Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good Read!

Hi peeps!!!

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I am getting tired of writing reviews in my blog space here so I decided to do a small change

I will still do reviews but as much

I am the final year of my university!! >.<

Soon I will not have as much time now to blog ..
this week is my dissertation week shagged!
I have no motivation at all T.T

Will need to read some Journal Articles later...

things were getting rough recently I managed to get it back to pieces :) relieved

I started reading too !! some reading
While le bf and I were too bored so we went to the library to do some browsing :))

and I found this awesome book!!
hehehhe the title is

This book had a 4 stars rating in amazon!!


It keeps me turning pages!!
Very applicable to teens life like me hahhahahahha
it is about a teen girl family life and all her thoughts and her unexpected relationship in the end
if you are bored maybe you can try reading this book.:))
And also Recently, I watched a Chinese movie called Monster Hunt and I really like one character a lot and he is called Huba or Wuba!!! :3
So this is how it looks!! :D<33333333333333333333333
Super lovin it!!!hehehhehe


Showing off my new my melody bottle Exclusive from Korea!! <3333333333333
So that is all for now!!
Bye bye<333
So that is all !!
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So that is all for now!!
I will update soon!<33

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lady Tussauds Boyfie 23rd bday celebration!

Hello peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am finally back with another post !! This time it is something different!!!!

It is not a review but a sharing on what we done for bf bday celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I uploaded all the photos in my facebook account but will just share a few fave photos here ya!!!!

At First we went to brunch at Island cuisine located at Sentosa Underwater area there!!

I bought vouchers online >..<

didn't had a chance to take much photo there :(((

We only took a selfie there facing the sea view outside lol!!! Which cannot really be seen here T.T
We tried our best though...

PS: look at our matching outfit!! ahhahaha!! <33333333333

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After that we went to Imbiah station for Lady Tussauds!! Aka Wax Museum!!!

We took a lot of photos but I am gonna upload my fave picks only!!!


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We took many photos of wax celebrities like Marilyn Moorone, Jacky Chan, David Beckham, Christian Ronaldo and also many others which I am so lazy to list all here!!

There are boat rides and light shows too !!!

We wanted to do couple hand waxing together but we are so lack of time for our next destination for a game café voucher which I purchased online!! >.<

There are many board inside and there is a free flow of drinks and one serving of ice cream for each of us!

here is a photo of us playing taboo!! we Jega and Uno there too lol!!!
Very relaxing and chill there the ambience!!

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Lastly, we ended the day by going to Eighteen Chef to have our dinner!
Both our phone battery died and so we had no chance to take any awesome photos :(((

Sorry !! >.<

Lastly, Bf bought me this awesome bag for our monthsary!! absolutely loving it!!!
hehehh lucky me!!!

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So that is all for now!!Ciaos and will see you soon!!!!! <333333

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Etude House Play Pencil 101 #01, #08 and #15

Hi peeps!!

                       Iam Shermin's photo.

I am back with another short review!!

This will be a review on two of my daily makeup products recently which I am so in love with!
That I will highly recommend to you all out there readers!! ^^

These products are not recent launch but I feel that they are good products for daily natural makeup ^^

It is Etude house!

101 play pencil recommended by Korean makeup Guru Pony too!!

The reason why I will buy the shade #08 is because I saw in one of Pony's makeup tutorial she uses #08 as a concealor for her under eye bags / dark circles.
the reason for buying #01 is because it seems to be a good waterproof and smude free eyeliner to me heheheh which it is!
for #15 is simply because I love its color and I bought it online which is so much cheaper as compared to the other two which I bought them directly from the retail SG store! >..<
So here is my verdict of this play pencil
#08 as a concealer
Effects: 4/5 rather dry for a concealer, need to apply a few layers for better coverage.. love how it is a pencil and I can just use it to colour directly on my eye bag to hide my flaws ^W^ 
Price:rather affordable if u buy it online (applies to all 3)
Packaging/Design: it comes in an auto pencil design and the sharpener is located at its tip :)) (applies to all 3)
#01 eyeliner verdict
Effects:4/5 it is rather waterproof and smudge free. Easy to draw/use/ .But it is not as precise and sharp as liquid liner :((
#15 as blusher and eye shadow verdict
Effects:4/5 its shade and colour is really nice. very suitable for blusher if u have fair skin :))
As a eye shadow the colour is lovely too :)) But need to blend it well when using it
Will I repurchase it again?
Yes!! overall I do love these products :))
So that is all for now!!!
PS: At bf bday family celebration just now ^^