Friday, November 29, 2013

Lovely innisfree hauls X KPOP Pudding camera phone app!

Hi peeps!!~~

Yesterday, I wanted to treat baby to lao Beijing but it was so crowded and we needed to queue up -.-
bummer!! And he was very hungry >.< too!!
So we wandered around orchard area

and we managed to go to the new Innisfree outlet newly lauched :D
Wees!! ^*^ so we stopped by there and I keep thinking of what I wanted to buy since I quite like innisfree and it is so exclusive only one outlet in SG too! wahahaha

so I wandered inside the large outlet for quite a while testing out  and reading about its many products..

After a short while, I decided to get myself some mask lol.. then I browsed through them and immediately grab the last green tea catechin ampoule mask.

Then I proceeded to the cashier to queue up, I saw all the shimmery glittery shadows and I was O.O

After much deliberation and testing out, I decided to get 2 shimmer shadows as the colors are so unique and nice!! <333

My hauls are the picture shown below...

So I will do a review on these loves soon if possible :)

& next I wanna share with you all a new app that I quite enjoy playing around with
I managed to chance upon this app when I typed "kpop" inside my app search bar.. lol
it claims that many kpop stars are users of this app too!! hehehehe!!

and I decided to download it and give it a try too since it is free to install too..kekeke**

So when I downloaded finished, I tried it out and I like it functions playing around with it

here are some examples of Kpop artiste playing with this amazing cutie app!~ (o*~*o)

So that is all for now yea..


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Laneige waterbank sleeping pack review!

Hi there!
Today I am just gonna do a short review on Laniege sleeping pack which is currently one of my favourite skincare product now!!

The reason why I want to buy this because I read online that for fairer skin, you need to apply moisturizer at night that is when the skin rejuvenate!!

I read online that its review are all quite good! O.O
then my mum had it then I tried using hers first and my complexion did improve for the better
thus I then decided to buy it hahahaha...

At first, before using I scared that it will be too moisturizing then it may cause me some outbreaks >.< lol!! But it didn't!!! wahahaha!!

Lol even my mum likes this product that she decided to buy her 2 tub !!

Effects: 4.5/5 Thanks to this amazing baby, my complexion improved! Lesser pimples on my face now lol!! my skin tone is a but brighter now , fairer too I guess?!!

Price: 3/5 slightly more expensive product $_$

Packaging: 4/5 it comes with a small scoop which you can use if you don't want to contaminate the whole tub with your dirty hands.  lol! So thoughtful of Laneige!

This is one of the reason why I decided to buy my laniege snow BB cushion bb pact too lol.

Smell: 3/5 normal chemical smell lol..

will I repurchase it again?

yes! lol!!

Take some fun snapshot since I woke up early and still have some free time lol..

so that is all for now yea!! byebye!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

REVIEWs ON DAILY FRESH GREEN TEA MASK X NIVEA normal skin makeup remover cleasing wipes sheets!

Hi peeps remember in my previous post, I mentioned about I bought this mask??
Well, today I am gonna do a review on it..
I used it last 2 days ago at night before bedtime..
I bought the last one.. hehehehe!!!
I wanted to buy this to try it out after seeing famous ulzzang pony strongly recommend using green tea to wash her face.. Because of the skin benefits of catechins! She claim that all her small pimples were gone using this technique lols!! 

But sadly when I used matcha to wash my face it kinda of break me out so I don't dare to use green tea to wash my face anymore #>.<#


Price: 5/5 Affordable!!
Effects: 4/5 my small pimples were gone after using this !! Quite satisfied with its visible instant results
Packaging:3/5 Normal and simple very Korean natural looking lol  ..
will I repurchase it again??
YES ! of course!!! wahahahaaha

Next, I will do a review on another of my recent purchase of my new makeup remover..

Price: 4 /5 Quite Affordable!!
Packaging:3.5/5 Normal looking, very simple and classic packaging, lightweight and smooth
Effects: 3/5 I don't really like this products a lot but is ok with it.. because although it really does help to remove my stubborn eye makeup but I don't think it removes my skin makeup entirely or thoroughly because there are still some breakouts and I think is because perhaps I didn't remove it properly or something.. hais..
Will, I repurchase this again?
maybe ?? lol I prefer Bifesta make up remover now >.<  which is a slightly more costly option T.T
lol yesterday had a craving for these gummies and get boyfie to help me get one only but he gotten me 2 packs instead <333 heheheh super sweet right??!!
Love die him!! wees!!**
So that is all for now yea...


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wishlist 2012- 2013

HI all!
I am pretty sure all of you out there have a wish list which you wish for and want to accomplish right???

Well,  I do too!! (#>.<#)

starting 2 years back ago
I read some blogs and read about this wishlist at the side bars then I was wondering to myself ..
hmm... maybe I should have one too lol!! XD

and I did gave it some thoughts...abit ..

I was greedy thinking about all the things I wanted back then.. I had many thoughts.

looking back I did managed to achieve some of them of course not all of them
but I do feel some small sense of satisfaction

Last 2 years.. I wished for (year 2012/2013)
1. A very handsome & super loving Boyfie <3
2. A polaroid
3. Laneige makeup & skincare
4. Go some nice countries
5. Appear in japan news
6. Dollywink and Candydoll limited edition products
7. Some facial surgical/aesthetics procedures
8. Some Etude house products
9. A good to use handphone
10.Tony Moly products
11.Innisfree product
12.Get a couple tee with boyfriend
13.Go USSR
14.Go River Safari
15. A special love necklace by boyfriend
16. Dined @ Genki Sushi

Now I wish for ( year 2014/2015)
1.  A simple diploma
2. Complete my degree
3. A long lasting relationship with my current boyfie <3!
4. Go some nice countries
5. Some Facial surgical/aesthetics procedures
6.Japan Rhoto contacts lenses Eyedrops

Christmas and my next Monthsary is coming soon
I am still wondering what to get for my boyfie ..

..a lot of dramas.. happened in my life here and there with boyfie..

finger crossed everything will be fine as now..
peaceful no problem no troubles..
it was really tough back then...
I cried a lot and thought a lot of stuffs back.. too wondering much often if I am on the correct track anot..

Hence some inspirational life quotes here..and there..

every working day I am like that.. pathetic life.. but that is it..
everyone does this too -.-

So that is all for my sharing post here <33
Bye bye !! <333



Monday, November 25, 2013

life ups and down X randoms and fav hauls

Hi peeps
recently I was down with flu so I was on medication it was really horrible
and I am in my internship now
I don't like it here at all...
I cant wait to end it all and proceed with my life
and then I think that I will need to study my uni and all that bla blah..


life is like this
reality sucks

the thing that I want to do most is being with boyfie and cuddling just the 2 of us only no one else
and perhaps spend time with my sisters and playing with my sis dog yoggie <33

When I was sick mommy and boyfie took care of me :3
feeling blissful

mommy took me to the doc and cooked me porridge, check on my fever constantly and fed me water while boyfie make me eat med and drink some herbal tea. he was there to accompany me too even though he wants to play with his games so much lol..

after all these I am still feeling very negative about my work attachment thinking of all the other better things that I can do hais...

But  I try to think of all the positive thoughts now..


thinking back nothing beats being with my dearie and my family :)
even doing nothing with dearie is nice because of his warmth companionship <333
looking at his face always thinking how can someone be so cute <33??!!
even when he is angry or mad he looks cute too!! :O
love him max!!

yesterday I also managed to buy some new makeup
the Korean brand PERIPERA which I wanted to buy some time ago already!!
and then my local drug store stopped carrying this brand when I wanted -.-
and I managed to find them while walking around randomly..
wahhahha and is my idol Apink's Naeun endorsing it too!! wahhhaa major loves!! <333
will do a review soon I already tried out them already and their effects are just lovely and amazing!!
wahahah just hope the powder don't break me out #>.<#

Bought this to try out..
since I am sucha matcha lover hehhehe

ate it and it tasted out not bad :p
will prolly buy it again
such snacks are uncommon in our normal supermarkets only available in those Japanese super marts
more costly than those normal Pocky snacks out there though..

Bought this "Hello" cap long time ago but didn't dare to wear it out until now lol! like a finally !!!

Am starting to love Nivea makeup remover ever since I first bought them randomly
have been using the normal combination skin makeup remover but trying out the normal skin type remover now..will do a review soon if I don't break out >.< lol!!

and I also bought a green tea Korean mask too to try out but I haven had a chance to use it yet lol!
will also a do a review if possible lol!!

The falsies you see inside is a major love <33 super natural soft and fluffy too and comfy too!!
hehehhe <33 will also do a review too soon if possible hehehe so many things I bought and wanna review on ..too much things too little time :O

recently I also went to catch this movie during the weekends with dearie lol
because he wanted to watch it badly lol
I was quite scare but because he is together with me so well well..>.<

lol I must say the ending is very abrupt and throughout I keep holding onto my dearie's hand because I was quite scared at some scenes especially the killing parts lol.. the cinema was quite packed more people than the usual.. prolly cos it is weekends and it is quite a popular movie too..


so that is all for now yea..

bye bye<33


Friday, November 8, 2013

Bitstrips X Slimspa tea review

Hi peeps!!

I am finally back with another short review here!!

remember I mentioned I was on diet ??

hahah my secret here is slimspa green tea which I purchased not long ago when my female colleague
commented that I look like I put on some weight >.<

I am like ARGH!! >.< what should I do about it ????!

 I chanced upon this while walking around and it was on promotion wahhahaha!!!

without much thought I purchased it ..


So like after 3 weeks, I didn't think I slim down a lot
but it did aids my bowels movement abit O.O

my chubby face remains >.<

So I thinking whether so I buy another of this box to see the effects later
maybe this takes time...


but the tea is ok only I don't really fancy the taste of this tea..
maybe I should try the peach flavour one instead??

I didn't dare to weight myself the last weight was 40kg before I consumed this tea >.<

so overall I am not sure whether I will repurchase this again anot..
maybe I want to try the peach flavour one instead later

rating for this product overall is 3/5

Next up, recently, my boyfie introduced and helped me download this really cutesy
iphone app

called "Bitstrips" and I like it :D

I made so many comics about myself and boyfie <33

here are they


hope you all these lame comics came up by me
yesterday we passed by a minion wrist bands machine
and boyfie managed to get me
so that is all for now ...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Etude house X Disney collaboration

Hi peeps!!

Etude House X Disney XoXo Minnie Collection

Have you all heard about Etude house' latest and newest super cutesy collaboration yet??? >.<

I just saw this products promotion launching in Korea soon!! <333333333333

cant wait for their arrival to SG >.<

or perhaps order them online??

here is the link for more information about these products

will update soon <333333

stay tune to my blog yea??


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Date with baby happy 7th monthsary!!

Hi peeps

I am feeling dam blessed with last my boy for 7months already :D

This 7th months journey we have been through a lot
from quarrels , to almost breakups.. tons of happiness till now


yesterday we went to catch the movie "THORS" O.O

it was quite nice and the story line has some twists

he bought me this TONY MOLY cleanser

which I am yet to use yet as I haven finish using my current cleanser lol..
but I cant wait to try it out fast though >.<
will do a review soon if possible hehehhe

Bought for him an Armani shirt which I ordered online which is yet to arrive yet
and I ordered a Haviannas sandals for him too!! wahhhaha cant wait for their arrival and see him wearing them so dashing!!!!!!!!!! wah!! <333

addicted to my favourite white chocolate kinder bueno as usual !! <333
hehehhe guilty pleasure** so sinful >.<

was trying out some fad diets recently though.. the results I am not so sure yet..

so haven do a review yet

So please stay tune to know my diet tip I am trying out??

that is all for now ..