Saturday, October 19, 2013

Alone time...

Heyo peeps!! it has been some times since i last updated here lol!!~~~

>.< lazy me!!

i have been buying stuffs as usual

faicial and eye masks!! hhehehehe

Buying all these stuffs make me happier alot ^-^

i Also bought 3ce lippies too gonna do a review when i am freee...

these few days at work i am very stressed and tired >.< T.T
i really hate work and dont like it at all!!!!


tomorrow i am gonna catch the oshin movie with mommy!! wees!!~
so looking forward :p

so that is all XD


Thursday, October 10, 2013

My new polaroid camera mini 7s and instax flim X insidious 2 movie review

Photo: monster inc swag ✌

Hello peeps recently I just purchased a polaroid camera :) Wees!!!~~
I specially went to order a monster inc

Uber happy can!! >.<

love it!! <333333333

Photo: My Polaroid tools and mini photo album ✌❤

here are the tools I bought for it
my front mirror tool and a mini album! wahahhaha

This is the polaroid taken i liked most wahahahaha!!
We still took many others though..

recently, i am also obessed with this Wel-b dried freeze fruit snacks too loving it! <33

And recently boyfie and i went to catch the movie insidious chapter 2

it was so scary >.<
there were people screaming at the back at some parts of the movie which were too sudden and the sound effects were shocking..

the storyline is abit strange for me though..

lol i did closed my eyes abit..

so that is all for now .
byebye<333 cya soon!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

stress loads.. X Faceshop hauls X Silkpro revival hair serum reviews!!

              Photo: Polaroid with colleague        

Hi recently i felt very stressed over my work and i am damm lazy to blog these days.. But i still want blog here >.<

Was shopping to relieve stress buying things to pamper myself for all the hard work ..
i feel better abit..
                       Photo: My strawberry prints ballpoint pens ☺

Saw this @ the cashier counter so i decided to grab one of them lol..
strawberry prints ballpoint pens lols. <333

                     Photo: Thinking of you is easy, I do it every day.

Missing you is the heartache that never goes away.❤❤

have very few time to take photos here and there as i feel ugly so lesser photos of myself now lols..

Recently due to all the stress and junk i took in my skin has some problems which i did recover abit :)

a lot better now :D

so here are some reviews of products i bought to aid my skin and i really like them

1st FACE SHOP Mung bean cleanser

initially i heard that mung bean is good for troubled skin so i decided to give it a try

Price: 3.5/5 affordable :) currently it is on offer now :D
Packaging: 3/5 simple and classic
Effects:4/5 it is really gentle on skin and slowly heal my skin too!

i will definitely repurchase this after finish using this :p

  2nd product

Silk pro revival hair serum!

Bought this to try out initially as it was strongly reccomended by the sales girls when i was looking for some hair serum lol.. so decided to give it a try after all

Effects: 4/5 love it!! make my hair soft and smoother for sure!! Not so dry and weak anymore too!! hehehe
Packaging: 3/5 quite small bottle but it is pink!!
Price: 4/5 affordable!

3rd product!

Face shop V line mask


Effects: 2/5 no visible effects even though i followed the instructions behind to do some face yoga first before applying it, but to no avail :((
Packaging: 3/5 normal ..
price: 3/5 quite costly for one pack only >.<

Lol i still got many other new products to review but i am quite tired as for now i will continue reviewing them the next post ok ?? :p

Byebye and stay tune love ya!! <333333