Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cream eyeshadow X korean head towel !!


today gonna share with you all yet again another new haul!!
hehe but it is only 2 item here only which i bought today and a few days ago heheh :D

a while ago i was having a very strong temptation to buy a cream eyeshadow to try on because my eyelids were look funny with my current powder shadown and my eyelid glue together.. :(((

and i dont really like it >.<
so i was thinking how to solve this problem :s

& furthermore, i did some online research and they say that cream eyeshadow are in fact more lasting than those normal powder shadow ones.... so making more tempted than ever too!! >.<

so in the end i decided to get it a try!! Since i have never every tried a cream eyeshadow before my whole entire life!

so i went to my nearby shopping mall a drugstore to get a canmake creamy shimmery beige eyeshadow to try on myself!! :D

just started to use it but havent grasp hold of its proper usage yet.. so will try it again but somehow it kind of solve the existing problem a bit too :D

i am still thinking of other ways to use this more properly though....

So tada!~~
 here is a pic of it!~~

somemore it was having a 35% discount at that point of time too!!
 so i was even more determined to buy it >.< guilty look **
okkk. will do a review if possible on this once i grasp hold it proper technique!
cross fingers**
so next, i am gonna share with you all another new item which i just bought today !!
XD grins**
hahah it is just a head towel but i am so happy because i have been wanting this since quite a few days after i saw one of the blogger using it >.< and hers is so so so cute!!
Envy <33333
okk. so here is a pic of it!~~

i managed to find this at a small supermart while i was on way to make a duplicate of housekey which i just lost T~T and the price is cheap too !! hurhur lucky me !! XP
hahah i gotten the exact someone as the one jiyeon is wearing in this pic!! :D
so why do we need a headtowel right??
it is for taking your fringe off your forehead when doing some facial masks and this is a basic simple
hygiene! Because we do not want to have any pimples because of hair germs lying on your forehead right?
moreover all ulzzangs have perfect fair skin so doing masks is a MUST ! ( btw, having a head towel
when doing mask look kinda of cute too >.<)
especially since i am so fond of doing facial masks twice a week too heheh!!
anyway here some more cute pics which some cute celebrities are wearing head towel too!
* but this is another head towel which is different from the one i bought but can be easily made yourself but just looking at the steps below! :D
okk.. so if you dont understand you can watch this video !!

omo!!~ so cute right?? gonna make one myself too !! hehehhe :D
shyshy! >.<
make one yourself too hehehe :p
hope this is somehow useful to you hurhur
so that is all fot today byebye <3333

Saturday, September 29, 2012

No makeup selcas!

i am feeling lazy today so i did not put on any makeup today >..<
But i still wanna take some selcas heheheh :3
pardon my stupid faces >.<
So actually today i wanna do a product review
today here it is a bad review  >.<
okk.. so here goes..
a few days ago i went shopping with my best friend so we went into a normal
drugstore called Guardian.
i was looking for some pimple cream..
so a sale lady approached me and asked me what i was looking for ..
i told her i can look around myself but she persisted and look at what i was holding onto and
then went off to get another brand and more expensive pimple cream to recommend me.
Saying how good it was and so on ans so forth
i was pretty convinced.... as i found it hard to reject her as i was quite timid...
So in the end, instead of getting my usual clean and clear pimple gel which i liked so much and
was currently having a major discount... T~T and settle for the one which the sale lady insisted
i thought it was for the better??
in the end....
it was my worse decision!~~
so here is my actual review on
the product which she reccommended.
mainly everything on it is french or german words..
i can barely understand anything...

ratings 1/5

first, there is a medicated not nice smell in it.. and after application there is a icy mint sensation and it kinds of irritated my skin .. luckily there is no major maybe just a bit break out at one of  my cheeks area. i really dont like this because of the irritating sensation it reacted with my face..

i am not sure the small outbreak at my cheeks is because of this product though...
but i swear i will never buy this product ever again!
damm the sale lady!~
wanna earn some pathetic commission then anyhow reccomend me some ex pimple gel..!
seriously i am so angry ! >.<

lucky my face is alright now if i swear i will hate her the rest of my life!~~
okk. lastly here is my today outfit!
i like my cupcakes top shirt !! XD

and i added a black old scarf to match the whole outfit too!!
hheheh that is all for now yea?? byebye<333333333333

Happy chuseok!


i know i am lil bit late here >.< but yesterday was chuseok! :D
was really happy yesterday as i went shopping again with mommy!
well, but i did not bought much..
guilty look **
erm.. ok first i bought this grapefruit exfoilator scrub!
it have been ages since i last used a proper facial scrub! >.< and after seeing
some videos i realised that it is time for some facial scrub >.<
and i love grapefruit alot!! its taste and smell and colour within! everything :p
This product really smell nice and feels nices on the face too! :D
my face feel really smooth after a wash with it no kidding!
but sadly i can only use this once a week for fear that there will be some nasty outbreak T~T
Okkk! so next i finally tried Tteokbokki 떡볶이 (korean Spicy rice cake) for the first time!!!!!
Omg >.<
Excited but sadly this was not suited for my tastebuds. >.<
i did not really like this >..< and i could not even finish this T^T
After this, i bought myself a biore acne cleanser..
as Nayoung unnie is using one similar one too so i wanna try this out too
i also bought
Shenee korean cake compact powder to try out :D since they were having some offer
too!! hehhe greedy me ...
Omo! i am really attracted by the rose packaging actually heheh :p
Lastly, i want to share with you all my new online haul!
Which is Sigma F70 concealor brush!

So here is the product description!~~

The rounded, tapered, flat shape makes this brush ideal to conceal the under eye area. It is also recommended for a precise application in small areas.
Unique Feature: Small and slightly tapered flat brush
Function: Conceal small areas
Recommended Use: Conceal the hardest to reach areas such as around the nose and eyes.
Bristle Type: Synthetic
Because after using samantha real technique face expert brush i realised that i actually need good brushes to look great! And when concealing i realised that a need brush for concealing too because
my brush is too big for that! >.< and i couldnt conceal properly because of that..
So i went online and decided to get a concealor brush and i read great reviews on the sigma brushes before commenting that sigma brushes are fantastic so i decided to give it a try myself too! heheh :D
Will try to do a review once i recieved and tried it myself if possible.. Omg! so excited cant wait >.<
 so that is all for today yea?? byebye!! <333333


Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Etude house skincare products ReviewS!~

So today i am gonna review on my etude house skin care products that i have just bought recently
and i tried them on for a few days already..
So first i will begin with my beclear toner for whitening!
Ratings: 3/5

i quite like this product overall, because it dont really break me out :D and it smells quite nice too.
And i like its ingredients made up of all fruits like kiwi.. etc.. the liquid is abit white-ish in colour when pour out.. very watery instead of moist.. which is good because i dont really fancy those moist toner as i have oily combination skin type and i dont need the extra moisture .. as i already have my own moisturizer..
but personally i prefer the maglem series smoother after i see nayoung unnie introducing in her skincare video and somemore that series is endorsed by dara and shinee too OMG! But i just bought this >.< . Its whitening ability is only average for me only too :s . i think i will not buy this again though... It packaging is made up of glass too making it very fragile too >.< so i need to be careful while handling it >.<

Ok... so next i am gonna review on my etude house moistful aloe soothing lotion moisturizer!

ratings :4/5

i choose this in the end, because i want it to soothe my irritated skin?? lols..
because i have oily combination skin so my skin tends to get easily irritated then out break >.<
This product smells great! ( very nice strong aloe smell) i must admit that when i applied this all over my face it feels really very soothing!! My face dont feel oily after application even after a few hours just dewy, moist and supple! :D this does not break me out too in fact it also helps to treat my troubled skin too! :p i am not sure whether i will be buying this again because i really want to try out the maglem series moisturizer after finish using this unless my skin is looking better or back to normal and all! >.<

So that is all for now yea?? byebye !! <33333333
Till the next time!

Happy bites X brush review!~~

i am just lazing around now lazy me right??? >.<
Anyway just wanna share with you all some things i bought and tried on today
 ok.. so firstly i bought this happy crepe from a japanese fair as it looks
yummilicious right?? haven tried this yet though >.<

2nd i was feel pretty hungry.. so i decided to buy these grapefruit gummies to chew on..
featured on some japanese magazines before! :D i swear these are the best and most delicious gummies i have ever eaten my entire life! gonna buy them again the next time i promise! :p

oh my gosh!! Even the packaging looks so tempting right??? >.<

thirdly, i finally tried on my etude house moistful aloe facial mask already just now ! :D
my personal review on this is that it feels very soothing to my skin, and it is not too moist at all, just nice! after taking off the mask my face does not feel wet at all, just feel refreshed, soft, some moist and lightweight.. i will buy it again though this face is a free gift from my previous purchase hehheh lucky me!

ok so next i am gonna do a short review on my new samantha real technique expert face brush which
i just bought online!~~ finally tried it for the first time today! :D

ratings :5/5
I really love this brush i got to admit!! The hair on it is really smooth and fine :D and its blending
ability is superb!!!! omg! it feels so smooth on my face too!!
my face does not look cakey anymore, looking very natural because every thing is blend so perfectly
i swear i am gonna buy this again !! XD
Do try this awesome brush yourself one day too!! you will not regret it like me!! <33333
So that is all for now yea??
HUGS ***
If only life is a bed of roses...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mini new hauls! X contact lenses tips!


Today i will be sharing you all again my new online hauls ! >.<
Okk.. i know i shouldnt be shopping again but i couldnt resist these items they are just so alluring!! >.< ( am i boring you all with my hauls again????? >.< i couldnt help sharing these new and nice items with you all though >.< , well you can comment if you want to see me blogging about other stuffs..) Well, i will be doing reviews soon too ... but i need the right find the time to do it >.<) as i am too lazy these days.. my sincere apologies >..<

So here are their pics.. hehhe :D

ok, so 1st up is my WC stockling which i just ordered online and am waiting for its arrival!! so kawaii right??
i know i am more in favour of kpop beauty now but i am still a major fan of japanese brands too >.<
as they are simply too irresistable T~T


    ok.. so 2nd is my love necklace and super barbie rose lenses which i ordered it last few days ago and it arrived today hehhehe !! :D

close up view of my new lenses >.<


So nice right??? but i wont be trying this on soon though cause i just opened my new freshkon lenses now >.<

will do a review if possible (o^~^o)//

Meanwhile i wanna share some contact lense wearing tips here today too!

so here is a piece of article my mum picked out for my sisters and i and so i thought that i wanna share with you all too hhehe :D


meanwhile i personally did a little bit of research online too, to understand my current situation better
since for the past few days my eyes have been experiencing slightly more discharge than usual..

so after researching, i realised that
it may be natural for me to have, due to not having enough eye rest, real lashes irritating , eye makeup, oil or dirt entering my eyes...

So here are my highlighted tips for curing eye discharge !

Treatment of Eye Discharge

Throwing away old make-up, especially make-up that was used while you had an infection in your eyes will greatly reduce the chances of the infection coming back. Contaminated cosmetics are the leading cause to eye infection, and if not thrown away you’ll be reapplying the bacteria.
You can also remove oil from your eyelids by washing them with a baby shampoo or other mild detergent. Massaging the lids with a downward motion will help push out oils. Upper lids should be massaged and patted down with a tissue to remove the excess oil. More often, eye doctors recommend commercial eyelid scrubs that can be applied if you're wary about using a homemade solution.

credits from

so that is all byebye <333333333
i hope this is somehow useful for you
and thanks for viewing!!! <333333

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ageyo ulzzangs!

Hello all!

do you know in order to be an ulzzang u need to aegyo ( act cute )? hehhehe :D
Because a cute face is not enough some times :o





Widen eyes... and small pouty mouth :x

So next here is some makeup videos by a famous ulzzang!
Click on the links below! ^ ^

and a skincare video too!

note: pls wait for the advertisment before the actual video!

hhehe so that is all!! i hope that this is somehow useful for u all hehhe byebye<33333

A fun day out! X T ara's rumours true???

Hello all!! Today i am really very happy!~~
i went out with one of my long term good friend Rebecca on an outing!~
We went out for a movie and shopping date today!
Super happy !~~ (^~^) Time files T~T
So here is snapshot of my loots today!
broke T^T
So, i have gotten
1. Etude house aloe moisturizer lotion for face ( Rebecca gotten it for me as my belated bday present! ( so sweet >.<) 
2. Avene spot and blackhead treatment cream
3. ZA 01 concealor
if possible will be doing reviews on these too! hehehe :p
And after that we went to watch a korean movie called " The Thieves"
I must say i really like and enjoyed this movie alot !! :D
Quite funny and very action packed i must say! :p
Even rebecca likes it alot too!~
Also, i managed to borrow a book from the public library after a long time finally >.<
It is the latest shoppaholic book from sophie kinselle!
entitled "Mini shoppaholic"
Hope i can actually complete reading this book as it has been a long time since i last read a book
lol!~ lazy me >.<   
Btw, my online hauls arrived today already!!! Grins**
 Had to take a pic together with her!~~ >.< Gosh miss her!! >.<
Next, i found out a disturbing video about T ara which i liked so much recently! >.<
But after seeing this video i am so lost and dont know whether to continue to support them anot!!! >.<
Pretty faces but ugly personalities??
Watch this!~~
Is this true??????????? >.<
i cant believe my beloved Hyomin and eunjung are such bad and evil people too! >.< Omg so shocking and unbelievable T~T
that is all!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Support tara!~~X etude dolly eyes

 I am currently very bored at home now >.<
so i decided to blog here~ hehhehe :D

So i decided to share with you all some T-ara videos!~~~
i watched all the episodes already!
heheh so here is the last ep video.. u can click on the links to start from the 1st ep though hehhe

Support them!~~

<333333333 fan girling now~ >.<

So next is etude house latest mascara!

i gotten the cute pamphlet so i wanna share the contents with you all here!~~


sorry my computer cannot rotate these photos >.<
so nice right??
so that is all for now!~~ :D
Sadly i haven gotten any products from this pamphlet yet! boohoo!~~ >.<

Saturday, September 22, 2012

NEW korean beauty hauls

Today i am really a happy girl because i went out with mum to buy a lot of nice stuffs back and these
are the stuffs that i always wanted for a long time >.< and finally!~ :D
and i finally created my daily look!~~
simple yet cute!!
No falsies and bronzer !~~
So i wanna share with you all!~
One personal tip before buying any skincare or cosmestics product is to read their reviews online!~
See if the comments are good or bad??
If it is good, i will buy but not if it is bad ;o
So today i went down to a local tonymoly outlets to buy some new products :D
So first of all, i bought this tony moly liquid pencil liner
Some individual facial mask sheets!~
I gotten the Cucumber and green tea ones! (o^~^o)
Next, i gotten the etude house brigtenting design face pact
sorry the lighting sucks here >.<

& also tonymoly luminous loose powder and blusher!~~  The blusher is endorsed by HYOMIN!~~ (Fan girling!~)


So is a pic of all the products i gotten today :D

I gotten a tonymoly pink liptint and etude house be clear toner too finally :D hehehhe  

Will do a review if possible!~~ (^~^)

    And i bought japan puresmile facial cleanser satchets too have been wanting to try that for a long time! ~
After seeing the review and ad on it~~ It can tigten pores, reduce redness and clear pigments ...!! They are many flavours to choose, my mum and i bought the royal jelly and pearl one!~
i tried it just now and it really smells nice !~~ and after using it my skin feels really smooth i swear!~~

Bought 2 dresses too!~~ Pink in colours!~ pink is love <33333333

that is all for now yea?? byebye<33

Till the next time!~~ hehhehhe