Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ICM acne clear cream review!!


Hi dearies :))

i am back this time with a short review :))

AS the title suggests it is my recently bought ICM acne clear cream!


hahha which i bought from a drugstore not too long ago..

effect: 4/5 works out quite not bad for me results are satisfying no icy feeling which i absolutely love it and this cream is skin color so it has some coverage properties too and i really love it!! hehehe
smell: 3/5 no smell just some normal slight medicinal cream smell
packaging: 4/5 reasonable packaging size
cost 4.5/5 definitely affordable :)

will i repurchase it again??

yes of course!! wahhaha as i really adore this product alot!!

So that is all for now


New drama sharing X my lovely hauls!

Hi guys..sorry for a later update as i was feeling lazy yesterday >.<
i went out yesterday with my twinie again to collect my Sayoko's Twinkle lashes
wahahahhaha :))
 i bought some sphags tops and a black halter skirt :)
hahaha chanced upon them :)
close up view!!!!~~~~
kawaii packaging right??
i wanted this long ago already when i first saw in Sayoko's blog >.<
wanted it badly before so when kelly say she is opening her spree for her japan trip, so twinie and i decided to join in and after finally a long wait it  arrived wahahha
so cant wait to try this out >.<!! damm excited can???
because currently these lashes are not available in my country T.T
and directly bought in japan is definitely way cheaper minus all the shipping cost !!!
hahahhahaha gonna do a review on this too when i am free :)
envy?? hahhahah
By the way, i was so bored recently and i have started watching a korean drama called Dr Jin
heard of this drama before ??
it is right now very popular in my country do watch it out online if you are bored like me
hurhurhur.. as it is really a nice drama to watch :)
Got handsome guy and pretty lady as the main casts too lol!!!!!!!
So dashing here right ???
So that is all for now..

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hello all!!
Today i am gonna stay at home and chill as usual..
not so usual..
Cos last few days.. i actually went out wahahaha!~~
Actually yesterday my twinie and i went to EXPO for some stupid temp job for surveys >.<
so XIN KU!!~~~
hahaha yesterday lunch was subway so long
never eat this already until yesterday hahah cos i dread lettuces.. and sandwiches i dont really have cravings for.. >.<
But it tasted good hahahah :) gonna eat this again soon wahahah gluttony..
Hhahha my veg mushroom sphagetti!~ <3333

and i just bought this ICM acne clear pimple cream to try out after watching the tried and tested episode hopefully this will works out well for me too !! >.< cross fingers **

hahah gonna review on this product soon too when i am free later on...
so that is all for now yea
cya soon@~~

I stopped being " nice " already :)

Hello all!!

I stop looking for love already..
in fact, i think i need to really learn to love myself well first..
i didnt have any heartbreaks this time..
just see things through already.. after so many desperate failures..

Seriously stop all the online dating shit like what my sis always tell me but falls on deaf ears..
i can be happy even if i am single..
i need to learn how to stop always waiting for texts that never comes in seriously..

i hate myself for keep forgetting to change this bad habit i really hope things will be better eventually!!

i am ranting here as usual..

heartbreaks really do takes time to heal and forget.. and also courage!
It tooks me damm lots of efforts to convince myself to just move on!!

i am filled with all the insecurity inside most of the time..

but like what my sis told me in life besides love there was other things to look forward to!!!
many others!

like my passion - beautfying myself!
my dream- go to japan :)

At times, outside i will look at lovey dovey and envy them feeling lonely..
but that is just awhile :))

i should be alright..
crying at times.. seems to be the only way. that is how i become stronger in time..
if i dont experience the pain, i will not learn!

yesterday i was so bored and lonely that i decided to catch the movie the croods with my twinie!!

Photo: watching dr croods soon

This movie was really hilarious!!

nice!! <333333333

i think life will be better if i stop assuming and stop waiting for the impossible and just be more down to earth in my life and romance..

i know can i do it because i believe i can myself!! >.<

no matter how tough , i will make it..


as there is always rainbow in the corner :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Relationship phobia.



         Photo: Worry is interest paid on trouble before it falls due

have been staying at home these days..been thinking of alot of things.. on and off..

Thinking of my future, what i wanna do in life, relationships.. for the single me now..

i especially dread relationships now but i am afraid of being lonely too. i damm hate those haunting memories of the past (#>.< #) (T.T)!!!



Thinking of the how the jerks hurt me in the past >.<
thinking of endless waiting for texts, which never cames in..
tired of endless useless and helpless crying.
keep on blaming myself for all the wrong things that went wrong in those relationshits!
 doing things for the other parties which i dont like but forced myself ..
constant dissappiontment no matter how many chances i gave..

and besides missing i can do nothing.. this kind of pathetic feeling >.< i really detest!!!

Now at least i dont think of anyone when i wakeup or go to bed. no crying as much..
although i missed those past happy moments that were replaced with ugly memories..

                           Photo: Your love is my drug

My mum told me " girl, why are unhappy? since you already have us and no need to worry about foods, shelter and clothes right??
listening to this, i felt comforted.. alittle.
exercising nowadays to get rid of all the unwanted pain inside me buidling up..
entertaining myself with dramas and games.. seems to help a little too .
listening to meaningful songs .. helps too.

i followed this girl which i would not mention her name.. here..
i felt that she was like me last time..
she is very sad now keep clinging to her ex , i feel like telling her to cheer up. and move on and get over that jerk! but i could not.. i know it is none of my business but i really felt sorry for her. seeing the old me in her now..i do hope that things get better eventually somehow...


i always tell myself stop pursuing things arent yours.. as if they are meant to be yours they will stay no matter what :)

So that is all for now the so emo post as usual
thanks for visiting here anyway :))

Monday, March 18, 2013


 Getting lazier these days,
addicted to gaming... >.<
and went for prayers yesterday for some inner peace..
hais ...
damm lazy these days..hehehhehe Guilty..
 i dont like to think too much these days..
just doing what i want and need to do..
And i also bought myself a treat hhehe
and it is Victoria secret Fragrance mist :))
So that is all for now byebye <333333333333

Friday, March 15, 2013

Canmake blessed Foundation review!

                             Photo: working towards your life goals is more meaningful than dwelling on your memories

Hello all! Today was out again to settle som stuffs with twinie..

Sometimes. i wonder without her my life would be worse off now..


I am like any other normal girls.. i like to compare myself with any girls i see outside hahha
Like she is prettier etc... i have very low self esteem actually no sense of security >.<

i use this to improve myself but i feel sad most of the time doing this kind of thing.. my inferior complexity ...

I tried a new makeup todat super natural eyemake as i wanna tone down  for now.. hahha
No eyelid tape, no eyeshadow..



hhahah but i am using my Canmake blessed natural foundation today and i am gonna review on it now

I gotten the lightest shade for myself!! wahhahaha :))

Effects: 4/5 natural coverage :) quite satisfied!!
Packaging: 5/5 absolutely kawaii >.<
Price: 3/5 quite costly .. as usual japanese products are..

will i repurchase this again??!

hahhah yes!! i am loving this product!! :))

So that is all for now...

Just a penny of your thoughts..

Thursday, March 14, 2013

NEW Japan Biore Acne facial wash review!~


Today i am gonna review on my new facial wash hehhehe

as recently last week i had some breakout due to PMS... T.T
and i was panicking thinking of wasy to cure them >.<

And i decided to give this facial wash a try out and it kind of worked and cure my face :))
and now my face is recovering well :))
Thanks goodness !!!


Effect: 4/5 it works quite well for me helping to clear and cure my skin :) delighted much.. : 3
price: 4/5 affordable !!
Packaging: 3/5 it is green in colour and green is not a color i really fancy alot.. so well.. and it is quite  a big tube :)

will i repurchase this again??
Yes!! of course i really love this new product alot and it is from JAPAN!! wahhahahah

So that is all for today!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kawaii foods X a mini haul !!


                               Photo: Doing what you like is the most important because it is the key to happiness

Today i went for a mini interview and woke up quite early >.< 今日は朝早くおきました。。


                               Photo: My new plain shiny nails



hahha i am fond of green peas snacks too :p
and i also bought this kawaii mag back too hahhaha
sharing only  my 2 fav pages here!!
About jap fashion style
And this korean rice cakes snacks too hahhah
so yummy looking right??
and i haven eaten this yummy but fattening jap snack for a long time until today >.<
Photo: Haha any one craving for this ??
and bought this kawaii noodles to try out too!!
hehhhehe (*~*)..
Photo: My mini panda noodles kawaii
and i bought this canmake eye naunce green eyeshadow too
gonna try new look with this!! :))
Finally bought after wanting this for quite some times hehhehe
delighted much !! Grins  (o^v^o)///
So that is all for now yea..

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

acne pimple jelly review!!


today i am gonna do a short review on my acne pimple jelly which i have bought last week.. today


effects: 3/5 results are slow.. and i hate the icy effects after applying like burning my facial skin T.T
and i had to bear with it >.< lucky there is no redness. and no other outbreaks.. which is not bad or ok overall  for me...
cost 4/5 affordable!! :))
packaging: 3.5/5 it comes in a resonable size.. but it is quite easily used up/ finished...

will i repurchase it again?

Unfortunately No >.< sorry

So that is all for now yea..

Wait for more reviews.. hurhur..


Monday, March 11, 2013

Random hauls..

                                    Photo: Now let go to all your lies ψ(`∇´)ψ

Hello all!~~
Damm bored today again.. but i gonna do some things to entertain myself as usual hehhehe...

                                    Photo: People are not your toys you don't lose interest in them ;)

By the way, i bought a new lipstick it is from silkygirl and it is the color VAMP!

because it was having sales and the color is quite deep and mesmerising gonna do a review on it soon too!!

becuase i am lazy to take pics of it now >.<
although i tried it out yesterday already hehehe

                               Photo: 日本の商品です!!

On top of that i bought myself a sakura matcha kitkat for myself too and a Domo lucky charm too which is both exclusively from japan!! Yay!!  (^~^) they are quite costly too..

Envy ?? hurhur...
And yesterday i helped my elder sis to collect her limited edition tokyo banana custard and chocolate flavours.. i tasted the caramel one already .. quite ok .. for me normal only.. hahaha .. haven tasted the chocolate one though >.<
These japan goodies are really costly ($__$)

                                         Photo: Awesome choco flavour Tokyo banana hehe loving it ❤

But their packaging are super kawaii!!! wahhahaha
Lastly, my twinie also bought this pack of matcha kitkats too.. :p

And i really love this flavour of kitkat!! to me they are really delicious .. :))


And here are some recent selcas.. as i tried a different style.. yesterday ..




So that is all for now yea..

byebye<33333333 cya soon :))