Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Popteen OKarie' PV! X How to reduce puffy eyes videos X New haul

hi all
here is the link for okarie's PV

Next up is some videos how to reduce puffy eyes


ok i hope these helps??

next is my latest new haul

it is....


gonna do a review on this too soon!!!


& next post = giveaway winner................

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Juliet's new debut X trolling max style jokes X my fav korean drama

hihi! today's sharing gonna be about
the latest juliet 's debut


So nice right???

Next is about some Troll's max style jokes

hehehe funny right??

Next is my fav current korean drama for now is ...
Miss Ripley
it is very touching and pitiful

you can watch it here

That's all for today byebye and have a nice day!! ^^

Btw all previous post comments replied.. ^^

Monday, February 27, 2012

New hauls!! = Gyaru luminous lashes, New eversoft eyegel.. Fairylash!! X Candydoll new lip colours

Hello everyone!! i am so pleased to announce that i passed my N4 japanese exams!!
i thought i will fail initially ... Well i PASSED!! with As & Bs

so today gonna be a sharing about my new huals and my review on my new eversoft eyegel

First up, my gyaru luminous lashes!!! >.<
such a nice packaging !!!
Wondering if i will look good on these???
havent got a chance to try these because of my exams but will try these soon?
and gonna do a review on this too! >>.<<

2nd is my review on this new eversoft eyegel!

effects : 4/5 my eyebags did improve after a few days heheh ^V^
colour of the gel : transparent
smell (2/5) : no smell at all >.<
packaging: pink 3/5 simple but and white in colour! with japanese wordings on the side
cost: 3/5 affordable ^.^

will i buy this again?? : maybe?? since i like to try out many new products

                          Well i decided to get this because my late nights due to my exams >.<

next is Fairylashes by Sakurina featured in my popteen magazine!

Super nice right???
wow! i want these!
sadly i cant find these in my country
only available in japan

              Next, is the lastest candydoll new lip colours : Cherry red & marshmallow pink!
              will be soon available in my country
                 cant wait to get these!! & hopefully do a review?
             well, these are featured in Tsu-chan 's blog now too! >.<


That's all byebye
thanks for viewing my blog!
btw: all comments in the previous post replied!! like finally??

Gyaru eyemake X beware of fake dollywink products

Hello!! Everyone!! <333

Have not been blogging due to stupid exams!!  >>.<<
Anyone miss me??!! hehehe i am so shameless here :P

So i found a gyaru eyemake picture hehehee....

And here is a blog article on
omg i am like luckily i never buy the fake one before >.<

Next, i dyed my hair black so here is sneak preview

that's all byebye
love you all

do stay tune for my upcoming liz lisa eyelashes review & new dollywink otana lashes review too!

Monday, February 20, 2012

funny but fabby contouring skills

Hi all, i am now super busy with my exams but gonna a post for this week >.<

i'm back here a wee while only but do you all miss me???

shameless ###

lols this contouring method is funny!!

how to contour your boobs EWW!!
lols this is so funny, i swear i am not gonna do this! >.<

here a simple tip

Next is how to fix make up mishaps

funny too

Next, i got this for myself recently, acually there are many other items that i just bought too. but i shall share with you all the next after my exams..

see u again next time
bye! <33333

Monday, February 13, 2012

A short Notice... New Hauls X Juju Aquamoist light toner

Hi all.....
Here is just a short update to tell you all that i will not be blogging for the next two weeks
due to my upcoming exams >.<


but meanwhile i may still try my best to post some short post up too. >.<
so please continue to support my blog kk?? >..<

i will miss you all and updating my daily blog >.<

btw, i bought some new stuffs online but they are yet to arrive so

as i am allergic to sunblock so i use sun cream! >.<

cant wait to lay my hands on this vibrating mascara! >.<
wait for my review on these 2 items yea?
Next, is my review on Juju aquamoist light toner\
recently, i just started using this as my night moisturizer although it is a toner..
effects: 3/5 no breakouts so far ^^. But no tightening effect so not really efffective as a toner :((
cost: 3/5 actual retail price is really expensive. but i got it at $5 only at a sasa fair

smell: 3/5 no smell though...

texture: 3/5 watery not rich at all..
Design : 3/5 very simple japanese product packaging
that's all for today 
will you all miss me??? >.<
Wait for me to back yea? 
hugs and kisses <333333333 

My favourite drama - Switch girl!

sorry for not replying to you all comments >.<
i am currently busy with my projects and exams, but will after i am done >.<
meanwhile please continue to comments  ^X^
will still read them though

Today's topic will be about my current favourite amine epsiodes
Switch's girl !!!!!!>.<
heheh so interesting !!!

This image look so funny right??? lols
here is the link
However, sadly, i could only locate espisode 1 only >.<

Next, is the latest japanese girl band new 's single "ViVi夏"!!!!!
it is featured in popteen song list that is how i get to know btw..

However, i am still a big fan of akb48 though

that's all for today!!!
hope you all like this short post though :D


Sunday, February 12, 2012

My advanced surprise X random pics part 2

hi! today gonna really be a short one...

guess what am i holding onto??

SAdly, on the itself my boyfriend is still in his army >.<
But, he bought me this as a surprise present in advanced!
happy max! >.<
love it too<33333333
can you all see elmo holding 3 roses
means "i love u!"

omg! this bread so so cute right?????
me want to make this too >.<

just another simple meaningful quote for you all

That's all for today yea!


Friday, February 10, 2012

A special video and advanced blog post

Hi all, today's sharing is slightly different as i will be doind a video
to wish you all an advanced Valentine day wishing

This is my private video btw, this is not public ...
speical only for all my blog readers
because i want to let you all know how much you all mean to me
my strongest motivation for  blogging daily.

a more personal touch with you all! >.<

Hope you all like this!!

New style X Popteen march issue V day special baking

Hello all!! Do you miss me??

Hehehe...Gonna show you my new look

love this look?? refer to my last post on my make up tuitorial then >.< is coming !!! >.<

Excited not???


well today's gonna be a sharing about popteen march issue baking pics
as requested by a reader :D

That's all for today's sharing
hope you all like it

Btw, my new outfits looks

Till then

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Popteen's Okarie new style book!!

Hi hi!!

Am really really super busy >.<
so another really short post here today :(

Today's topic gonna be about Popteen model Okarie's Ank Rouge's newly launched style book
sadly this is only available in japan T.T

here is the website link

Okarie is so so so KAWAII!! >>.<< ~
Gosh!! Envy her MAX!!

Are you all thinking the same as me wanting this super cute book and love okarie??

that is all for today
byebye <33333333

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

some simple and interesting magic tricks videos for you?

Hi all, i have been really very busy these days >.<
i noticed that my blog is all about beauty? so i decided to have some changes for a while?

Do you all miss my face?? ##Shameless ##

today's topic gonna be on some really simple magic tricks for you all to learn and
i have just found out online
hehehehe you can try them out yourself too >.<

Lastly, i found this really interesting quote, i find that this is really meaningful....

that's all for today.
hope you all like this??

tomorrow gonna be another presentation too. >.<

byebye! <333333

Monday, February 6, 2012

Random picas part 1!

Hi all, today's sharing is about some funny/ nice pics that i just found online

 Hope to find some inspirations when i photoshot too

Yui is so so super kawaii and pretty here..O.o

and Namie looks so sweet here >.<

Urm.. i am not discriminating the fat people, just that i find this cute and funny >.<

i love yui and her bear outfit
me want this >.<!!!

O.o liz lisa ( kya!!!~~)

hehe this joke lols!~~ ^C^

Hope you all like this??