Friday, May 27, 2011

stupid and super screwed up learning excursion!

it states 5.30 pm we will reach SP in the end i reached one hour later
totally screwed up my dinner plan with sis
now she is angry with me T.T
and now i have to wait for her in school till 8.30pm sights
\meanwhile shall edit and memorise my DBE speech so that i can go out tmr to get my things with mummy and sis
the learning excursion was not fun at all.
dun like it and find it totally waste of time!
and we keep on waiting for the stupid bus!

that's all bye!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

hooray a new pencil case!!

Got a new hat yesterday love it to the mac
it helps shade me from the sun :D
have to get more geek specs and hats!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i must be not paying attention urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

went to school super early today for no apparent reason
sights!! i was not informed that PACC was postpone to later
now i am so bored and shagged!!

shall study my PACC book in a short while
hope nobody enter this classroom if not i am so DEAD!

time creep and crawl when you got nothing better to do and nobody to accompany you :/
that's all

 PS: i will not be mentioning about the K box thing cause somebody wants to make me shy
hehe.. i am not so STUPID (>o<)


blahh la la la
stress?? bang head here><
shall catch pirates of carribean with idil san tomorrow wees >o<
before japanese lesson

hi junjie dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^0^)

bye bye =/

Thursday, May 19, 2011


But why am i still in school!!!???????

Getting myself back!!!

Argh!! Coughs**Coughs**
I still find it hard to believe my BF,  why must he lie to me????
i just feel so hurt :((((
i was wondering if i lie to him, how would it feel?????
sights** well drop this topic:(
yesterday night when i was feeling down, met rebecca on the way back :D
now, i am blogging with her besides me
:DD idil texted me to ask me out :D
will be accompanying her for movie next wed for movie :D
haven't decided which movie yet though
SPSS lab session was killer
wondering how i am going to survive my coming CA!!!!
i hope to get well super soon
that's all

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i hate quarreling with my BF

Recently, an issue that make me super not trust him
my big sis keep on insisiting that he is not true to me
therefore landing me in a big dilema!!!!!1
then later a super wrong message went to my bf
then i was like SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
i really want to trust him but i don't know why i can't help it
i am so messed and confused too!!!!!!
i want all this nightmare to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
i want be right this time!!!!!!!

moreover, i am currently dreading my cough and throat!!!!!!! HELP!

byebye (o><o)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

what is on my Bf's hp and facebook :D

these are the pics found taken with him :)
yesterday we watched Beastly at his house
quite nice :)
Mob presentation is coming Jia you
and still need to do DBE project SOBS**
that's all :)
bye bye

Friday, May 13, 2011

This is the Ank rouge widget!!
The picture look unclear
but in real it is super cute kk?
hehe. almost completed my japanese homework
later my Ecos ......
tmr will be meeting HIM
will be a visit to his house since monday i did not go
meeting his parents :(
later going to bring mama out for belated birthday's feast
hope i have enough :X
later need to go for japanese lesson
hope i can understand
that's all bye bye ;))

Thursday, May 12, 2011


みんさん こんばんわ!!
さよなら、やくそくない So'Fly , First kiss だいすき!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


these were taken yesterday with my twin Sister, we look super alike right?? grins**

Managed to grab a copy of the latest popteen issue
luckily i had it reserved!! ^^
if not gone!!!
anyway the weather is getting too hot!!
pinned my fringe up!!!
after seeing 近づきたくて/K.J. with YU-A
i really wish i am おかりえ!!
かわいいto the max!!

bye bye!! ^^
today i have jap lesson :)(

Monday, May 9, 2011

yesterday was play pool

yesterday night, my BF brought me to play pool and the environment was simply too noisy and i don't like it at all. Although it is a place that alot of youths hang out. i don't want to go there anymore.
from here, i realised that i am actually a very boring person.
anyway, i am currently trying one of bubsbeauty tips about dark circles and face massage thingy so as to imporve blood circulation. it feels really refreshing and nice. Moreover, i tired out another hairstyle too
and slightly alter it myself to another different hairstyle.

Furthermore, i changed my mind about getting the WC shirt cause it turns out to be a replicate and my sister and friend commented that it is ok only not reallly nice cause it is very normal and plain

that's all for today sharing

byebye :D

Sunday, May 8, 2011


today was almost super late for mt Mob lesson
maybe taking my time too long :(
that i forget to bring stuffs to return him...
the hot weather is killing me
i am wondering how am i going to react later when i see his family later
these days i am going to be short of clothings as i stopped shopping for clothes for a long long time
gonna do project later
Sian Sights**
like my new hair style today
This is taught by bubzbeauty youtube video and i did this in like 3 mins time?

This picture is taken in my 2 hrs long break

currently i am in love with a song entilted : in the club by 2ne1
that's today's sharing
^ ^ bye bye

I joined Miyake's megane glasses contest AND my presents from my aunt and BF


i know i will not win but just join for fun only

Here are the pictures of what i received from my aunt and BF
But i am returning my BF two gifts does not suit me due to some childhood supersition
so i am taking snapshots of them :(

anyway i really apprciate them but i just don't express it

tomorrow i am going to his house to meet his parents HOW!!??
panick!!! already wondering what to wear and how to makeup?

1 piece of good news is that the WC bear t shirt seller responded me already :D
can't wait to lay my hand on the shirt reallly love it to the MAX!!!
and i paid for my jewerich item order already Relief!!
going to get my popteen issue tmr
and starting my japanese pre advanced class on this coming wednesday :D
Anyway my sister and i  managed to do some nessecities shopping today
love the items i just bought today since i have always been wanting them long ago

Oh ya, if you are interested in getting jewerich, candydoll, dollywink items too do visit
their spree closes on 9th may

that's all bye bye!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


yesterday i went to my grandma's house
and aunts were generous and i received 2 pieces of clothings :D
and the jewerich seller responded
can't wait after 2 weeks to receive my jewerich item :D
still waiting for the WC seller to respond:(
i really want it badly as it is very exclusive not to mention super kawaii!!!
cross fingers
shall take a snapshot after i sucessfully managed to purchase it :D
going to collect my popteen issue on monday
and i managed to learn some new japanese make tricks shall try them out tomorrow
shall revise my work and japanese abit today
bye bye :D

Friday, May 6, 2011

one of my wish came true X gyaru madness

Yesterday after school i accompanied mandy
and i managedd to find this magazine which i have been eyeing long ago
and yesterday luckily due to me saving up i managed to get THIS!
The Dvd inside is very exclusive i get to see myt idol and her style make and everything
i am like WAH!!! i chose this over popteen
this issue is feauturing school gal's style. :D

The contents within are really fascinating! LOVES!!!
i especially like 蓼沼楓

yesterday got myself a new backpack :D
it is PINK!! ( urm it is girlish but i like it ) ><
By the way, ia really into the japanese WC brand and the items can only be exclusively found only in japan only :(
here is a nice slideshow featuring my favourite japanese WC brand

But the good news is that yesterday i managed to found this selling in one singapore web :D

however, the bad news is that the owner have not replied me till now :( Boos!!!!!
and i still figuring how to buy it :(

Next, after wataching the Dvd inside my magazine i also like the japanese cosmestic brand Jewerich
this morning managed to found a blogshop spree selling it at an affordable price :D

Later evening time will be heading to my grandma's house to celebrate mother's day
will be bored to death except the food there :X
cause got nothing much to do :(
hope aunts will be generous later then i got no more worries already :D
that's all for today
bye bye !~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gifts from my bf

When my bf came back from taiwan he bought me a couple keychain and 2 shirts ( which i cannot wear for some strange reasons) :D anyway glad that he remenbers me even he is very tough there
i feel weird seeing him though don't know for what reasons
blogging in the midst of PACC now
mummy's birthday is tomorrow
us 3 sisters gotten her a new LEVI'S jeans
hope she really like it though :D
credits to big sister for getting it ><
today i am getting a new backpack and really hope to get my popteen issue today no matter what
heading to orchard later then meeting mum for my new backpack
hope to get a one that is really nice and that i really like it
shall show you all my couple keychain very soon though :D
that's all for today bye

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what's on my mind most of the time?

things that are currently on my mind
when exactly is my jap advance lesson taking place?
gonna check it soon
help that i will not be late though
blogging in the midst of my break now hehe...

yesterday Bf was finally back :D
went out to meet him yesterday after lesson
he doesn't mind my less make up face:D
everytime i see him, i feel weird.
he is really into kissing and hugging which i don't like at all
anyways he really gives in to me most of the time
my feelings for him are all mixed up not sure exactly what is it though
this sunday maybe going his house for the first time
oh my god i am so nervous now
i don't know what to do?
What should i dress like? And how should i communicate with his family
we have been together for 2-3 months time already
yet i am still so shy whenever, i see or hear his voice??lols sometimes, i also don't know what to text him i am like so Duh right?? lols.....
but i am certain i am not in love with him just yet for now only i hope in the near future i will....
so that i will not be so troubled and dissappiont him :D
tata going to do my ecos homework soon if not tomorrow die :X

probably going to orchard to grab myself a copy of popteen magazine tomorrow :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i hate my ugly roots

i want change my hair colour to lavender ash
so nice and jappy feel
i scare that lavender ash will give me a super ugly obvious hair roots later
or should i just go fix my hair colour??
blogging in the midst of general education

At last!!!!!!!!!

Currently i am at home with Dad alone
Moma and sister are not backy
i gluttony these days
managed to save $$ today :D
homework to do and jap to revise later

headache + bored!!
bye bye

Sunday, May 1, 2011


let me share with a secret about my bf don't tell him k?
that is shown on the above pic
he is just like Domo. lols
solved my concession card problem just now
completed most homework
although revised my work already but they just don't get into my brain
Urgh. i just realised it when i started to revisit my work and realised that i had forgotten it
2 weeks of break from my part time japanese lesson
today holiday = Relax + chill

that's all BYE!!