Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dermedex review - effective pimple and acne solution?

Hello peeps

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my school term is gonna restart soon in the first week of july I so wanna deny it but cant >.<
 because I want to graduate ASAP!! >.< T.T

Today I am gonna blog on a product that I recently started using and learnt of

And as the title suggests ..

it is the brand called Dermedex, my bf sister in law highly recommended this product to me saying that it is very effective for her O,O

so here is my personal and final verdict of it

I bought only the trial set to test it out...

Effects: 3.5/5 when applied there is a cooling effect minty feeling I feel the cleanser make my face feel smoother after use. slightly improvement for my pimples too ^^

Price 1/5 the large size is very costly T.T  I couldn't afford it as I am just a student now only..>.< Sobs...
Packaging:3/5 simple and handy
Scent: 3/5 Chinese herbs scent since it is made of Chinese herbs this is what I heard from my bf sister in law lol... smells not bad..

note**: results varies for each individuals

Will I repurchase it again?
overall I do quite like its effects :)
YES :)) but only the trial set from online...

so that is all for now Ciaos
I will update here soon again CYA<3333!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review on Innisfree Camilla oil hair serum and Thailand Arbutin Whitening soap review

Hi peeps ! Today I will be doing another short review here on

Innisfree Camilla oil  Hair serum product !!!

Camilla oil is very popular for hair product besides Argan oil in Seoul right now!!

Effects:  3.5/5  it does helps to moisturize my hair esp my dry ends :))
Scent: 5/5 love it flower scent, my bf and elder sis love the scent too <333
Price: 4/5 affordable it costs around SGD$15 retail price :) but I can get other Korean brand hair products online for cheaper prices :O
Packaging:4/5 look nice and appealing to me since it is in rose pink in color :) it is made of plastic so I need not worry that it will break if I accidentally drop it.. ^¬^

Will I repurchase it again???

Yes! Overall I do quite like this product :)))

Next is another short review on a product that I have just finished using .

and it is Thailang Arbutin whitening soap which I bought it online to try it out myself :) my twin also bought one to try out herself too!!

it looks like this!

Effects: 2/5 I don't see any visible whitening effects on even after finished using one whole bar of this soap! >.<
Scent: 3/5 no strong scent.. neutral scent??? not very sure I forgot how it smells pardon me >.<
Price: 4/5 affordable I  managed to get it for SGD$5 only...
Packaging: 5/5 it is pink in color one of my fav color and the cartoon printed on its cover look cute to me :)

will I repurchase it again?
Sadly no...

So that is all for now!!


Stay tune for my next post!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aritaum Baby face Ultra C cream PLUS Addictive game PLUS New Korean Ramyeon flavour!

Hello peeps!!

I am back with another short review!!!

And as the title suggests it's Aritaum's BabyFace Ultra C cream review

it comes in 3 forms and I chosen the Vita C one obviously... which I think is the most
suitable for my current skin and age lol!!!

I gotten this when I was in korea last year!


Effects:3/5  a bit of a sticky texture/ feel, there was no visible brightening effect on my face T.T after using it for so long already.. I am just using it as my daily day time moisturizer now ... I apply it moderately as excessive could probably break my skin out.. due to it being too rich in moisture???

Price: 4/5 affordable it costs me around 15000 kwon?  it is cheap to buy it directly in Seoul than online and this cream couldn't be found in Qoo10sg anyway only its mist which seems to cost much more around $20 SGD ++ the price is raised so much higher.... ?? Even worst the price in Amazon website is way OVERPRICED!!! $55USD??? Ebday is much affordable around USD$19?

Packaging: 3.5/5 it comes in quite a big size, I couldn't use it finish till now I am only half way through only it comes with an applicator for hygiene purposes... but I couldn't close it cover properly .. somehow so I just closed it halfway..

Scent: 3/5 no pleasant scent just neutral scent I guess or some slightly sour vita c scent?? since vita c is slightly acidic??

Will I repurchase it again??

Sadly, no >.<

Next, I am gonna share with you all a new game which my bf introduced me to and is quite addictive because I am so banned on winning him in it.. LOL!!!

it is called "Nitrome " Magic touch lol!

it works by drawing the shapes on the balloons to burst them in helping a wizard defend its castle ..

lol ..

My highest score so far is 325! wahahaha

Next, is a New Korean Ramyeon flavour which discovered via EXID ranking for instant noodles by Maknae Junghwa!!!

the link is here :

I have a fetish for salty foods so I decided to give Hani favourite noodles a try..
 the best part it is not so spicy also just slight spiciness which is just right for me!!! hehehe <33333

This has become my fav ramyeon for now!!!

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I hope this post is useful for some of u out there!
so that is all for now...

Ciaos and stay tune to my blog ya!! love y'all!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

korean beauty channels that i am into recently!

Hello peeps!

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I know all K lovers are very affected by the MERS disease recently..

to the extent that you don't feel like buying Korean products

the 1st beauty channel that I am gonna introduce is

A youtube channel call InsiteTv !!

Their girls wiki videos featuring Kpop group "Rainbow " girl members Ji Sook and  Hyun Young

here is one of their video link below:


I am watching this channel because I really love Hyun Young she is so freaking cute and sexy at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahhahah my bias!! <33333333
The 2nd channel is
Beauty bible!!
I am following all its episode weekly since I am having my school holidays now
these channels introduce all the "IT" beauty items in korea where we all didn't know they existed lol!!
they also do consists of diet exercise tips too from top to toes...
So that is all for now!!
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kibki prenium matcha tea wash all the way from Kyoto from review

Hi peeps !!

I am back with another review!!!

I admit I am being so lazy these few days to blog here ...

I changed my Instagram user name to beetwin2

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I am back with another short review

it is as the title suggests Kibiki premium matcha cleanser!`


my twin ex bf bought this for me ...

sadly they are no longer together now >.<

anyway here is my verdict of this product

I have to use this together with a lather to gather the foam bubbles as I personally think it works better this way...

Effects: 3/5 have to use together with a lather for the best effects
Price: 2/5 very costly T.T cost nearly SGD$50 or more.. >.<
Packaging: 5/5 classic and elegant wordings also doesn't come off after a long time... made of plastic so not afraid of dropping it :)) handy!
Scent: 5/5 strong matcha scent! I am a matcha lover here lol
Texture: 2.5/5 have to use a lather for the best effect

So that is all for now ...

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