Saturday, December 27, 2014

Get it Beauty - Nature Republic treatment essence mask review


Hi peeps!!

So I am back with another short review!!

Finally gotten this long always wanted to try out for myself masks! wahahahha!!!

& it is on Nature Republic treatment essence mask, this is endorsed by SNSD's Taeyeon!!
It is featured in Korea's Beauty Variety show - Get it Beauty!



It claims that it contains some fermented ingredients like SK-II and it is said to help repair dead skin tissues/cells and have moisturizing effects too. .. and many other effects too..

Sadly it is not available in SG, I ordered it online

Effects: 3/5 No obvious visible results! Lucky no breakouts:( light essence texture, not rich at all.
Packaging: 4/5 Simple and classic :)) I like it because of the Get it Beauty label included on it ^~^
Price: 3.5/5 online price is slightly more affordable than retail price per piece. but the treatment essence whole bottle itself is much more pricey $_$!!!
Scent: 3/5 Light scent which I couldn't really remember.. >.< sorry!!

Will I repurchase it again??
Sadly, no

By the way, sidetrack abit here. I finally managed to got this Crayon Shin Chan 's chocolate biscuits!!
They tasted awesome and they have some collection stickers inside. As I am currently crazy over since I spent most of holidays watching shin chan's video online >.< too cute and funny lol!! So childish but I still cant help it.. Bf introduced me to it though ... hahahaha.


Yesterday bf accompanied twinie and I to watch Night @ the museum!!
Damm funny!! hahhahaha
He was such a sweetie yesterday but he overslept and made me waited so long >.<!!    He was generous he treated twinie and I to movies and ichiban sushi yesterday such a sweetie awww!!


So that is all for now!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

how i spent my Xmas 2014

Hi peeps
This time  I am not back with another review!!

I am just sharing how I spent my Xmas this year!!

I spent my Xmas eve as bf was working and I kind of miss my aunts at times too
One of my aunts bought twinie and I a Coach wristlet while other aunts gave us angpows!!!
hehehe ^^!!


Last night after his work, we dined @ Sushi Tei!! Nom Nom Yum Yum

I bought bf a Bermuda, while bf bought me my fav atrium holiday special eyeshadows, online which is not available in SG.

Sadly they have not arrived yet... I cant for their arrival though!! >.<
Below are its super awesome colors <33!!!

Previously I cant bear to buy them myself cos I was saving for some other stuffs too .><
So I thought to myself well I would never have them
But then Bf actually gotten 2 of my most fav shades  for me!!
02 (Pink oyster) and 03 (coconut bay) !!
Besides this, he also gotten me an advanced monthsary present!!
I wanted this because I saw a super pretty Korean girl using this <33!!! then I am like I must try this out myself some day too!! Hahahaha copycat me (o>W<o)
& it is Makeup forever HD foundation from Sephora! The Price is is $_$!!!!
So I cant bear to buy it I was thinking of getting it online somehow cheaper
but he actually suggested that he buy it for me!! Seeing how much I really wanted it
AWWW.. such a sweetie isn't he??? hehehehe ^_^ lucky me!!!
Wait for my review on this highly raved foundation!!
So that is all for now
Next year is coming soon 2015~
2014 has been an awesome year!!!
Hopefully 2015 rocks too!!
 & I cant wait for our next year anniversary which I will need to save up for BF present !! >.<
Cross fingers***

Monday, December 22, 2014

Review on innisfree's Waterproof Eco sun block SPF 50++!!


Hi peeps!!

I am back with another short review on Innisfree's waterproof sunblock which I bought earlier this year but haven used until recently ...


it is made of organic green tea oil and sunflower oil!! :))

Effects: 4/5 Really love the instant whitening effects it has on face when applied on :)) no breakouts when applied :))
Price: 3/5 Affordable if bought online, abit more pricey from retail.. :O
Scent: 2/5 neutral scent!!!
Packaging: 2.5/5 Simple and quite nice handy too but I am not a fan of yellow color packaging :(

Had already used up 2 tubes of this sunblock on my face already!!!

will I repurchase it again??
YES!!! love it!! <3333333

Ciaos !!! ~~~~~~~~



Saturday, December 20, 2014

My holidays have just begin and what have i been up to recently??

Hi peeps!!

Since it is my holidays now which means I will be having more free time on my hands to blog more often nowadays!!

For the past few days I have been watching a lot of dramas online and movies & shopping abit of cos for my bf Xmas pressie and my skincare and clothes etc!!!! @~@!!!


For the past few days , I watched Exodus, Dumb and dumber 2, the Pyramid with bf!!
and I hate the Pyramid the most because I was too afraid of that damm movie!! >.<

& at home I watch and play my mobile game called "Pirate King" my bf introduced me to it !!! LoL!

Side track abit.. this month my sweetest bf gave me a surprise for our monthsary by buying me my expensive skincare product "Liriko"!!!! <3333 I was like WOAH!!!

feeling damm pampered and after so long he still bothered to surprise me.. so sweet right???

Exodus was quite ok .. didn't really the bloody scenes insides though...
and I like dumb and dumber 2 the best lol!!

I also went to watch a Taiwan movie only featured in Shaw threatre  "Women Who flirt" too it was full house today O_O and that movie I must say is damm hilarious I laughed from the start to the ending really damm funny!!!! >W<
and I am a super big fan of Sonia Sui!! <333333333 She is like damm gorgeous but her role in this movie is damm shitty la but I like watching her though lol my bias!!! So I had to watch this movie !! LOL!!


Meanwhile I bought a Ance cleaner from Nature Republic online recently too!!
As it is not available in my country this Korean brand -__-!!


I only used it a few times only
I will be a doing a review on it soon though.. so stay tune to it if you are interested to know about it lol..

So that is all for now yea!!!
Xmas is coming soon!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tony mony Florida whitening/ brigthening mask review!! ( Luxury babe lenses 41 grey review too!)

Hello people !!!

Today I am back with another review!!!

& that is Tony Moly 's Florida whitening range mask!!

My twinie gave it to me 2 pieces so I had a chance to do this review hehehe!!!


                                         Featured in Get it Beauty too!! OMG!!!
Ok so here is my review/ verdict!!
Effects: 3/5 i don't quite like the feeling of the mask essence on my face, it doesn't feel as gentle on my facial skin.. >.<  no breakouts or redness after using it :)) slight brightening effects after use :))
Price: 3/5 lol my twin bought 20++ pieces on Qoo10 time sale at a cheap price lol if no time sale or discount it will be quite costly in retail >.<
Packaging: 4/5 Jiyeon is on its cover <333
Scent: 3.5/5 quite slight pleasant scent :))
will I purchase it ??
maybe?? i prefer my odbo and mamonde mask instead... i am not quite sure though...

So next is my review/verdict on luxury babe 41 grey lenses


Price: lol it managed to buy it cheaply at an online store lol!! not quite sure about the actual retail price maybe SGD $20++ ?? USD i do not know at all >.<
Design:    4/5 not bad : )) <3333 because this is the first time wearing this design.. something different!! lightly colored , as i am used to wearing dark brown/black lenses like the photo below lol.. Overall the design is quite nice though. if u want a natural look it will realy stand out :))
Packaging: 2/5 it comes in a mini glass bottles hard to open... i prefer those plastic packaging those..
Comfort: 4/5 it is quite uncomfortable when i started wearing it at first as my eyes could not get use to it , and i am not use to the design too initially and my eyes keep getting watery.. >.< after a few minutes it gets ok :)) and the good news is that it can be wore for long hours and it is still comfy :)))

It is a monthly lense :)

So that is all for now!!