Saturday, January 24, 2015

Careprost eyefrops for eyelashes growth and Mamonde Water lily whitening mask review


  Hi peeps!!!!! ^¬^

I am back now with another short review!!

Recently I have been shopping a lot too for my CNY clothes, makeups and skincare etc..

Mostly are online hauls!!

So today I am gonna review on one of the highly raved product for eyelashes growth which is CAREPROST eyedrops!!

I have been faithfully using it twice a day for one week continuously already yet I still don't see any much visible results which makes me really disappointed as I read the many good reviews on it before my purchase..

Effects: 2/5 not much visible results for me T.T is it just me??
Price: 1/5 it is very costly for one small bottle of eyedrops
Packaging: very small bottle..

so will I repurchase it again??
maybe no as so far I don't really see any visible results >.< and it is so costly for me too as I am just a student now only..

Next I am gonna review on Mamonde's Water lily whitening mask!!


Effects: 4/5 the essence is very rich and it really moisturize my face, it does not break me out most importantly!!! I do see some visible brightening effects the next day!!! wahhahaha!
Price: 4/5 when I bought it in korea it is on a one for one offer!! hahaha lucky me normally is 1 for 1500 won.
Scent: 4/5 it smells quite pleasant.. though I forgotten its scent too. lol.. sorry..
Texture: 3/5 the minus part is that it tears too easily
Packaging: 5/5 too pretty as I love its simple floral designs and its colors too.

Will I repurchase it again??
hahhaa I bought too many pieces of it at one go.. so maybe I will be tired of using the same masks over and over again but overall I love it!! <33333333

Meanwhile, yesterday I dragged bf to accompany me watch a really funny Thailand English lesson and romance movie!!

it is called "i am fine.. thank you.. I love you..

because that leading actress is too pretty so I had to watch it !! And it also has very high ratings too 4.5 stars *~*!!!

Lastly, here is a list of things that I am gonna review on soon one by one

1. Thailand's Vitamin C injection ampoules
2. Etude house play pencil 101 #55
3. Missha's time revolution essence

So stay tune and that is all for now yea!!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nature Republic Blemish Lab review

Hi peeps!!

I am back with another short review on one of my current products!!!

And it is Nature Republic's Blemish lab cleanser!!

When squeezed out, it is white in color like those normal biore cleanser!
Effects: 3/5 face feels clean but it didn't really help much in clearing my pimples :(( not much visible results.. face don't feel tight after a wash but just  nice :)
Scent: 4/5 I really like its scent but I don't know how to describe its scent though :)) like those pleasent washing agent smells??? lol.. 
Cost:4/5  I bought it online .. so it is rather affordable for me :))
Packaging: Size is quite big :) and the color is a bit special too :) as shown in the pic and it is made of plastic which I will prefer ^^
will I repurchase it again???
Sadly this is being discontinued .. cant find it anymore. But this motivated me to try other Nature Republic Blemish wash I just gotten my friend to bought another acne cleanse from Korea's nature republic store for me !! Which I will also do a review on once I finished using my current cleanser and start trying it!! So stay tune yea!!
So that is all for now!! Hope this is useful for you!

Monday, January 5, 2015

My new phone Sony Xperia

Hi peeps!!

today I am gonna blog about something different this time!!

Which is about my new smartphone!!
Sony Xperia!!!


I gotten it because it claimed to have the best camera function!!
20 megapixels!!
as compared to the others like Samsung and Apple which I was deciding on initially!!
and this color is so nice and unique hheheheheheh
And this phone is waterproof too!!
can take photos in the swimming pool!!
the first phone I received was dam lousy it cant charge at all and will black out suddenly then I started to regret it instantly for getting it...
lucky the retailer allowed me to change it the next day ...
my second phone works great!! hopefully nothing goes wrong again T.T
I really love it now <3333
work great esp its camera!!!!!!!!!!!111
wahhahhaha some photos to show off ahahhaha