Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review on Etude house Colorliquid lip product in shade PK002

Hi peeps !!

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I am back here updating my personal space...

so today I am gonna do a short review on a new makeup product which I just bought 2 days ago??

Tada!!! here it is !!!

it is etude house liquid color lips one of etude house latest lip products !!

Credits to : etude house Singapore facebook

I gotten myself this exact shade pk02 lovely pink lips..
the reason why I chose this color is partly because this is one of fx krystal choice and I tested all its color in my hand and decided that this shade is the loveliest for me lol I do like another shade call spicy orange too but I think will get it another time instead...

here are other pretty shades they got





Effects: 4/5 quite long lasting for a lip tint, color is very vivid and nice too!! <333
Price: 3/5 surprisingly retail price is cheaper than online price lol I gotten it from the retail store.. sgd $19.90???
Packaging 5/5 super cute I swear I am so love with it :))
scent: 5/5 pleasant and addictive scent don't know to describe in words here though...
texture:4/5  creamy and smooth


overall I really like this awesome products
er but I would like to try out other colors too >.<

will I repurchase this line
Yes ^^

Next, I will move on to some videos that I am currently obsessed with they are all from Kshowonline.com

both videos are featuring Hani !!!!!

first is Astyleforyou


really love her so so so super pretty!!! <3333

Second is Crime scene season 2!!

                      Crime Scene Season 2 (South Korean TV series)

ps: I am scared of murder drama but this concept of this variety show is quite interesting I must say!! O.O!¬¬

Next I am also share my current snack obsession too <333

it is a Japanese brand muji store strawberry chocolate marshmallows!!

looks at its interior!!

lol greedy me I finished the whole pack in the middle of the night as my midnight snacks together with a pack of cheesy tibits lol...

so that is all for now!!

Ciaos and stay tune <3333

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review on Korea's Mamonde Lotus micro no sebum cleanser

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Hi peeps!!~~~

I am back with another short review today!!!
and this time it is Mamonde Lotus micro no sebum mild foam!!~~

Park shin hye from the inheritors drama is the endorser for this brand


Effects: 5/5 very gentle and mild to skin, when washed , face does not feel dry out after a wash using it :)) lovin it, it does not break me out too :))
Packaging: 4/5 love its flower design and Reasonable size :)
Scent: 4/5 pleasant mild scent :))
Price: 2/5 quite costly for me as it is not available in SG online cost around sgd$20 plus :(( but it definitely affordable for working adults :))
texture: 4/5 there is micro beads within which helps to gently exfoliate your face and I feel that my face looks slightly brighter too :))

Note:Different Results for different people with different skin types! you can choose other function ones, I chose the no sebum function though, these cleanser comes in many different functions which u can choose from :))

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will I repurchase it again???
Yes if I have the spare money loll cos I am only a student now only T.T

PS: sidetrack abit

here is my new bag <3333! major loves!!

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it comes with a sling strap to I can use it as a sling bag too hehehehehe

and also I am so in love with a new snack which I just bought to try out just now
super tasty !!! >.<

                                                     MR HOTTEST TWISTCORN - CHILLI BALADO ~70G




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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

korea's Scinic snail matrix cream review

Hi peeps!


I am back with another short review on a skin care product
called the Scinic snail matrix cream!!

haha fyi: girls day yura and hyeir are endorsing this unknown brand in korea right now..
I wanted to buy scinic's sunspray but couldn't find it online as this brand is not available in my country :(( and wanted to try other scinic bb/cc cushion I also couldn't manage to find them too :((
so I ended up buying this snail matrix cream here lol..

so I decided to give this brand a try...

so here are the pictures / photos of this product!

very sticky and slimely texture as you can see...
as it claimed that it contains 5% of snail mucus slime within it ....
I use it as an eye cream as the website say it is a multi functional cream which can also be used as an eye cream too loll...
Effects: 4/5 quite gentle on skin, moisturizing effects on the eye area :)) where the skin is very tender... applied it top and below my eye areas.. no breakout lucky and no redness after using feel gentle on skin when applied :)) cream is being absorbed quite quickly I must say I am impressed loll.... 
Price: 4/5 lucky me I bought this on a sale using my coupon so twinie and I managed to get it at sgd $5 plus only if I remembered correctly... hahahhaha super value worth for us..
Packaging: 3/5 glass packaging??not very sure but seems kind of fragile to me... though..quite a reasonable size though..
Scent: 4/5 pleasant  scent :)) 
will I repurchase it again????
yup whenever there is still a discount for it hhahahah!! quite like this product overall :)))
so that is all for now

Monday, April 13, 2015

Nature republic whitening and lineless ampoule review

Hi peeps I am back with another review!!

after some time as I have been shopping for more clothes than beauty products these days..

I managed to got myself as the title suggest Nature republic's whitening and lineless ampoule :))



effects: 3/5  it doesn't break me out which I am happy about... but its whitening effects is not visible at all the next day when I wore up and after a week of usage I don't see any slight effects working on me too. But I must rmb to say different products works differently for different people.
Packaging: 4/5 glass bottle?? not very sure... though and see the remaining amount on its exterior. it comes with a dripper inside for hygiene purposes which I like a lot!!
price: 2/5 pricey :(( online cost around sgd$30 plus dollars plus shipping as sadly this products and brand is not available in my country yet.. :((
Scent: 2/5 neutral scent or no scent u can say lol..
texture and color: 4/5 milky texture, milky color and rich texture :))

will I repurchase it again?
I don't think I will repurchase it again :O

PS:EXID released their new mv today "Ah Yeah"

love them! since their up and down song and mv

fangirling right now! **

like most people hani unnie is my all time bias!! <3333
so that is all for now
Ciaos!! and stay tune!! <3333

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Shiseido white ac lotion review

Hi peeps

I am back with another review

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and it is as the title suggests it is Shiseido's white ac lotion


I have been using this lotion for quite a while already say a few months time? lol
because my sister and I bought it from the Shiseido's fair last year we greedily bought quite a number of bottles of it back while we were working back then ..

I remembered queuing up to enter the place for the fair because they were too many people in front wanting to buy their makeup and skincare products at a super bargain price there..

This product is highly raved in Taiwan and it famous magazine nu ren wo zui da ! O_O!¬
this product claimed to have whitening effects and soothe acne skin :) so i decided to give it a try lol..

so here is my verdict of it so far...

Effects: 4/5 it works like a toner to me and most importantly, it doesn't break me out and i feel that it kind of help me in oil control and slight brightening effects since after using it for quite a while?? Again it will depends as it will varies for different skin conditions, but my sister who has sensitive skin also complimented that it kind of help her prevent her breakout too :)
Price: 4/5 affordable since I bought it at a fair :)
packaging: 4/5 reasonable size quite a tall bottle. lol..
scent: 2/5 neutral scent I don't know how to describe .. neither pleasant or odour just seems like it doesn't have a very strong scent at all just slight chemical scent I would say..
texture: 4/5very watery texture :)does not feel oily or sticky on face :) which is a plus point to me :)

will I repurchase it again??
Overall, i quite like this product. So probably :)) if they have the fair again and I am aware of it lol since they will have one annually to clear their excessive stocks :)

So that is all for now
and stay tune!! <333

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Korean brand Soomang 's eco multi therapy hair treatment oil Review


Hi peeps !!

I am back with a hair product review this time ! hahha something different :))

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the above photo is taken by me taken from my twitter account :) hahahha

the review why I am very tempted to try this product out is because of its many positive reviews on it :O

Effects: 5/5 I am loving how it fixed my dry and slightly damaged/ tangled hair mess :)) ^¬^
Price: 3.5/5 bought this product at a time at qoo10.. lol bf bought it for me ^¬^ lucky me.. hehehe :3 quite affordable bought it for $13 only?
Packaging: 4/5 love the way it is quite transparent on its exterior so that I can see its remaining content and it top cover for application purposes :))
Scent: 5/5 I really love its scent especially bf he mistook me for wearing some really nice perfume all the time since I applied this hair treatment oil on my hair whenever I meet him :)) <333
Texture:4/5 very smooth as it is oily lol. the bad thing is it will make your hair look oily if you carelessly apply too much .. >.<
 will I repeat purchase ??
YES!! love it absolutely! my hair texture and condition improved quite a lot from it :)) very satisfied!!

Side track abit
bf and I went out to watch fast and furious 7 movie today woohoo!!¬¬

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and because it is our actual 2 nd year anniversary day so he treated me to ippudo which twinie highly recommended to me in the past!
Which in the end I didn't really like >.<

but bf seems really happy there :))
look at his super cute eye smile here below !^*^

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while eating his cheese cake dessert he used the cream to write J heart S on it for me :))
as seen in the 4th photo below!!

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so that is all for now

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PS: pardon my barely sober and makeup nearly all gone face in the above photos with bf ..>.<
love him to the bits  <333

Friday, April 3, 2015

My adventure cove experience ( our 2nd year anniversary celebration)

Hi peeps !

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I am back with a local attraction experience to share today and that is adventure cove!!

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I am so lucky that the weather there today was superb not sunny as I hoped for !!hehhehehe lucky me!!
So I am not tanned from it at all hahahahah!!!

we only had limited time in there so we only managed to try out 3 sections there as the queue there was horrible since it was good Friday today >.< the only off days bf was available :((

We tried the rainbow reef snorkelling which I found it dam scary because it is so deep!! 2.9m deep!! O_O!!!

and then we went to try the slide

Pardon all these online pictures because we didn't brought any waterproof protective covers for our phones there :(((
we first began with the most leisure adventure river
unfortunately, we couldn't get ourselves any floats as they were all taken by the time we reached there :((
and lastly we queued for the magnetic coaster which was super terrifying for me :(( T.T
I can say the rainbow reef was an out of the world experience but I am so not gonna play it again because I am quite afraid of waters :((
and had a bad headache afterwards and swallowed some salt waters there :(
I seriously recommended you readers to bring your own protective waterproof handphone cover there to take selfies and kill time there due to the long queues...
and the queues for the toilets and changing rooms are way too horrible too had to bear with it even though I am urgent ... quite a bad experience for me...
I am quite regretful about not being able to take photos there :(( seriously
Before going I am super looking forward to it and dam excited I must say..
I bought myself a new bikini, bikini cover, swimming shorts and sun hat of course lol...
so I managed to take some selfies of me and my new bikinis which I like the colors combination so much!!
Pink!! <3333
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Afterwards boyfie being one of the sweetest and most caring bf ever helped me to carry my heavy bag.
so that is all for now ...
PS: my eye makeup stayed on the whole day despite all the waters!! I must say I am impressed here is a list of my makeup products that I used today in case you are interested hehheh :3
For Skin, I only applied and spammed my primer and sunblock and they are
1. Innisfree waterproof sunblock spf50++
2. Makeup forever primer spf 50++
Eyebrows makeup
1. 3ce brow tint
2. innisfree brow pencil
Eyes makeup products
1. etude house oh my eyeliner liquid liner
2. etude house 101 play pencil #01
3. innisfree long long cara mascara
4. urban decay basic naked palette
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