Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tsubacolle Fashion coordinate + outing

Hi all, (^~^)//

Yesterday, it was finally holidays for me!!!!!!!
i went out with my sister and we had a great time, but limited time due to
me having attend jap lesson at 7pm :S

Anyway here is my outfit of the day...

And here is Tsubasa masuwaka's Tsubacolle Channel

Do check it out, her fashion coordinates are Superb!!!

Impressed ><

Daydreaming and fangirling about her! ~.~

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To omishu: Oh my gosh! your nails are really nice and cute :D


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

nails tuitorials

Hi all, here are 3 really kawaii neils designs you should all try out!! :DD

I really adore them >< and they are really simple!!!!!!!!!!1

that's all for today's sharing hope you like it!!!!!!!!


Simple Acne home remedies and 若槻千夏 ダイエット (wakatsuki chinatsu's diet secrets)

Hi all, remenbered i mentioned that i will be sharing with you some simple home remedies acne treatment

here is the channel website :
they share about many other stuffs besides skincare so you will need to filter out the videos you want to see from the channel website yourself :DD

here is a short video about it

Next Up, is a video about 若槻千夏 ダイエット (wakatsuki chinatsu's diet secrets)

here is it

Short summary if you don't understand japanese

Basically, She consumes only baked vegetables chips and Tofu
for all her meals to slim down. This is done based on the weightage of her foods, that she consumed.

Hope that this is useful and helpful for all of you!!!

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To Omishu: Hehe Thanks ^^ By the way, what is neosporin??? I am really curious???

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To babyx-yan: Sorry the grand giveaway is closed but
there is a second giveaway that is currently still ongoing.. refer to my Second giveaway post and i added a hairband bangs to it too.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Bedroom scene photoshots :DD

i love really love Nice background settings :DD

Lightning is important too :DDD

byebye !!!!!!11 "DDD


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whitening secrets!!!

Let me share with you all my KOREA NEW MASK!!

This mask contains Arbutin, Mulberry and Orange critic acid

Arbutin is one of Japan 's top whitening agents of all time, it helps to fade pigmentation and dark spots, brighten skins and clear freckles. Most importantly, it is 100% Nautural!!!

Next, mulberry is rated one of the top 10 most SAFE skin whitening agents.In fact, it is said to be more EFFECTIVE than Koji acid!!!

As some of you have heard that some common and favourite home remedies recommending Orange for Whitening. Ya, it is proven since ancients times.

So here are some useful whtening tips you may wish to precaution

Check out

whitening tips here

That's all hope you all find this useful :DD

I love you all followers

Big thanks!!

Keep visiting my humble blog :DDD


Friday, August 26, 2011

Review on my ribbon eyeamazing lash

2/5 ratings

it is too hard, and the design is too THICK

poking feel when dawned on

Expensive  in sense that Nice packaging But not soo good quality lashes

I am utterly dissappionted

Not gonna buy it ever again

But you all still try other designs of the same series though :D

Next up, i got this today !!!!!

WEes tada!!!!!!!!

D.U.P fixer KYAA!!~~~~~~~~

Gonna Review soon So keep visitng me Bloggie

toodles :DD

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New item up :DD

Yesterday i went out to collect this Baby :DD

Stay tune and i will give you a review on it :DD

bye bye :DD

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Added item to my 2nd giveaway :D

Hairband Bangs!!!!!!!! KYA!~~~~~~~~~~

Having thick soft and Ultra-CUTE Bangs (light brown) ( BranD NEW) is no longer a dream!!
If you managed to win this from my 2nd giveaway

i am giving this away because i don't like the idea of wearing a wig :D

Here are some Super kawaii gyaru models with Cute Bangs :DD

you can achieve their kawaii look by having this hairband bangs :DD

This bangs can even be swept to the side
to achieve this kawaii look below!!!

Good luck everybody :DDD
Do join in :DD

Here are some epic poses by my sis and I


i just found a very interesting home remedies videos and channel for healthy and good skin
stay tune i will share with you all :DDD

To Omishu:
I am not sure the curler size, but it is just like the normal curler size ( not too big nor too small)
it is battery operated, very handy.  By the way, which country are you living in ??? just curious though \\\(o^~^o)///

Monday, August 22, 2011

Giveaway closed !!~~

Congratulations!! (^~^)//

Results is totally randomly generated be my computer machine :D ( non-biased)

The winner for the 1st grandgive away goes to (crown_empire)

winner please contact me at my email

Stay tune for the 2nd giveaway ending at 10 steptember

those who blogged about my 2ND giveaway do comment here and show me your blog URL

Happy hours :DD


let me share  with you



DOUBLE TROUBLE hehe.......

WE like to self cam :PP



Saturday, August 20, 2011

New huals again XD

Hi, all this is my latest new hual which i had ordered online last week :D

i don't have a fetish for any accessories but i could not resist such

irresistable designs they were created!! (>o<)

Although exams is tmr i will try update daily :DD
i will try some magazine scans and some fab X gyaru nails designs later
so stay tune:DD
hugs and kisses

Have fun with hairstyles :DD

Here are some hair stlye tuitorials for today's sharing

For me i like easy and fast hairdos, so here are some really quick and easy hairdos you would like to try out

happy playing with your hair (^W^)

To omishu: your last comment INSPIRE my this blog post THANK YOU !! :DD


Thursday, August 18, 2011

if only one day i will be just like them.............

Whenever i look at them i will "WOW!!" So PRETTY!!

then i will start to imagine if one day i will be like them , how nice and good it will be
( daydreaming) hehe

their fashion coordinates are superb kawaii!!

and their make up too :DD

that's all for today :DDD

Hope you all like this though :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gyaru sharing session :DD

Whenever i am free i like to look Gyaru girls :D
what about you??? here are some mini videos

that's all for today
Next, i may post up some gyaru fashion pictures do look forward to my next post

To omishu: Ya, i totally agree that the legend of mermaid is totally kawaii :DDD that is why i put it as my blog song :DD Btw, i read your blog that you are learning japanese too. i am at level N3 now what about you??

To jasmine: the results will be generated by a random generator in my computer after i key in all the participants. So the winners are chosen randomly. For the 1st giveaway you just need to follow, but the 2nd one you need to blog about it too.

bye bye <33333

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

second giveaway + new huals

Second giveaway ( international)


1.  Hair curler ( featured in popteen before)
2. Dolly bag
3. Cute yellow doggie contact lense casing
4. limited edition hello kitty handcream
5. set of smiley

steps to do to stand a chance to win :D
1. follow my blog publicly
2. blog about my giveaway
3. photo about the giveaway must be included in your blogpost

i may add in other items after exams
deadline :10th steptember

Next up: new huals

Limited edition Dollywink set ^-^

And Masuwaka tsubasa eyelid tape ~~~

stay tune for my review for these items !! (>0<)
Byebye <33333

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hoyu bubble review

Here is a kawaii hair dye, i wish to try out since last month i saw it feautured on Popteen, while i was in my hair salon, all along i dye my hair in a salon.
But i am amazed by how japanese actually dye their own hair :O
Especially gyarus, they normally use brands like Palty and Hoyu beautylabo
Their hair colour are really NICE!!

I bought this from
But i heard it will be made availble in Watsons soon :D

My choice of colour was Milky beige which was Mizukitty colour as well :DD


Here are the items that you will get inside the kawaii packaging
1. packet of colour
2. hair developer
3. gloves
4. instruction sheet
5. a small packet of hair treatment essence

Pour the developer and the powder into the tub

close the lid and shake 30cm up and down for formation of bubbles

You will get this after shaking

scoop the bubbles and put them on your hair
leave on for 30 minutes
( thin, damaged hair less 5 minutes)
( thick, coarse hair more 5 minutes)

after 30 minutes, shampoo twice and use hair conditioner
use the hair essence provided
you can either leave it on, or wash it away

That's all for today's sharing :DD

To omishu: Thanks for your NICE  comments :DD You are such a nice and cute doll :DDD
i wish to be friends with you :DDD

To all: i may add in a second prize after my exams :DD

Stay tune to see what is my Second prize :O

food sharing time !! (^~^)

Are you all READY for food sharing time ??!!

I love kawaii food!!

here are some examples !

#1 creative amine bento

#2 mini panda head instant

#3 smiley face omu rice

Yummy yum yum

that's all for today sharing :DD

Saturday, August 13, 2011

i do not know how to use my blog comment functions to reply??!!

so i decided to reply via a blog post today!! :))

To Ayu: sorry for the super late reply, :X thanks for following me back, i really appreciate it :))
 You are cute too :D

To emi desu:  hi ya, i followed you back already :D ya, i totally agree that we should be friends -_<

To Ly: thanks!! i wish you luck in winning too :D but results are randomly decided by my generator :o

To Bambikitty : Thanks for your Sweet comment ! I LOVE  MY BOYFRIEND TO THE MAX! 

Lastly, thanks for following me

Thanks! cheers, -_<

Candydoll and Hoyu bubbles huals

Yesterday when i reached home i was greeted by my

I have been wanting this since MASUWAKA TSUBASA chan introdce it

Next up, is the latest Hoyu bubbles

A while ago, when i was at the hair salon i was flipping through popteen

I saw this!!

then i become to wonder how to get this??

Then today i finally got it!! Woohoo :DD

i gotten Mizukitty colour :))

I am super thrilled with my new hauls gonna do a review on them soonnnn!~~
stay tune :))

and wll find some time to upload 村田莉 Marimo key secrets to a smaller face :))

See ya -_<

Friday, August 12, 2011

How to make Dollywink no.4 Feminime style and Mizukitty eyeamazing no.304 Duplicate ???


On a closer look they looks similar right???

Both look so natural and dolly looking WEES***

But the problem is they are so costly!


Tada!~~ here is the DUPLICATE!! KYA!!!!

Hehe let me share with you all how to make it (>0<)///

Firstly, you will need to get THIS!!
you can get this from the G-market :))

Defintely way cheaper and cost effective i swear !

Then you cut it into HALF!

And you will get the end product which is the  DUPLICATE of Either Mizukitty eyeamazing or
Dolly wink No.4

My year end Exams is next week
so i need to postpone the giveaway till 1 st steptember as i cannot go out to post it


Let me end off with a Super epic video of Jun komori (小森純)  facial expression

See ya soon

Hope this will be useful in helping you girls

Bye bye (- _<)