Thursday, November 29, 2012

A pinch of Happiness !!!!!!


Hello!~~~~~~~ :D
i know it is exams soon and i am gonna need to study >.<

But i shall just blog a wee while here yea!!!!!! :D

Cause today i bought new items on the way home!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

This ASOS top is so cute right?????!!
and the cool part about these shoes is they are wedges! and the below has got a snake skin like pattern! >.<
OMG <33333333333
and my doremon snack!! :3
So that is all byebye<33333333333

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beauty tips X Hyuna's new single!!

Hi guys!! So another short post today again >.<


Just wanna share with you today's comfy look :D

>.< stressed :((((((((((((((((

By the way i mentioned before that i am gonna share some magazine beauty tips with you guys but i
forgotten about it!!
So here is the page!!
There are from my country's local gyaru bloggers :D

cLICK ON THIS to see clearer??

                                                       And next is hyuna 's latest single :D melting
Song MV : ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love her cute pop style in this MV :p
But not the sexy one though...

You can go youtube to see the MV :D

So that is all for now :D

byebye <333


Kpop boyband - Dalmantion!

Here is just another short post to share my current song addiction !!

It is a korean rap love song! :p
Really helps me feel better :))

Sadly, i am not a good girl!! >.<
But i wanna be one!! :D
hehhehe ..
Really love this beat and overall tune <3333
i really love this lyrics too!! OMG so sweet can???!!  SoWanna MELT already!!!!  >.<
Sadly, this kind of romance only happens in dramas... :((

There are some other nice songs by these band too!!

So do check them out if you love Kpop love songs like me!! :DD

byebye <33333333

Monday, November 26, 2012

Exam Monster!~~ X TSUBASA 'S new lashes!

Hello all!!!!!
AS you all know my exams are coming! >.<
ARGH major headache and stressed and Projects too!
But christmas is coming soon! <333333333
So here are some of my recent looks Very simple as i am just going school >.<
by the way , i wanna share with you all tsu-chan latest new lashes !!
i like no.15 the best though :D hehhehe
sadly it is still not available in my country yet but it will be soon!!
can't wait!!!!! >.<
so that is all for now !!
gonna study again!! :D
night **

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kpop updates!~~


ARe u k-pop fan like me??

hehheh taking a short break to blog here now from studying !! >.<

My fav kpop bands are SNSD and TARA !~~

Yesterday SMTOWN live concert was in my country!! >.< SCreams*******

Okk. i bought this mag because SNSD was the cover!!!!!!1

2ne1 major poster inside too!!!!!!
Cute HYUN WOO oppa!!!!!!!~~~~~
he want to be a singer too!!!!!!!!!


My Fav snsd member is Yuri and Yoona!!



that is all byebye <3333333333333333

Thursday, November 22, 2012



HI guys!! just a short post here to share with you all Formspring account!!~

So here is the link!~~

Do ask me some questions that you have been wanting to ask me HERE!~~

Because i always like to do that to some of my favourite bloggers!! <33

PLaying with my pink domo that Dear dear bought for me :D
always hug this to sleep too!!


Okk. so that is all for now yea??
stay tune for more coming review and beauty tips..
Presentation tmr FIGHTING!~~

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My recent hauls!~~

Hello it has been so long since i last shared my hauls again >.<

So just wanna share my recent hauls to you all again!! :D
Happy ***

Omg i really gotten some really good deals for myself :D

Since i have not been saving up for anything but just managed to get myself these fabby stuffs :D

 1st my gorgeous diamond series pink lenseS!!!!!!! <3
Omg i have been wanting these so so so long already and finally!!!
cant wait to try them out though >.<
Next, my acne biore facial cleanser, i have been using alot of this cleanser and i bought lots of them already !! This is my 5 th one already!! it really works in helping clear my skin :D and it is cheap too!!
And my transparent eyetalk glue which i wanted long ago already too!!
this was the last one that i found hiding in a corner ... lucky me!!! :P
And me holding onto my favourite snack!
choco vanillar waffle sticks yummilicious!! ***
No contact lenses here yo!!!
So that is all for now yea??
byebye <3333333333

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My SNSD yoona inspired look tutorial..

Hello all!!!! Recently i am madly crazed with yoona shii!~~~

OMg she is so naturally pretty no plastic and no need thick makeup!!!!!!!!!!


omg i wanna be like her!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly ... it is impossible..
But i am so inspired by her lately...

She is so natural, cute, sweet and elegant!~~~

omg i wanna dump all the sexy look inspiration to be like her so sweet and innocent >.<

fan girling now!~


So my makeup is very simple..

1st face,

Conceal then powder
highlight and contour!!


2nd EYES

light matt brown shadow..
tight eyeline

fill in Eyebrows


pink lipstick DONE!~~

So i am done with this post tired...

Monday, November 19, 2012

I dont have natural beauty but i put in efforts to improve my looks!~

Hi guys!~~

i am guilty of not sharing the kumicky book yet as i am so short of time now since my exams are approaching.. and i haven have the time to meet my dear dear too T~T

damm it really hate exams..
so panicky and nervous , stressed.....................

So today just some pics so show you all my recent natural look...
As i was feeling lazy these days and was inspired my the korean drama " love rain"
whereby Yoona -shii is so naturally gorgeous >.< Envy!!

i was trying to improve my natural makeup look these days too...

i am easily inspired by alot of people...

Btw, i am not wearing contact lenses here >.<
A very simple look with no contacts and falsies here..
do i look weird??
Okk.. i miss those falsies though cos for gyaru, no eyelashes = no life!
i am still lost here...
experimenting here and there...
Till the next time...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My inspired marimo and hikari cool look full makeup tutorial!

Hi guys so i owned you all this post ..
Wondering if you all have been waiting for this tutorial anot??

hehheh :D FYI: no edit of photos here too!~~just that lightning is too bright :S

So here goes

1st: Face

Apply concealor to cover flaws
highlight ( i am using a liquid highlighter from canmake) / highlight after powder if your highlight is in powder form.. ** highlight T zone, brow bones, middle of chin, cheekbones.
Use pressed powder
Contour nose and jawlines :D
light sheer pink Blusher at amples of your cheeks

2nd: Eyes

double eyelid tape
light brown shadow
a little dark grey at the upper and outer of eyelids to create definition
apply light golden shimmer
tight eyeline
apply natural looking falsies
apply white shimmer shadow on lower lids
apply a little dark grey shadow on the outer lids to connect eyeline
apply lower mascara ( ** use the point tip of the mascara head to apply in sideways direction.) ( so that it is easier and more obvious!)

use light brown shade pencil or powder for eyebrows

3rd: lips

Pink lip gloss

So camwhore time!~~


After this i have so much more to blog about too!!
My kumicky beauty book posts soon!~~

and i am so gonna do more inspired look too
from lena fuji and popteen models, yukiko, maeda nozomi and others!~~


So that is all for now hope this is useful for you!!!!!!!!! :D


My simple base make up !~

Friendly waves
am feeling cold these days..

Today i went to the hospital with mummy get her medicine .
Was kinda rushing out ..
Today style : sweet girly/lady
Tried a new base method today..
and is loving it now!~
that is
1st: apply concealor
2nd: use pressed powder
no need bb cream or any liquid foundation :p
 So that your face will not be so cakey!~~~
So that is all for noe yea ?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Popteen december 2012 preview!!~~

Hello all!~~

Your long awaited popteen dec issue preview is finally here!~~~~~~~~~ >.<

And the cover girl is HIKARI!!!!!!!!!


fyi: all the sequences of the pages here is messed up sorry!~~ >,< as i am rushing for time now~!

Kawaii pikarin!~~
the best rank loose powder for popteen ranking is
Candydoll loose powder!~
Most number of gyaru using it ~~

Mizukitty and kumicky page~!~

Kyary pamyu pamyu!~~~
Rankings for other cosme!~
Candydoll base makeup 1st!~~

Ranking for skincare~~
Hadolabo lotion and biore facial wash 1st!~~
 Different hair make by okarie chan!~
Ranking for colored contacts and mascara!~~
Maybeline 1st~~



So that is all for now!~

I did a marimo/ cool hikari inspired look today!~~

gonna do a tutorial on this look soon!~~
Btw, no edit here too!~~
So stay tune!~~