Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BEWARE OF FAKE MAC PRODUCTS + Review on Kiss me eyelashes

Hi, all fond of M.A.C products??
Always thinking of getting cheaper M.A.C products via online ???

My personal opinions is NO NO!~~

here is a video Fake Mac
and how it affect your skin and especially sensitive

and telling us what is the difference between the REAL and the FAKE M.A.C

Hope this is useful for you all out

Next is a Review on Kiss me eyelashes

it is really natural ^^ it is as if i am not wearing any lashes at all

camwhore time ^X^

Really comfortable too
Bought it last month but have not tried till now ><
cos it is too expensive ><

ratings 5/5
i will defintely buy it again despite its price
 byebye bye <333333

Special make up remover ( cheap and effective)

Hi all, i am trying okarie popteen look

anyway gonna share with you all my make up remover

and that is
any baby wipes

i use it because it is meant for wiping baby sensitive skin
therefore it will be very gentle and mild to our skin

currently i am using baby johnson brand
do try out ^X^

Byebye thanks for viewing

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Batam trip part 1 ^x^

Hi all, today is an update about what i experience in Batam (o^X^o)


On the bus~ to my resort

On the way outside

Finally reached the check in lodge WEES!!


Our house room~!!

that's all byebye ^X^

thank you for viewing >x<


Sunday, November 27, 2011

A short update + Amethstory aqua gel Review

Hi all, I am BACK!!!

Miss me??! Being Thick skinned haha

Batam overall is not bad
but my own country is way better hehe
went for massage, jacuzzi and shopping~!!

I bought really cheapo stuffs
such as a ligploss, eyelid stickers,  for SGD$1 plus
most of them not more than $10..

But the most EX is my BF's present
30 plus..
hais who ask him to be my darling...

Not really a clear pic
1. 1 malian eyelid tape
2. 1 strawberry lipgloss
3. 1 K-ON Azusa maid figurine
4. LV purse
5. dollywink inspired long mascara
6. Cute contact lense casing Bear head
7. japanlower eyelashes

Will update more about batam trip tmr or very soon ^^
the shopping mall, FAB sea view and Yummy foods~

Next, will be a review on Amethstory aqua gel.. WEES**

Last frinday, i received this baby!~~ ^^
Used it once
after use the face feel smooth smooth (o>w<o)
upon rubbing on your face there will be jelly bits formed.

ratings 3/5

that's all for today
keep updated on my blog !~~
thank you

Friday, November 25, 2011

Batam trip ( magazine inspiration)

Tmr going to Batam ><
so cant blog

today i want to share with you all
where i vew magazine inspiration

that is

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Otana dollywink video ^x^

Hi all, tmr i got ITB test so wish me luck!!!!!!!~~ (>o<)

Next up, is a short video about then latest new dollywink launch video which i found ^^
hope you all like it ^x^

Naisu right???!!



Next up, is computer drawing animation of tsubasa masuwaka ~!!!


that's all for today sharing byebye

What you think you dont need but actually you need it so DONT throw away for girls only .

Hi all, ^^

Here a sneak peel of my NEXT giveaway!!~~

A gold diamond N79 skin BB cream sample ><

And a dollywink lower lash.. 2 pairs ><
there are still many more..
this is just a sneak peek ><

Next up, is about what you think you dont need but you need it (>x<)

What is this??
It is packaging for eyelash, i actually use it to store my eyelash as a eyelash case, as it reuse my eyelashes (^x^)
it is really convenient and cheap cause you dont need to purposely go and buy a new eyelash case (^x^o)
Right??? so next time dont throw away your eyelash packaging!!~~

Side track abit.. today i had a gen-ed presentation
i am so nervous and stressed.

and i was like HUH??!!

Then in the end, i got some good comments from the teacher
then i am like YAY!!~~~

That's all for today ^x^

And keep visiting my blog!!~~^x^
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE <33333333333

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

otana dollywink spree?? anyone joining??

Hi all, wondering how to get new Dollywink otana launch?
here it is ><

It accepts international order (^~^0)//

Nixoderm -- Miracle Pimple, acnes wonder!~`
heard that this is highly recommended so i decided to give this a try
for my ever so occasion slight breakout


Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi, hi!~~こんちわ!~

Special thanks to Shin-chan(シンーチャン) for blogging about my giveaway
THANK YOU!~~ ^^ どもありがとうございました!!





Do you all know that authentic japanese green tea can fight cancer??!!
so drink more!~~


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Giveaway giveaway
sorry i was not myself yesterday...

did a video but cannot upload hais
then still need to keep study study study

Anyway here is a giveaway from missvyy
do join and win them all
gonna do a giveaway myself too

As i realised that people who do not have google account also do
view my blog

So the rules are simple

people who have blog or google account follow my blog

for those who do not own one

please comment on my chatbox beside


i want to join this giveaway

Ends on 25 dec christmas
hoho, i gonna be santa claus!~~

Please spread this giveaway news around for me
and get your friends to join this!!><
thank you!~~~

Pls feel free to leave a comment^^
i have problems with using my comments section so i will reply via the

thank you for viewing
your viewing is what that motivates me to continue blogging

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to wake up beautifully in 10 steps?

Hi all, i found a very interesting article about how to wake up beautifully in 10 ways

i have not tried them out myself
so take a look at this article
and i hope this is useful
and stay PRETTY!~~

byebye <3333

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tsubasa blog candydoll make up translation

Hi all, i very happy to be managed to get this
Dollywink limited edition set!~
Volume mascara * Eyeliner set

Am sick now -.-
Cannot go school ZZzzz

According to her blog page

1)  you apply the candydoll make up base
2) You apply candydoll liquid foundation

in this manner

3) use a sponge to wipe off the excess and blend more properly
4) use Candydoll concealer 01 and 02 mix them together and use a sponge to wipe off excess
5) apply canydoll loose powder and precious powder
6) apply peach pink blusher using a brush
apply it this way ( below pic)

7) use strawberry pink blusher
8) use marshmallow purple highlighter to highlight cheeks
in this manner ( below pic)

9) use candydoll powder foundation
use it in this manner (below pics)

Finally you're done!!~~~

Personal comments: As much as i love tsubasa make up. However, i will think that it is too thick.
so will not do this make up myself.

That this is useful for you all
byebye <3333