Light and Simple make up

1. Concept to others of Natural beauty
2. no black panda eyes
3. no dolly eye (T~T)
4. when you remove make up no much difference ^Z^
5. my family are fine with me

on the top this 4 pics, 100% no edit >.<

So in the END, i chose the light and simple one

So i decided to give up my lower lashes, heavy eyeliner, thick falsies and dark and shimmery eyeshadow, & no more layers of heavy foundation and so i only left with loose powder and my magic cream
and for now i put on cream blusher only instead of adding my powdered ones to it.
Lastly, i give up my glitter powder too >.<

i help this is helpful to you though...

Anyway, next i want to share with you all the Gingerbread mans i made last night

only one pic as i carelessly broke the rest >.<

Urm i kind of accidentally crushed its deisgn too pardon me >..<
It is speical becuase we added chocolate chips in ti. Yummy!~~

That's all byebye
love ya..<333

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kumicky specially created coloured contact lenses --- Puream

Hello ! <3

Today's topic will be on Kumicky's special designed colouredcontact lenses

And here is the website :

i really love these upon viewing them and seeing her introduction video >.<

See!~~ it is feautured in popteen!~! WOW!~~

Love these???

But sadly, they are only available in japan >.<
sights** And they are so expensive >X<

But you can try finding other similar designs to these just like me!

Have a nice day <3333

Angelcolor loose powder review

Hello!! Today's topic is about Angelcolor loose powder review!~~

This is the first ever gyaru make up or powder that i had ever bought after browsing at so many japanese magazines before finally deciding to get one of this >.<
i got this from japan since years ago yet i did not do a review on this >.<

Effects: (4/5) Darker skin tone :((((, but super good natural coverage ^O^, quite long lasting effect and Matt effect too

Packaging: (5/5) love its simple and classic packaging, with a golden cover labelled AC on it. And it is quite big size too

Price: (3/5) So expensive >.< cost me around around $60++

Lasting: (5/5) i used this for years ^V^ since it is big size.

will i buy this again??
yes!! definitely!!!!! hehehe ^x^
overall i love this product >w<

Btw, this is my today's outfit


Tomorrow there is a class test for me! >.<
so wish me ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!~~

That's all for today
byebye <3333