Friday, July 29, 2011

I love my LDS beanie

109 shibuya building is every gyaru girl's dreams

And guess what???????????
 i managed to get myself a LOVE DRUGS STORE (LDS) Beanie!!

happy grins***

I love my beanie \(^~^)/

That's all for today's sharing :))

Monday, July 25, 2011

No make up and contact lenses on how do i look???? and cooking soup time!!

Get to cook bonito powder soup again \(^~^)/



i used to think that i will look horrid without contact lenses and make up

 but here is a pic!

i hope i did not scare you all out ><

personally i think i look ok at least???

Next up will be a review on a dup of eyeamazing mizukitty lashes!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Congrates my twin sister :D and i'm watching 陽光天使

My sister is fianlly attached and her partner is a great guy :D

The most important thing is that he really treats her Good!!!

Feeling happy for her, finding such a great guy finally and at last,

the good thing is that they are both in the same class

My mother and big sister seems to like him too :D cheers

recently, i 'm watching a but of this drama series called sunshine angel, it is really nice thumbs up**

And recently i have been receiving a lot of unknown strangers messages in my facebook account asking for my number and i' m lazy to show all so just show one of them here

the funny thing is that i have never gave him my number before, so how can he lost my number right??? Lols

and obvisouly i will IGNORE right????

that's all for today's sharing bye bye :DD

sorry dear dear

Went out with domo today \(^~^)/

Domo dear dear here is the picture you wanted you eating ramen ><

Everytime i see your phone i get suspicous, i want to trust you but can't help it
you say i am sensitive maybe i am...
so stop texting whenever we are out together, so i will forget my suspicision
we quarrel over such a minor issue and nearly break..
is not worth it, i though all of it over already
i am so sorry
will give you cookie and vegetable sushi next weekends kk??
don't anymore le,  I LOVE YOU FOREVER DOMO <3
I 'M SORRY!! to make you sad :((

"Zutto suki" means i love you absolutely !!

Bye bye <33333

domo don't sad anymore! please!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review on i' Bella

Found a super good and efficient blogshop

Fast response ~~ and affordable~~~

and it is named I'm Bella

All products are specially and exclusively imported from Taiwan

Here is a LIMITED EDITION favourite pick

And i just found a PV starring mizukitty as an anime!!
Cho kawaii right????

i don't know how to appreciate the song itself but i just  keep looking at mizukitty

Ps: i have DOMO's pillow with me right now!!!!!!!
Nice nice!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

domo love

Domo!!! KYA~!!!!

When we are happy we actually look like these~!!

there is jap lesson later

here are the outdated neoprints~~~

Bye bye <3333

keep going + home remedies

Recently i have an obession with home remedies since one of them did really work on me and it works :D

i am not gonna to be selfish
here is it you can see and learn
but i dont do it often
i am lazy you see

These days i really hate my homework i will only start mugging when tests are on their way :((
don't know what is wrong with me
need to force myself then can :(

still watching anime though

Domo's signature blek face hehe!!


Sunday, July 17, 2011


watched harry potter 2nd season today (^~^)//
was super terrifying though lousy me!!
discovered the self timer function for my camera just now yay!!
me is super tired today
1st pic nice right??
it is my idea !!!

see the ring on my hand???
couple ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love and cherish it to the MAX!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

One piece Rocks

One piece~!!!!!

Meanwhile, heard that Nekogami Yaoyorozu, Ikoku Meiro No Croisee and Mayo Chiki! Is nice too \\\(*~*)///
shall i watch too???

Yay, stats test is finally over!! (^~^)///
i  have been watching One piece it is a really hilarious amine
really adore luffy :D afterall he is main character
one thing good about watching amine is that they actually help me to improve my japanese
it really helps since they are no translation :D
have been tired of classes they really bore me to the max
every lesson i wish will be over soon
and there are homework T.T
Have not been using my Toy for a long long time
Worn out because of stats i did not go for my japanese class
and have not done jap homework :((
later will do though :DD

PS: 1 trick to good lightning for phototaking is to take under the super bright sunlight, it really do wonders :DD

that's all bye bye (^~^)//

Thursday, July 14, 2011

i envy and admire こと山田武くんと なつぅみこと斉藤夏海ちゃんカップルrelationship :DD

After watching these two vdeo do you all agree with me ???

Sweet and kawaii to the max!!!!



Sunday, July 10, 2011

cross my fingers~

these Days super wore out

many things to do and i want to do!!

Went out for date today \(^~^)/

went for a movie theough cant remenber the title

Domo and i quarrel awhile :(((((

Finally took neoprints for the first time though

shall upload when i am free (>0<)/

Have not started on stats revision yet i am so laid back

Mob results will be back tomorrow cross my fingers for luck!

Tsubasa Milky bunny album is OUT~!! KYA!!
Although i don't like the song of its MV but the MV is kinda Kawaii
toodles ~~~

Friday, July 8, 2011

My upside down life

Have you all seen a bear romance before????

here is it hehe! O.o

On a side note a SPSS test is coming next week FREAK!!!!!!

Will i pass ?? ><'
just study harder kk?

Wore super light make up today (^0^)///

that's all
gonna dye new hair colour tomorrow can't wait ><


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One day.... i will find out

 I am super displeased with some issues

today when i enter your facebook, i went to see the private messai ge section, i saw alot of
DESPERATE messages sent to you other all kinds of girls out there
asking them for their number, and why they ignore or block you????????
you claim that it was your friend ya, for now i believe you
but you must know that paper cannot hold fire one day will find out whether is it true or not.

seeing those message is really saddening although you say it is your friend , you yourself and god know it the best. Don't betray my trust in you. If one day i found out it is not your friend, I SWEAR I WILL LEAVE YOU IMMEDIATELY!

i not gonna text you this issue lest we argue again!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Some light in the darkness

Let me first start with the darkness of my life (>o<)!!!!

1) Everyday, in my facebook account i can always see some random unknown guys wanting to chat to me
and all i does is click the "X" button on the top.
it is not that i am super anti social or what. it is just that since i am attached therefore, i feel rather uncomfortable talking to some stranger guys, but i am open to all girls ^^

2) We are always quarrelling, >< i am the one who starts it ALWAYS

3) Different mindset

4) uncertainty towards the future :(

5) Stats not done, way too weared out

6) Unknown results


Anyway here are Domo's gifts

That's all for today
Byebye <3333!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A pleasent

First, it is finally after JLPT !
Saw leonard and loong wai there XD they are also taking Jlpt except Yumi :((
i miss her

anyway i went to find domo after that
here is the proof pardon my strange expression

here is a snapshot of our couple ring \(^~^)/

And i received two presents from Domo hehe

And i got an invitation from AKB48 maid cafe job

that's all bye bye (^0^)