Saturday, June 30, 2012

No more coloured lenses for me :xx

hey all!! been really busy recently, lots of awful things happened...

anyway, the lenses my sis ordered for me online have got some problems :(
need to throw it away

luckily my my mum bought me new ones, more safe but more costly from the nearby shopping mall
optical shop

project deadlines rushing in >.<

my relationship has taken off for the worst now T~T

  things are really bad now and i just keep crying and remain quiet ...

i hope it will be better in no time

my love luck will change for the better soon!!~~

and a big thanks for viewing here!


can't wait..

that is all byebye!!

sorry for this emo post..


Thursday, June 28, 2012

a really bad headache!!

Hello all,
i shall begin with a quote today!!

recently, i have been having migraines non stops for the past few days!! >.<
damm painful i swear! T~T
feeling miserable and always breaking in cold sweat now and then
and my stomach feels very queasy too! >.<
feels like vomitting too ...
so once i reached home, i will head straight to bed
and this cause me to lose my usual appettite which makes me slim down :)
but in a bad way!! >.<

my once chubby face becomes a "V" now

these 2 pics are totally unedited !
plus my contacts lenses are making me dizzy!!

so no contacts lenses for these pics :/

super duper light make up as i was not feeling well ..

my headache is so bad till i need to skip my last lecture as i could not take it anymore.


hope i will get better soon!!

cross my fingers that is all!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Being busy is a good way to forget your worries

Hi all!

Recently, my mood is really low...
because of some really complicated issues.

and well my results are back and quite not bad i guess??

though i will strive to do better for now..

i am currently banned from buying more clothes by my mum >.<
because my sis and i bought too many recently. T~T
 but i really love new clothes!!

they are all so fabby looking!!

plus,,, my project deadlines are nearing...
urgh!! so stressed

but blogging is nice because this helps me relax abit

and taking nice photos makes me really happy! by just looking at them!! (^~^)//

and some noob pics from my iphone ..

    look at my beautiful nature behind me
   i cant share with you all those mother nature pics yet...

 as it is confidential for my project now..


so that is pretty much all

thanks for viewing


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

photoshot ! sweet gal style!!

Hello all!
been super duper busy with my school project these day and more nice photoshots coming up!
support me by visiting here more often kk?????

that is all for now??

hehehhe byebye


Monday, June 25, 2012

loving my new hair now ^~^

my new hair colour finally fades now :)


today was a really bad and hectic day

headache all the way < ( >.< ) >

now head still pain urgh!!!!!!!!!!

hope i get well soon??

then i will blog more interesting things hheheh

see you soon


Saturday, June 23, 2012

think positive !


some sweet love pics to share here before i sleep :))


when i see you my girl

1. My heart is pounding
2.  my stomach got butterflies
3. i am very nervous !!! >.<
4. ermm,, i am horny... (o>.<#)


hhehehe :)

   lastly for all gyaru lovers :)
here is a kumicky make up tuitorial :) for fair skin people :)



happy surprises that makes my day!!

Dined @ crystal jade restuarant ;)


bought a limited edition kitty mask to try out :)

                   ordered some jap lenses online and they finally arrived :)
gonna do a review if i have the chance to...


massive splurge @ The faceshop and Etude house :)
trying a new type of primer cause mine current one is already OOS :(( though :)


bought new blusher and dresses too :p

AIGOO!! i am so so happy now!! >.<

i want to be prettier day by day :)) hehehhehe (#>~<#)//

byebye <3333333

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

love me or hate me it will both be in my favour ..


tried before japanese sun moulin strawberry and earl grey cakes??

they are yummilicious XD

the weather is getting very terrible here, so hot !!

the sun is always so strong!! >.<

so i need more protection and i gotten korean faceshop acidberry sun cream for myself :)

if any of you wants a review please comment below (^~^)//

and i also bought many other things to pamper myself after my break up :)

such as more apparrels , cosmestics and skincare gonna be more prettier so that i can find my new love soon enough ?

hehehheh shy shy (joking)


i want to cook for my husband next time !

hehehhe many girls want to cook for their hubby right?

so i found videos to cook some simple dish

hehhe i want to cook for my future hubby too! >.<

so i am learning now >.< shy shy

first dish: Spaghetti Carbonara

2nd: Onion Potato Miso Soup

and my recommended egg rice!!!

3rd: japanese omelette!!

lastly v-day special which i will do if i have my partner by next year??
hahha just joking because i know i will be single for a long time :(

that is all byebye <33

what i have learnt from my past relationships :)

IMG 1269 副本

taboos of things i should do after a major heartbreak.

1. stop looking the past photos

2. keep myself busy

3. cry it out

4. force myself to think of other things

5. do more reading so i become wiser

6. exercise more

7. do your hobbies :)

8. think positively


1. trust is something very important so in a relationship, there must be trust.

2. if you really love that person you will not cheat on the person let alone have sex several times with another girl

3. be straightforward about your inner feelings..

4. arguments are unavoidable.

5. never treat your partner too good lest he take advantage..

6. never compare her or him with others.

7. if you love that person he or she is always perfect in your eyes..

8. if your partner always calls you for nothing and text you randomly then congrats!!
because this shows he or she is deeply in love with you! :))

i wish you all the best <333

IMG 1275 副本

gonna do my jap homework today :) and complete my books!~~

IMG 1277 副本

IMG 1283 副本

photo (29)
the last pic from my noob phone :(
gonna have more plans to do on my hands soon!~~

see you later :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

outing ~!! movie!

was pretty busy the whole day yesterday...

was out.. ^~^

so this was my coordinate yesterday ..


wanted to watch this long ago >.<
hehhe finally!! ^~^
their romance is so sweet and envious (o*~*o)

and it has been so long since i take really nice pics with my camera :))

so today finally
show off~!!!! >.<
IMG 1285 副本

IMG 1286 副本

IMG 1287 副本

with noob handphone


yea.. today tried a sucessful new make up ^~^ great that i am looking better :))

just now missed my train stop while thinking of...

hais.. hope this will not happen again >.<

so horrible!

yes!! that is all for today yea!! :)