Thursday, February 28, 2013

Personal thoughts

Hello all!~~

i am in a world that nobody really understand me and can help me properly..

because i dont even know what i want in the first place..
at this age, i feel so lost.. and aimlessly wondering around .. each day..
just hoping to score good grades and do things that i like and need to do..

this is my life..
relationships kind of make this whole situation so complex and tough for me to handle
because all my feelings are so mixed up... due to reallly bad experiencess..

i know i am being emo here again but i really cant help it >.< forgive me :(

Do you know the same as i do right now??

my goal is to work as a tour guide in the future and get to japan or korea !! :)
damm excited at this thought!!

For my relationship wise, my partner cant fufil my needs at all..
he just there for companion ... so we were not even talking to one another now..
i think it is time for me to finally let go and walk ahead ..

my whole family disapprove of him too..
whenever we argue he will be so cunning and turn and twist his words around and not understanding towards me at all..

what is the point of going out with some one like this?
tired of everything tired of my parents 's scoldings tired of his intolerance tired of giving him his needs..

does he really know what i actually wanted and needed?

i bet no.
hahha so sad but true..

i guess this goodbye is real this time...

since i made this decision i will not turn back anymore..

i am going for interview on monday soon gonna blog about it if i succeeded hahhaha

ok that is all for now !!! :p

byebye <333


Hello all !~~
Today just back from some errands and movie
i managed to watch
after waiting for it so long!! even though i am afraid of this kind of movie though...
                                 Photo: Woohoo !~ jack and the giant slayer movie time finally hehhe day one !!;))

wahhahahahah :p

So i shall do a short movie review here lols..

Personally, i am quite timid.. so kind of scary when i see the giants :x
But overall it was quite a not bad movie and the plot is quite ingenious as in the way jack dealt with the giants lols... for me it was not too long for the duration and not boring at all hehhehe
i quite enjoyed this movie.. even though my heart was beating quite fast in some scenes .. the scary parts only.. lols.

So that is all!! Do watch it too hehhe if you love adventure movies !!~~~

i changed my makeup abit today though... as usual..

                                  Photo: Painful memories force you to face reality and grow up ;(

and then i spotted this really cute wreck it ralph gaming machine so similar to the movie itself!!
wahahhahah :) so damm cute right???

After that we went to walk walk and we bought stuffs back.. :))

My sis's long awaited taiwan beauty mist and my Sakurina 's produced FAIRY lashes!!!~~ wahhahaha

i managed to buy them quite cheaply and my design is kind of low in stock when i purchased it ... as i bought the most natural ones..

so please wait for my review on this lashes!!! >.< cant wait to try these out hahahhahaha

so that is all for now yea..
byebye <333333

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New hauls again!! REVIEWS!

Hi guys!! :))

So today i am gonna share with you all my new hauls once again hehheheh

i really need a lots of beauty products because i am so ugly T.T
anyway gonna do review s here too!~~

hehhehehe :))

So here are my reviews for these 2 items heheheheh :p
1st up: Hada labo uv milk!!!
So here are its functions hahhahaha....

It is say to have alot of moisture contents ok what really attracts me to buy this is because
some of my fav blogger reviewed on it and said it is good!! wahahhaha

Effects: 4/5 i like its very watery and smooth texture and that once it blend into the skin it is colorless instantly
Price: 3/5 quite costly..
Packaging: 3/5 very normal looking though.. simple..
smell: 3/5 no smell from this though..lols..

will i repurchase it again??
heheheh maybe?? not sure for now... :))

But i really quite like this product!!!

2nd: liese hair cocktail

Effects: 3.5/5 quite ok and it makes my hair not so dry and frizzy i guess??
packaging: 4/5  it is pink!! my fav color!! so i kind of like it!!!
price: 3/5 quite affordable.. costly abit..
smell: 5/5 really nice smell!!! :D

So i bought these 2 items today!!
my hair mask and a mini bio essence miracle spray for hair, face and body!!!
gonna review them as soon as i get to try them out hahhahaha...
So today i lent some books from the library too since it is holidays now and i really need to read up
on self help books to improve myself mentally...and mature..
yea... so yup i already started reading them just already hahhaha
need to brush up on my jap skills by watching jap dramas too soon perhaps hahahhahaha
So that is it for now yea!!
Btw, i am back to daily blogging again already so visit here more often ok??

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yipee!! daily blogging LONG POST!! X PICS SPAM!


Hello all!~~~
yippee finally it is after exams already!! :))

gonna blog daily again!!~ :))

sorry for the lack of updates >.<
and not properly blogging these days...

recently keep getting scolded by my sisters... :((

they just keep scolding and scolding non stop and saying i am stupid..

Anyway, i changed my makeup recently to a more natural look :))
no more double eyelid tape anymore..

ALOT OF things happened in my life recently ...
i got involved in things that i should not and my whole family is condeming me like mad now >.<
restricting my freedom to the max,, i really dont know what to say and do except to abide to their requests for me... hais...
sad holidays which i did not expect it to be...:((

So here the pics spam which i took recently :s

                                 Photo: Finally my stupid dAmm sad and stressful period over le !!!

So here are some really recent photos of different styles i have..:))
lols just trying out new look here and there to improve my make up style and skills.. hopefully hehheheh
So yesterday i went out with twinie to do rebonding and on the way out we met one of my long time no see bestie from my JC!! >.<
happy grins***
So goodbye ugly grass hair!! hahahhahaha
 Photo: Goodbye ugly hair ✌
Photo: I love being with my Twinie and old bestie ✌
So here is the end result of my rebonded hair :))
 Photo: My rebounded hair!
and my twinie got the last authentic liz lisa wallet too!!
hehheheh that comes with March cutie mag!! :))
Photo: Liz Lisa wallet last one!
and some time around last week i gotten myself some hydraulic acid makeup remover too
and i spotted this too hehhe but i did not buy this though.. as i dont really wanna spend on mags
these days anymore as they dont really help me much ...
Photo: English vivi mag !
and i spotted KATY mag too!!!!! <3333
Wah !!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ but i never buy too haisz....
omg!! i really adore misaki izuoka!!!!!!!
and last night i did mask as usual...
the mask is some taiwan brand it is a herbal anti acne mask..
So here is my short review on the mask!!
quality of the sheet: 4/5 very smooth on the face, feels very comfy too
price: 4/5 quite affordable :)) i bought a box of it and it is the last one too lol!!
effects:3.5/5 it did not give me any breakouts.. and it did also help treat my pimpls abit too :p
packaging: 3/5 i find it ok ok only..
will i repurchase this again?
maybe ?? lol..
Photo: Yay!! ✌✌ got to watch one piece movie last night the last slot Somemore !! After wanting to watch so long !!
and the best part is i get to watch the exclusive one piece movie !!
and this is the souvenir included hehehhehe
and yesterday i bought some items back with me too!!
as usual.. beauty products hehhhe
wait for my reviews yea...
so here are the items hehhehe
btw, here is my new nail color!!
Photo: My new nail color
hheheh i finally bought myself hada labo sun milk and liese cocktail hair spray
and i dont know whether to buy this v shape heating mask anot ?!
i wanna my v shaped face!!! argh!!!!!
So that is al for nowl!!
stay tune to my blog !! :))
byebye <33333333

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recent updates...

Hello all i know i have been missing for days.. but this all because of my stupid
exams >.<
T.T really stressful and tiring i really hate this!! >.<
Hais so here are som photos.. from my recent.. hapenings..
Photo: Iil surprises along the way ..

                              Photo: Fake is becoming a trend.. So I won't trust anyone anymore get it ?

                               Photo: Experimenting new look Today !! hehe

lols.. me without fringe and red liptsick on...

                                Photo: Like a child I ask for the impossible .♥

and my new love heels!!
hehhehhe cant try to wear them out!! :))

                                  Photo: my new heels

So that is all for now yea.. byebye <333333

xoxo till after my damm exams...


Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy vday 2013

Hello all for the lack of updates...

this year vday i did not get to spend my Vday with my boy i am so sorry :(

i was feeling really down inside...

i did want my bad mood to affect him...

but i really want to make up to him.. :(

he is not giving me a chance now..

btw.. i wish every couple everlasting happiness!!

:)) btw some recent picas for you all!!


Sometimes, i really wonder what i want..
i am gonna do some reviews and i gonna change my hair style soon too!! >.<
Exams is near.. i am mugging so really sorry for the lack updates but  i will be back pretty soon@~~

                                Photo: Day 2

                               Photo: Loving my wavy hair here :)) on day 1 :p


So that is all for now yea??

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy snake year!!


Happy new year 2013 guys!~~ ^~^
Today is the first day of CNY!! :))

and i am already tired and stressed out...

and worried about stuffs too...


So this is my outfit for the day and my cute twinie too!! <3333333333


love my hair here!~~ :))


My make up here is light too :p

i received quite some red packets too :p

but i handed them to my mum already ehhehhehe

Exams are coming too -.-

so that is all for now yea.., byebye <333333333

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just a short update

Photo: You just need a moment to fall in love and forever to forget

Hello all i am finally done with all my projects now it is cny then exams already...
hais it is like one hurdles after another

now i am staying back in school trying to do some studying too. >.<
i feel like going home now.. but i need to wait for my friend ..

nevermind later i will be happy le..
just be patient i telling myself now hehhehe

alot of sad things happened..
but i try not to think about it again..

will stay strong!! :3

i will blog proper soon <33333




Monday, February 4, 2013

Finally reviews again!!

                              Photo: You should cherish every moment of your life because  one day they will become the memories we reminisce ...

hello all!!~~~
Chinese new year is coming soon!!~~ hehhehe Wishing you a happy CNY!!!!!!!!!!

gongxi gongxi!!!!!:)) happy snake year!! :p

So i bought this MARIMO!! :)) hehhe so nice and cute right????????? <33333333

And now it is finally review time again!!
This time i am reviewing on my skilygirl choco vanilla lip cream pot :))
there are many other flavours to choose from, but i chose this flavour lol...
Cos i like choco >.<
So this is how it looks like!! :))
kawaii packaging right???
So after applying it should look like this!!
so kissable lips! <33333333
Effects: 4/5 really nice , smooth and shiny lips after usage! invisible color!
Price: 5/5 super affordable! hehhehe
Packaging: 3.5/5 i think it cute but i dont like to use my finger to apply my much??
will i repurchase this again? YES, of course but maybe i will want to try out other flavours too!!
So next i am gonna review on my oil control facial mist which i just bought..
this mist helps to oil control, allow my make up last longer , allow easier and more even out blending of cream on face too!!
Effects: 5/5 there is no breakouts so far and it actuall helps to treat my skin too as it looks better now!! (^~^)//
Price: 5/5 it is really affordable!!
packaging:4/5 sweet packaging :))
will i repurchase this again??
Yes of course!!!
So that is all for now yea!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

New buys finally!!

Hello peeps Today i am feeling much better already!!

                                 Photo: A lot people come and go
In your life only the fated ones stays..

tried a new look today no double eyelid stickers here...

My mum had a lot great efforts today!! :)) clap clap hahhahaha

And i bought many cheap but nice deals today!! wahhahah greedy me!!!

will do review very soon~~~~~~~~~~~~~


i bought a korean green tea mask and choco and vanilla lip balm!! <33333333333


Sample hair mask from essential!!!!!!!!


and taiwan's eyelash glue, eyelashes and facial oil control mist!!!!!!!!



and japan's snacks tooo !!!!!!! hehehehehe
                                 Photo: 著美味しい(*^^*)
and bought mini japan "my book bears" for twinie and myself !!!!! kawaii max right???

                                  Photo: Just bought these for Twinie and myself !! 可愛いすぐ(^з^)-☆

and i watched the movie  Ah boys to men 2 just now !!! NICE and funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

so that is all for now yea!! :))

will uodate soon again!!!!! :)))

                                Photo: Let 's not think about the painful seperation Today \(^o^)/