Thursday, October 30, 2014

Skin lab vitamin cream review


Hi peeps!!

I am back with another short review on my new products!!

And they are Korea's Skin lab vitamin creams!!

They so highly raved online and are listed on wishtrends website!! <333

I have been wanting them since the longest time but I am always hesitating until like finally
bf gotten them for me as monsthary gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling damm pampered :)))

but before  I begin let me introduce what each cream functions are

B- Acne, pimple problems
C- whitening
K - soothing, redness and dark eye circles
E - moisturizing (Which I am yet to try out yet till now because I have too many other moisturizing products on hand to use now >.<)

Effects: 3.5/5 I have been using it for the past few days but I don't see any visible results yet :((
But I do especially like the Vitamin K cream because it feels dam soothing to my face!! :3
Price: 3/5 Affordable for each tube.. but pricey if you buy many tubes of cos! lol!!
Scent:2/5 there is a neutral chemical scent no odour or  not much of a pleasant scent >.<
Packaging: 3.5/5 simple and handy but the tube size is quite small, but the seller was very generous they gave a me a free E vitamin cream ! and lots of other sample satchets of B,C,K and their revitalizing essence :))

Will I repurchase it again???
hahhaha maybe i will buy another tube of K myself!! hehehehe overall i do like these cream and enjoy using them too :D
so that is al for now yea!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Japan best selling whitening cream - Silky veil cream review!

Hi peeps!!
Today I am gonna do another review on a product which I bought on a sale online last week!!
Lucky me!! the retail price range from $29.90 - $50 but I managed to get it for $10.40 with postage lol!!!
it is such a steal and a bargain hahhaha!!!
I have been wanting to try this product for a long time already but I keep hesitating because of the price >.<
and finally!!

effects: 4/5 when applied on and need to rub well to blend well! But the whitening effect is really impressive*¬*!!! But once it touches water then it is gone over time >.<  and there is no whitening effect even after long term use just the instant whitening effect!
price: 3/5 quite costly if there is no sale >.<
packaging: 3.5/5 it comes in a tub form, but it does not come with an applicator for hygiene purposes :(((
scent: there is no pleasant, neutral scent, no odour too :)))
texture: 3/5 gel like cream consistency!
Will I repurchase it again???
maybe?? lol if there is another sale !! hahahhaha!!
overall I do like this product though!!
But I still learning how to use it more effectively >.<
So that is all for now!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Laneige brush pact review!! in pink beam!


Hi peeps!!

Since it is holidays now I will be blogging more often this week lol!!

So I am gonna do review non stop for my new products that I accumulated over the last few weeks or months?? lol..

too curious to keep trying korea skincare products since they are my current obsession !! >.<

& Boyfie bought this for me too!! heheh lucky me!! :3

Effects:4/5  the brush inside is really very soft and fluffy feeling!!  feel comfy on my face.
the fine powder inside help to give my face a overall glowy pinky finish look too !! Doesn't break me out. But when applied too much I feel that face look matte and I don't like it >.< because it looks dry >..< 
Price: 3/5 quite pricey T.T
packaging: 4/5 convenient and simple ! like it !! but there is no mirror inside to allow for easy touch up so minus one point.
Scent:  no obvious pleasant scent!! no odour too most importantly hahaha!!!
will I repurchase it again??
maybe ?? lol overall I do like this product, but I do like to try other new products too!! 
So that is all for now
cya soon!!¬¬
bye peeps!!! <333

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Short recent updates and korea's Liriko's marine triple treatment essence review!!

Hi peeps I am back with a short update and  another short review of one of my fav new products too!!

                                          Meanwhile I remembered last week on a date with bf and we went to try out a new café in bugis area. it is a French and Japanese concept.
we were tempted by its concept.  >.< I gorgot its name though .. >.<
but I took a photo of one of its best selling item in its menu it's Matcha Souffles!! But I have problem uploading I here .. so I took online but credits to the owner!!!
So next, I will continue on my skincare product review!!
Boyfie bought this for me after I demanded it from him countless time lol!! for our monthsary present!! <3333
hehhehee <333
and it endorsed by Korea's famous actress Goo Ara!!!~~~
So pretty!!!
This product is made of extracts from marine planktons deep under the sea!!
I decided to have it because I read reviews of it online it was quite good and it states that it have good whitening effects and I am sucker for whitening product so I decided to must have it lol!!!
Effects:3.8/5 because I think it is too strong ?? It did break me out alittle although it states that it is a gentle product but I still continue using thinking maybe it is not its problem and I am still using it daily now and it work ok for me too so overall it is quite good! ^~^!! As I think my skin needs time to get use to this product hence the minor breakout.
Price: 2/5 $_$ so costly, but bf still bought it for me hehehhe, he ordered it online for me as it is not available in SG T.T!!~~
Packaging: 3/5 it is a heavy bottle, seems to be made of glass or other material I am not sure lol, it looks fragile.. it comes together with a box of facial cotton which was badly dented at the sides :((
Scent: 2/5 neutral scent no pleasant scent or odour lol..  
will I repurchase it again??
maybe?? lol it is so costly T.T overall I do like this product :))
Meanwhile I online voucher for myself and bf to a dim sum buffet to celebrate our next monthsary coming soon!! <33 can't wait though!!! #>.<#
so that is all for now!!

Friday, October 24, 2014


hi all!!
I know that I have not been updating since like forever >.<
busy with my stupid damm exams >.<

Recently I bought lot of new products to try on too!!
these products help my face maintain in condition during my stressful period the last few weeks >.<

and they are

first up,
Thai hospital Yanhee acne/pimple cream!!
I must say that this cream is soothing and quite effective but sadly it is not for sale in my country and I bought it online.. to try it ..
and the price is not cheap too >.< and this is my first time trying Thailand's product too lol!! Because I read and saw the review of this product to be very good therefore, I wanted to give it a try and its kind of work abit for me!!
I will repurchase it again!! loving this product!! <33!


I will use this twice or thrice a week depending on my conditions!!

I will use this together with my Vaseline jelly as it is too minty for my face already and only put on for 10 mins or so, I learned this method via online lol... and I am already on my 4th tube lol!!
As you will really need to spam it on your problem area as a mask.
kinds of works for me though...
my oil control toner cheap and effective in controlling my sebum level!  

and lastly
Etude house Aloe soothing facial mist spray too!!
Spraying this gives my face a refreshing feelings and I like to spray this on my redness areas to soothe it and heal better. :)) and whenever I feel my face is dry I will just spray it on too!! ^¬^
Lol beside all these I also used a lot of different masks and moisturizers too!!
This was how extreme I was as I was too stressed with my exams already.. Fighting!! >.< at the expense of face!! >.< T.T!!¬¬
Hope this is somehow useful for my readers!! hahhaha
So that is all for now!!¬¬
Ciaos!! Cya soon and stay tune!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Yet another New Kdrama sharing session!

Hi peeps , just a short update here!!

I just discovered a super awesome Korean drama show recently and I am totally obsessed with it
because my super female idol is acting inside as the main lead!!! She is F(X) 's Krystal !!!
OMG <333!!~~~~~~~~~~~

& and it is called my Lovely girl!
 She is acting with the Superstar Rain inside as a couple !!*~*!!!

If you haven't watch this show like me do please go watch it!!!!!!!!!

one boyband member from Infinite is featuring inside too!!

Fangirling right now >.<

so some pictures of it!!!!!

credits to the original website!!

 [Video] Added new 5th teaser trailer, posters, stills and press photos for the Korean drama “My Lovely Girl”



so that is all for now!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our Blissful happy 18th monthsary!

Hi peeps !!!

Today I am gonna blog about my happy blissful and evenful 18th monthsary with bf yesterday!!

That we bought the underwater world, dolphin lagoon and a night live show called the "Wings of time" at Sentosa!!

We had a lot of fun!!
But first, we exchanged pressies for another !!
I bought him Burberry weekends perfume  !! Actually it is reserved for next month one!! Since I already gave him a portable charger :((
But he was too impatient for it so :O gave it to him earlier no choice >.<!!!


But on the other hand, I pestered him to get me my precious skincare which can only be ordered online!! so we are on par hurhur!!

So here are some photos that we taken before my phone batt died on me! >.< T.T

OMG !! look at these giant fishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O


can see the shark lying below in this pic???


&& Rainbow crabs!! So cute *¬*



&& Giant Spider crab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Managed to catch a glimpse of the feeding time!!

This was not the most interesting part of the day!!

After that we went to dine at the sand bar- dining at night by the sandy beach, I swear one of the best feeling in the world!! <3333333333


it is the WINGS of time show at night!!
 Which I did not took any photos but I videoed it down in my bf's hp.. which I cant upload here!! >.<SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was one of the best anniversary we had, because previously we just went on for some special dining or movie which was already quite enough me since he is by my side <33
But all these activities were really enjoyable yesterday and It is only possible with him by my side all these while.. really thankful for god to let me have him<333
Hope things will remain this same for us or even better in the coming future!!

So that is all for now

Friday, October 3, 2014

Shu umera eyelash curler review!!

HI all !

I am guilty of not updating my this humble beauty space here!!

Today I am going share with a new product which boyfie have gotten for me months ago for our monthsary but I am yet to review >..<

& it is Shu Umera eyelash curler!!


I decided to ask bf to get it for me because just like other people I heard bloggers raving about how good it works and after reading many good reviews online! I decided to try it out myself!!
>.< kekeke!! <333

Bf is so sweet to get it for me too after I demanded I wanted it !! :3

it look like this '

Credit to the website because I am just so lazy to take a snapshot my used one...


Effecrs: 5/5 really effective!! instantly curls up your downwards lashes!! *¬* Amazing!!!
Price: 3/5 T.T $_$ costly but is bf bought me one so lucky me!! hehehe
Packaging:4/5 simple and class well protect  the curler and comes with an extra rubber/plastic top?? Lol I not sure as I am a noob in guessing the type of material here!!
Comfort level: 3.5/5 I am still a noob in using this curler so I do experience some pain when curling maybe cos I pressed too hard or something but I will work on it to improve my skills!

Will I repurchase it again?

YES!!!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing!!

Here is a snapshot of my eyemake with my miserable lashes #>.<#


So that is all for now!!!

Recently I purchased many other new products which I am so lazy and busy to review

Please stay tune!!

Byebye <3333