Monday, April 30, 2012

new online hauls! korean vanedo masks!

hello everyone!!!


i am gonna share with you my recent new mini hauls
my friend and i pooled together buying these masks just to try out!
since our pretty idol recommended this!
each of us bought 3 different kinds each! :D super cheap too!!
hope these are effective!! :DDD
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i bought
1. red ginseng
2.  white
3. aroma

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will do a reviews on these individually??!!
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should i??? hehehee............
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well if i have the time to do soo! hurhur!....
cant wait to try these out super soon! with stacie!! >.<


i found this really cute vending machine in japan!!

so so cute!! >.<

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W C!!!!! W C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Milkybunny giveaway!

Hi all!

today's post gonna be a giveaway!!

i reached 100++ followers already and this is activated!!!


good luck!!

rules to join!

follow me publicly and cannot unfollow after my giveaway ends!!

and help me share this!!


god bless!!!

ends at 1st june 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

taiwan SD duo lifting Sexylook black pearl mask review!!

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Hello! everyone! :DDD

there is some problems with my reply comments bar
so sorry! i cant reply >.<

but thanks for your comments!!
i really do appreciate and read them!!!
hehehe!!! <3333

anyway, today post gonna be a review on my recently newly used and bought masks!
taiwan 3D duolifting masks!

hot selling now in taiwan!!

so cool right


super tempeted to try out too??


effects: 3/5 ok, but not so obvious results? skin feel moisturized and refreshed after usage! :D
cost: 5/5 very affordable!
packaging: 3/5 very classic and attracttive!
will i buy it again??
depends! because i would like to try out other masks too!!
different nutrients for my skin!! :D

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ya so that is all for today!! byebye and
i will see you tomorrow!!


effective facelit massage!

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hi all!!!!! ^.^
i will always wish upon the stars that my face shape is very sharp and nice!!
but sadly, this is not true!

and please pardon my super messy hair!~ >.< sorry!!!

so i will always try ways and means to improve my look! either through different make up or facial routines! and i will also like to try different skincare or cosmestics products too!

and last time i tried many facial massage before, but sadly they do not work for me !
until i find this amazing video and i want to share it with you all!


this is really really super amazing you all should try this out!
i will try my best to overcome the lazy me and do this everyday!!

next is some ageha photo taking tips!!

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Free Image Hosting at

lastly, is some really awesomely cute emo -cons that i found in a japanese page!


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ya! so that is all for today

see ya!!!!

hugs and kisses


Friday, April 27, 2012

japanese beauty website! X bambi series princess almond lense review!

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hello readers how are you all?

:D i hope you all are fine!!!

sadly, today was a bad day for
me i did the wrong question for my homework and had to skip one lecture to do it!
and realised that i have not done my tutorial too and i need to rush it during my precious break!
>.< and got shouted by at the printer guy and embarassed myself infront of many others. and a guy
asked me if i am year 1 when i am in year 2 !
what an insult right??!

hopefully this dont happen again!! please!
today i am gonna share with you all one of my favourite japanese website
that i like to visit

so here is the link :D

do check this web out and navigate the links
and click and find the beauty section!!!
they teaches how to do really simple, nice makeup and hairstyles!

and today i am gonna share with you all
my current favourite lense!

bambi series- princess almond!

loving it

effects:5/5 very natural looking!
diamater: 5/5 14.5mm :D just nice for me! not too big or too small :DD
price: 3/5 affordable, although it is slightly more pricy than the normal others?
comfort level: so far it is very comfy for me no dizziness no red eyes yet and i have been using them for long hours daily! :D

will i buy again?

yes!! of course!! really love these!!! >.<

camwhore picas >.<

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Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

so that is all for today! <333333333

love you all again!! >.<

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

my new hideout! X new technique creating double eyelids!

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hello! i am here to share with you all my nature outing!!! :D

>.< so there are limited pics to post here sorry! >..<

i had a really great and fun time!!!!! ^W^

despite my busy school schedule i still wanna blog to share with you my life!~! ^V^

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Free Image Hosting at

the mother nature is so nice and peaceful right??

the sea breeze is relaxing too!!

next is a video that i just found on alternative way to do your double
eyelids!~~ hope it is useful for you all!!! >.<

so that is all for today!
will see you all tomorrow again!!


hugs and kisses!! <3333333333

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

how to cure oily/ shiny when your make up oxidised after a long day?

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want to know a secret to a longer lasting matt and non shiny face??

well, this can be achieved through...

oil-control primers +  after applying your liquid foundation/ BB creams use a piece of oil control film
to blot your face before using your loose powder! ( this technique is acquired from okarie's mook book!)

and i got my oil control primer from korean brand etude house. Dr. oil solution! :D
and i  just got a clean and clear oil blotter paper? :D
it kinds of works for me!


so do try it out :DDD

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Free Image Hosting at

gotta revise my school work abit for now
while waiting for my super late friend >.<

byebye love you all!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

useful newsfeed?

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hi all! do you know that jelly models are actually starred in PV!
 and some are even singers too!!!

so here are some nice videos they created!!

omg! so nice right??...

by the way i bought this! new design of luminous lashes!! gonna try this and do a review on this soon!
eggicited or not???!!!

Free Image Hosting at

hehhe i found a new japan product K-palette product just released in market!


gonna try this soon!~~~

Free Image Hosting at

are you all interested to try this out too???

hehe for dark circles coverage + dryness around eye areas!!!

2 in 1!!!!!


by the way! a new egg beauty magazine was just released and
NEMOYAYO is the cover girl!
but sadly i did not buy this!
because i slightly browsed through it and felt that their make up was simply too much
for me!~!

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ok so that is all!

love you all so much!
thanks so much for reading!!!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 Ank rouge okarie mook book preview!

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hello all! this post is really exciting because i am gonna share with you all
my new bought okarie mook book!!

ok.. her boyfriend is super sweet here!! ENVY! <33 and so handsome too!!
pretty + handsome = perfect!!!!!
i am so so so happy because i managed to found this!
i thought that my country would not have this!
and i found it hiding in some small shelf!
and the last one! and i grabbed it immediately!
but it sure cost me a bomb!

gosh! the bag is very nice too
but in the end i let my sis have it :\ 


well, i get to keep the book at least!
and i know all okarie beauty and fashion secrets!!!
although i dont really like okarie's too thick make up
at least her skin care and fashion!

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so that is all for today 's sharing !


i hope you all like this!!!

casual shots X volcanic ash soap bar review

Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!! Recently, alot of things have been going through my mind..

and i could not focus with my school work..

tomorrow i will do my school assignments.. and i just completed my japanese homework

and one reall good news is that i managed to buy okarie ank rouge book!
and i am gonna share with you all the contents really soon! >.<
excited not???!!

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

next is a review on my facial soap

requested by my reader liz!!!


note: picture is not taken by me .. but it is what i am using because mine has no cover already
this soap is really mild and gentle to skin, there is no smell in it... and it managed to last me very long.
and japanese people like to us it during their onsen too!
good for keeping moisture balance and fights spots too!
the price is affordable! :D
i will buy it again the next time after i finished using my new facial foams.

further queries

that is all!
i hope this answered your query!

bye bye!

comments replied!