Sunday, April 28, 2013

New things...


Hello this is advanced post for tmr...

as there are some things i recently tried and bought ...
so wanna share with you all them XD

1st of all, i just tried taiwan's famous black balls yesterday ..

it is quite nice... but too much jellies and too starchy for me already ;(
i will not want to eat it again >.<
the price is quite costly for a bowl of dessert too..
and i just now i just bought myself this new cleansing wipes for my makeup remover .. :)
the packaging is irresistably kawaii isnt it??
hehhehehehe <3333333
gonna try it out soon and hopefully do a review on it ...
and next is one of my all time green tea snack !! <333
yum yum ;p
kawaii packaging too ..
lastly, is my newly bought facial cleanser which i am yet to try out and gonna do a review on soon!!
Japan's Kracie's green tea cleanser!~~

hehhehe do stay tune .. :)
So that is all for now yea..

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Canmake lower lash mascara review!!

Hi guys recently, i am still stuck with my inspired look as i always look to improvements :)

hehhe because who dont want improve and look better all the time right?? especially for us girl hehhehe

So today i am gonna share with you all my short review on one my recently bought item as which is
my canmake lower lashes mascara!!


Effects: 5/5 it is really smudge proof and long lasting!!! very satisified!!!!1
Price: 4/5 quite affordable :)
Packaging: 4.5/5 dolly kawaii packaging which i quite adore!! <33

will i repurchase again?? defintely!!!!!!!!!!!! because i absolutely loving it! :) tehehhhe

so that is all for now yea..



Friday, April 26, 2013

Taiwan's milk extract brigtening mask review

Hello all!! today i am just gonna post about my short review on my recently bought mask from SASA

which is my milk extract brightening mask!! hehhehe....

lol i bought this because my boyfriend uses it recently lol cos he scare his face become dark ..
he likes fair skin :)

i adore fair skin too >.<

Rating:4/5 the brighetning effects is quite visible after usage and the mositure is quite rich too but the mask sheet quality is too thin and it tears quite easily :0!
Price: 4/5 affordable i bought the one whole box one .. heheh cos he bought one box too.. :p
packaging: 4/5 it is cute and simple..

will i repurchase it again: hehehe maybe :) i quite like it because there is no outbreaks so far wees**

so that is all for now yea.. cya soon  !! teehehehhehe!!

improved inspired look..

Hi peeps!!


SO today is another pretty relaxing and chilling day..,

didnt want to think much these days just wanna do what i am supposed to do.. and that is it!!

and was working on my inspired look and so here are some pics..

and i bought a new product just to create this look as i encountered a problem that is my lower mascara always smudge!  >.<

and in the end i will look like a panda bear :(

O.O then i decided to get this new product to try out after reading som good ratings and review on it.:))

okk.. so i bought myself a new lower lash mascara from canmake!!
and i am gonna review on it soon hehhehe
hope this will not disappoint me >.<
cross fingers***
and just bought my mummy bday present in advance too just now
so that is pretty much all for now..
byebye <33333333

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hi guys gonna share with you all my recent new crazed obession with this very natural look that park sora has got and i am so damm inspired by her!!!!!!!!!!!1

GOsh!!!! She is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

With light makeup somemore!!!! <3333333333

i kind of tried out her look today but need some more improvements !!
gonna work hard on it to make it my everyday simple look hehheehhe!!!!!!

and if i am successful gonna do a simple tutorial for you all too!!
so that is all

Monday, April 22, 2013

My mini hauls!!~~

Hello !!~~
I bought myself a new maybeline watergel bb cream!!!
after seeing fabby reviews on it >.<
cant resist it ..
gonna do a review on it soon .. :) hehhehe
 and because my bag spoilt today so gonna get myself a new bag which is from agnes B. :)
it is from their summer collection
it is costly >.<!!!!!!!!
it comes together with a mag hehhehe
so i wanna share its contents with you all!! :)
pardon my handphone lousy camera >.< sorry!!
end of sharing!!!~~~
so that is all for now .. byebye <33

Sunday, April 21, 2013

sorry for the lack of updates..

Hi guys so sorry for the lack of updates..

i will be blogging more frequent the next few days and weeks and be more hardworking?
hhehehe >.<

am currently blogging before bedtime

quite shagged now dont really wanna think of any things especially emo things just wanna do what i want and chill..

went out today with mommy to watch Judgement day ..
quite a nice movie (^~^)//
and we went to eat in hongkong xin wang cafe too!!
the food there was quite nice!!<33
yum yum!!~~
yesterday attended dear's friend bday chalet..
there are alot of unpleasent things that happened in the past making me cherish my proper present now..
no more dirty things no more forcing myself to do things against my will and  i am trying to cope all alone.....
no amount of makeup.. can hide all the ugliness..
 just trying to conceal better my low self esteem,,
but i am glad dear told me even without all the makeup he will love me still :)
no more paying for myself....
no more threatens.....
all i want is a peaceful and simple life..
Bought a new dress which was on the display last piece today***
Bought a new mask too which i am gonna review about soon...
So that is all for now ..,
byebye xoxoxo

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

my latest hair product review Pro keratin!

Hi guys remenbered i mentioned that my mum and elder sis went to thailand , bangkok for shopping and massage??
hehehhe one of the items they bought for me back was this hair product Pro keratin for damaged hair..
well.. my hair is not damaged just dry .. >.<
This is like a hair oil..instead of serum..
effects: 4/5 it feels really smooth and non sticky on hands and hair.. :)) 
smell: 5/5 it smells really damm nice too !! hhehehe
packaging: the size of the bottle is quite reasonable too ...
but too bad it is only available in thailand.. i dont know where to get it in SG too.. >.<

So that is all for now yea.. byebye <333

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i hope this time i am right.. no more tears.. no more perverts

hi guys, my school term has started once again..

now i am school blogging while waiting for <3

starving.. >.<

anyway i am damm stressed with my GPA now T.T

i do hope things will pick up for me this sems ..

so gonna share with you all picas that my <3 and i have taken over the past few days..

we have been tgt for quite some time already..

i hope this bf will not cheat on me.. and get tired of me..

to be honest when i first know him i wasnt looking for any relationship..

everything just happened unexpectedly..

i was so sad back then...
i just felt that i will be all alone..

my mum is fine with him...:)
but the sad past is haunting me just like i always feel insecure that one day he will be a pervet and dont want me anymore >.<
i really need to get a hold of myself.. this time slowly dont fall too hard if not .. i dont know what will become of me..>.<

so that is all for now..

byebye<33 will blog again soon hehheheh

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Work + review on my latest hauls!


Hi peeps..

This post gonna be about my rant on my temp job offer at Marina bay sands fashion show me working for the fashion show....
it was quite ok... very slack and boring the only plus point was i can get to see part of the fashion show only..


it was tiring as the timing was from evening to night..

went out for prayer, shopping and watched the movie GI joe with my family..

meanwhile i bought this v shape mask while walking around with <3
So i decided to get one for twinie too wahhaha
Effects: 3.5 not obvious results but got the tigtening feel...:)
Price: 4/5 affordable! :)
Packaging: 3/5 simple and classic :)
will i repurchase it again??
hahha maybe yes? hehhehe
 because i am obessed with having a  V shape face >.<
and also i bought a new sunblock which is the latest in japan and recently crazed about in my country as well...:) weeessss
I used it today already
it has a creamy and watery texture that can blend easily quite well into the skin..
i tried it on my face..
it is colorless :)
effects: 4/5 it haven caused me any outbreaks yet..
price: 4/5 affordable
packaging 3.5/5 simple and classic
will i repurchase it again?
maybe yes .. but i am quite fickle hehhe but overall i quite like this product ^~^
so that is all for now yea..

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NIP + Fab Bust fix cream X Dove nutri oil hair serum reviews!!

Hi guys !! long time no see!! kekeke***

I have been so lazy to blog daily as i am stuck with my household chores and gaming of candy crush
and of cos.. doing some other stuffs like going out with twinie and friends here and there..


i accompanied twinie and her bestie out several days ago..

was quite enjoyable..

So now it is finally time for the reviews..

It is the winner for brazillan women choice :))
and winner of cleo mag award too btw..

1st: Nip + fab bust fix cream
Effects: 3.5/5 hahha my bust size did increase a little..:))) when applied it smells alright and soft on skin too :p
price: quite i am still a student only.. :(
Packaging: 3/5 simple but i dont really like the color and design :x

will i repurchase again???

hahha this is my second tube already !! wahahhaha

2nd: Dove nutri oil hair serum
Effects: 4/5 it smells nice and it really soften my hair and its friziness :D
Price: 4/5 quite affordable :)
Packaging: 3/5 the bottle is quite small  but the design is handy and classic !

will i repurchase again?
yea! of cos ! i like this one :) hehhehehe

So that is all for now yea.. byebye cya soon!!!~~ <33333333

Thursday, April 4, 2013

new inspiration...

hi everyone sorry for the missing in action for the past few weeks??


so sorry as i did not have any mood to do so.. and was preoccupied too.
alot of things happened..

have been out these few days...
relaxing and running errands.. a temp job at CLARINS
and i managed to watch several movies.. like IP final fight, the croods, saving general yang..
and am currently to some songs ...

and keep doing some housework to keep myself from over thinking too..

and recently i am obessed with kpop girl band rainbow.. Cho hyun young!!
She look so sweet and cute in their latest release Tell me tell me >.<

Photo: Without plastic surgery she can become so pretty too i wanna work hard and be like her >.<

Recently she was also accused of doing plastic surgery...

Which she did not :)

She just slimmed down 7 kg and her double eyelids are due to her continuous effort with her double eyelid tapes..

i am so motivated by her after seeing this ...
wanna be like her...

Hope this will somehow inspired you all to look good too
??? lols..

               Photo: My dressing represent my mood for each day


hahha see my new iphone casing??
Mommy and big sis gotten it for me from Bangkok :)

They bought twinie and i clothings and hair serum haven tried the hair product yet.. though and lazy to take pic to show you all gonna review on it .. if possible :)

So that is all for now yea.. gonna update again soon :)