Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kawaii girl japan X Marble collection X Kawaii makeup video

Hello all!!!

AFA is coming soon in my country and so is Marble collection!! >.<
damm excited!!! :D

i am not sure i am gonna buy tickets for the AFA but i am sure going to this Marble collection!!


Hikari Chan from Popteen will be coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Natsuko  too!

i just joined the audition for this too!!
But i think i wont get in though because everybody is fighting to be in too! >.<
So i already booking the ticket already ...  i have been wanting to see them since years ago when i was in secondary school already... T~T and finally they come to singapore!

Cross fingers **

will take pics and blog about this when i go there! :D

So please look forward and stay tune to my blog!! <3333333

So today i found a video on marble collection held in japan already!!

So here are some videos about kawaii makeup!!

So i hope this is useful for you all! :D

So that is all for now! byebye <3333333

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hi guys!!

School started and is like hell gates opened for me >.<

i really really dread school and i dont get to meet my dear dear as often le!!!!!!!

i really miss him alot!!!!!! >.<
his cute cheeks and voice and everything although we do text daily ...

and i am really freaked out >.<

Jrunway has just opened in my country!!
But i havent got the time to go there yet.. and i need someone to accompany me there too!

Opened since monday yet..

i so wanna go there as there got all japanese brands clothings such as  Emoda and many more!!!!!

They offer japanese hair and makeup services too!!!

So here is their fb link!!

So meanwhile to cheer myself a wee bit... i bought myself a japanese snack as it looks real yummy!!

and when i am stressed i like to watch videos on makeup too!!
so i tried a new double eyelid methods and hence a slight different eyemake for the day too!
so here is the look!
i changed my base method too abit.. no highlighting, lipgloss and blusher too
So snap snap with my iphone camera first..
Then my camera..
So how is this look??
suit me??
i kind of like it myself ..
sadly i recently injured myself ...
i am always so clumsy and careless too..
and i am feeling lazy too unwilling to do my home work too as i cant handle pressure if not i will have a migraine.. >.<
any suggestions to help me relieve my headache??
it is so awful and i have not been myself lately..
only playing out with makeup , eating nice foods, shopping and texting my dear.. makes me happier abit ..
Ps: will update more properly about Jrunway if i get a chance to go to Jrunway and do some shopping there and snap some pics of there and will share with you all!!!!!!!!
So that is all for now yea??

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Shoutout to gyaru lovers!

Hello all!!

I recently started to like gyaru again
but i am not forsaking my ulzzang look too as i am still kind of using it for my daily look
just that i want to be kawaii at times too!!

Especially after J carnival, making me inspired to be gyaru once again!!

So today i am gonna share a piece of exciting news to you that
Tsubasa- chan is gonna release her new latest song soon!!

Called " Namidasora!"

click this link to read more!!

Moreover, she gonna come to my country this year soon too i heard..

will update daily as often again so stay tune to my blog!!

PS: have you all joined my ulzzang giveaway already????

Update: i decided to change the deadline to 30 Nov instead!!

So please also ask all your friends to join in too!! >.<

So that is all for now yea??
byebye <33333333333333

Saturday, October 27, 2012

J Carnival Post!

Hello everyone !! <33333 So i am back from the J carnival now!
Had fun there was really excited about it..
Since it is a japanese fest so i am starting with some Japanese too hehhee...
i did gyaru make today too!!
 Meeting with Tsubasa Stand first!
So the many gyaru apparels there for Sale!!
Snapshot with Golly locks too!! :D
 Selling some gyaru cosme too!
Then i went to take pic with Wendy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then with Tsuriki too!!!!!!!!!!!
 so i only managed to buy 3 items as i am so broke lols...
Kyary POnPOnpon fan T-shirt!!!
And it is a limited edition one only available in Japan too!
 i bought at a cheap price too!
 So i received a goodie bag too!
And here are the items inside!!
2 facial masks
Heronie makeup hair accessory
A pair of falsies
FYI: all the photos above are all unedited as i am feeling lazy!>.<
So that is all for now!!!!
i gonna watch my Kdrama now!

Friday, October 26, 2012

J carnival



Hello all!! Just a short update here that tmr i will be J carnival tmr!!!!!

i get to see all the famous gyaru bloggers in my country too!!
They are selling their gyaru apparrels there at  cheap prices!!

wanna grab some awesome deals for myself too so i am going there with my twinie..

i am not so into gyaru already..

since i am more of ulzzang style now..

But i just wanna grab some really cute clothes there at really awesome deals!!
and some cosmestics too!!!!!!!!! >.<

Super excited..

since it is a gyaru event i am gonna do a gyaru make up tmr.. and put on some falsies
fianlly gotten a chance to use my jewerich lashes now!!!!!!! ^~^

will snap some shots of the event tmr and will blog about it for my gyaru lover readers!!!

PS: if you see me there tmr please do not be shy to say hi to me!!!!!!!!!!! >.<
AS  i will not eat u up hehhehehe

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Secret garden! X ulzzang giveaway!!!!!!!

I have just started watching a Kdrama called  
 Secret garden !!
it is such a nice drama too!!
you all should watch it too!!
So next i am gonna do a giveaway today too!!
And it is this wonder pore cleanser which i just bought!!!
i cant use this now as i only used it once only so i decided not to waste it...  ( as my skin is hypersensitive one..)
since it is still very new!!!!!!! and it is very expensive too (T~T)
So please join this giveaway of mine!!
just follow and help me share my blog publicly!!!!!!
Simple as 123 and ABC right????
Fyi: Shinee key oppa bought this whole set of skincare!
So if you want skin like him so please join in this giveaway and stand a chance to win this!
This is open internationally!!!!
Ends at 1 st november 2012!~
So what are you waiting for?? join now!!!!!
Watching dramas really makes me feel better!! ^~^ since i am feeling low these days...
webcam today !~~
Goodluck ! <3333333

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bits and pieces..

This post just gonna be about the recent updates of my life!~~
Nothing much actually.. because of my overwhelming school work
and i was rushing to see finish the beautiful you which i just completed watching!!
Meanwhile on top of all these, i went out abit too!!
& i bought 2 really cute cupcakes !!~~
a closer view of them!~~
can see the small bear inside the brown cupcake and the green rose in other???
And i also bought etude house 7 in 1 cleanser too!~~
okk.. i was tempted to buy this only after watching minho help suli to wash her face in the drama using this!!! >.<
And once i reached home i tried this immediately!!
but sadly this product is too strong anf harsh for my skin >.<
or it could be that i wasnt keeping up with my skincare regime properly these days as i was too tired and busy..
and have some minor outbreaks..
So i did a mask just now..
i hope my skin will be better soon as skin is very impt to all ulzzangs!! >.<
Sights **
that is all!! for now!!
byebye <33333

Sunday, October 21, 2012

To the beautiful u!


School term just started and am feeling pretty stressed out and tied down ..
Recently i have been watching the Kdrama "To the beautiful you"
and i really start to adore Minho and suli!!
And so i start to like shinee too!!! :D
hehhe they are so adorable together!! >.<
Meanwhile i took some selcas too as i tried out a different ulzzang make recently!

Since i started to like Kpop more too These Days and i wanted to buy some Kpop idol stuffs for myself too!!!
So in the end i bought a really nice strap for myself
The small flowers, stars and hearts surrouding the Hangul words really seem so matching and a nice
overall feel right?????
Btw, i just wanna share with you all my new compact powder from tony moly
the color skin tone i am using if you are interested hehhe
i am using the lightest fair tone because all ulzzangs have very Fair porcelain skin tone!!!
Fyl: this is my only coverage together with my tony moly oil control base.. ( which has near to zero coverage for me..)

And not forgetting to mention that this powder has SPF 10 in it too!! 
I believe in skin care more than make up .. so my skin coverage make up products are minimal so if you are looking for a heavy coverage product this is not the one for u though...

And My twinie and i co bought a hair piece because the color we wanted was the last piece sadlY T~T
So here is a pic of the nice hair piece when worn on!
My twinie as a model hehhe
So that is all for now!

Friday, October 19, 2012

어떡하죠 ??

Recently, everything has been bad for me T^T

School and my relationship Sucks >.<  and every body part of mine seems to be aching if not hurting :((((

어떡하죠 ??????

i really want to escape from this sadistic reality and i realise that my family is the best!!


i wanna do nothing but spend more time with them because they will never hurt me ever!

they are the ones who always stay by my side no matter what happens..

Since i am so unhappy now so i can only take some

Grumpy and pouty shots

i really am resigned to fate now hoping to achieve some inner peace and
just spend time alone reflecting on some painful adjustments since it is like that...
Thanks for reading this EMO post here but i am really down now..
hope tmr will be TAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to look like an ulzzang?

Hello all!! i just found out a quite useful article about ulzzang!!
So here is the link!!~~

So meanwhile i also wanna share some 2 really cute ulzzang inspirational picas with you guys before my bedtime.. hehhe <333333

that is all byebye<333333

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

얼짱 (Ulzzang or Uljjang)

Hello !!

school term just started T~T

am more busy now..
but i will still spend some time blogging here as usual..

Was really stressed out with my school work and projects. headaches really bad for the past for few day and fell down and injured my leg too T^T Pain!!

Nonethless i must stay happy!! :D

But no matter how busy i am i will never cast away my love for ulzzangs !! >.<
So recently, near my house area, there was a fair and it sells beauty products! And they happen to offer Tony moly products too!! :D

At half prices!!! :D

So all ulzzangs wannabe will rush there like me and get all the necessary daily skincare products and makeups!!


So i bought some items there!!

Green tea ice queen mask pack!!

Have been eyeing this for a long time already!!!
ever since i read online review about it long ago before!!
So cute the packaging as it is shaped like a green tea ice cream!!! :p
and i bought a compact powder with a SPF of 10 too!!
Omo!! This all in one fluid works as a toner, moisturizer and essence for my face!!

And this happens to be one of the star products too!

So convenient because of its multi functions right?? Great for lazy people like me!! hehhee Guilty**

i wanted to buy more but it is the last one there T~T

and i have already started using this product already and it does not break me out so far so good! :D

Beside using korea beauty products in being an ulzzang, ulzzangs also like eat their yummy korea snack s too

and i am pleased that my mummy colleagues from korea brought some korean snacks for my mum and my mum gave them to me knowing that i like korean snacks alot!!

Thirdly, ulzzangs like to watch cute korean dramas too!!
and here is one!!
and  it is korean version of Hana kimi!!!!
featuring shinee's minho and F(x) suli!!!!!

Loving this drama!!! <333333333

So that is all now !! byebye <333333333

Follow me on my ulzzang wannabe journey!~~~ hehhehe