Thursday, January 31, 2013

Living hell

                                   Photo: If only things aren't so complicated


today was probably the worst day of my life! >.< (T.T)

i am even sadder than usual..
my classmates and relationsip all shit...

things arent good..

even my smile look so forced and fake here...

                                     Photo: I wish today was better as it was one of the worst days of my life !!!!!! Even my smile look so fake here

days by days passed and i feel so wasted now ..
not knowing what to do next at all...
i mindlessy did this photo collage too...



when i sleep, i dream alot of weird stuffs too >.<
i even afraid to sleep now...

becoming so tired of my life...
i guess nobody is even reading my rubbish blog now too???



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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hello all!! sorry for not properly blogging the past few days >.<
really sorry damm busy.. with my stupid accounting!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway!! :)) just another short post today!!

Look i just bought myself a new ear phones! :)) hehheh Mashimaro!! my childhood fav charactor!!hurhur...

                                       Embedded image permalink

and my new dress arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                           Embedded image permalink

i bought this online though.. hehhe


AND I wanna share 2 really cute gyaru videos with you all here today!!

SHINA HIKARI!!!!!!!!!!!! kawaii maxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!

and kyary pamyu!!!!! new song!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehhe so that is all for now yea?



THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i followed alot of gyaru models there do follow me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

i update my twitter alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
byebye will update real soon again!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Living in a dreamm...

Ps: pardon my weird face as this makeup was done in the wrong state of mind ... >.<

Hi guys!! i have a proper twitter acc now!! it is "iamsherminnn"!! FOLLOW ME!!!

i am back :))

Recently, i get to know someone really special and make me quite happy :)
but i dont wanna face up to reality >.<
i will just cherish the time i can now..

just hope that things can go my way once!!!

Dont know when my mini heart attack will be back..

and i really regret it... >.<
but i do hope for better.. but as usual god will not be so kind.. i know it..

just wanna feel better for now./

By the way i spotted this really cute choco pudding just now >.<
So that is all for now yea?? byebye
remeber to follow my twitter!!!!!!!!!! <33333333

Friday, January 25, 2013

sorting out my thoughts...

                        Photo: Sick.. Like jelly

was pretty sick these few days due to lack of sleep and too stressed out..


i am so vexed over alot of things now..

med screwed my brains up.. i guess.
my throat got infected too...


exams are coming.. and i am so vexed!! arggh

thanks for all your supports! <333333333

love ya!! will be back real sooonnnnnnnnnnnnn

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sick...Exam fever!??


Hello!! See my darling WOORI so drop dead gorgeous here!! >.< <3333333333333

So hot!

okkk. enough babbling...

                                Photo: Not the usual

so here is today coordinate!!
My stupid nose is like a running tap now!! >.<

 need to Zzzzz soon...

Hope tmr will be fine for me :)

Argh still need study and do projects T~T die liao!!

keep eating chocolates these days as i am sad... hais..

i created a twitter account just now

follow me!!

hehheh so that is all for now yea?
byebye xoxoxo

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A light in the darkness. :))

                                 Photo: Photoshoot completed waiting for photos

Hello all!!!!!!!

Today i am so damm happy to share with you all this piece of news!! :D

Firstly, i am just done with my photoshoot!! :D ( waiting for my photos!!) prolly next 2 weeks time then i have them T~T

And blogger Josephine awarded me the LIBESTER AWARD!!~~~

OMG!! >.<

Touched ** So many things i am so stressed about..

                                     Photo: Keep having weird dreams these few days

                               Photo: Don't compare me with other girls\

So that is all for now need to study already..
Byebye will update more interesting soon??

Monday, January 21, 2013

Emoda cosmestics

                                   Photo: Today coordinate

Hello all!!! Today was quite free ...
But quite a moody one.. gonna study abit i guess. after blogging here hehhehe
So above pic is a pic of today's coordinate.. nice??

Follow my instagram!!!!


                                      Photo: If today was awful tomorrow will be better

So the exciting news is that EMODA is bringing in their cosmestics line soon!! >.<
Excited!! :0

                                      Photo: ◆!!!!!BIG NEWS!!!!!◆

”EMODA COSMETICS” がデビューいたします!!!!




⇒EMODA Producer松本恵奈のBLOGもCHECK!!!

So that is all for now byebye<3333


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Do you believe in Karma?

                                      Photo: Glutton

Hello all!!

Do you all believe in Karma?

Treating others badly and then in the end you got treated badly by another??

is this true??


i have been pondering over this issue..

i really want to feel better... desperate..
i cant control my emotions and thoughts now it is like beyond my control and it is not ME! >.<
i will always try ways and means to cheer myself up but fail..

and this is damm fustrating ..
it is like i finally gotten something i wanted so badly last time and now.. i kinda of not satisifed..

                                      Photo: Hmpff I don't want listen to you anymore

i lost many opportunities in life.. dont wanna lose them anymore...these days.. my unwanted thoughts
keep haunting me  endlessly..


i feel sorry for people i hurt and i dont wanna hurt others.. but in the end.. i ended up hurting myself..
I really really am lost...

anyway, i went shopping for beauty products today after project..

and i bought Biore latest jelly makeup remover..

wanna try this a long time already before but too ex and now i finally saw it cheaper in a beauty store..
and i decided to buy this!! >.< will do a review once i tried it :))

hehhe so that is all for now!! :))


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Exams are round the corner..


Hello all school term started not long ago and my exams are coming >.<


i am so stressed and afraid now..

still in my holidays mood wanting to do nothing but relax and chill...

But i guess being busy is better for me now!! :o

Since it helps keep my mind occupied and cheers me up..

back from happiness land just now :))

                                Photo: Monster pen

Am playing with a really cute monsta pen just now so i decided to camwhore it .. hehhehe..

anyway thank you all for reading my humble blog!! <33333 really appreciate this!! :))

so that is for now !! byebye<3333333333333

                                    Photo: I feel so dead tired even though I am alive

Stay tune for more reviews :))
i will try to update my blog often ..:)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Embrace the happiness around you

                               Photo: Don't be unhappy because god will have more awesome plans for you in life


As i am still down abit.. But i believe that God will have more awesome plans for me in life. :)
so i am so looking forward to all these..

Damm my camera is down now... hais cant really take nice pictures..

And i am so distracted these days... because of some really bad memories..i cant seems to let go and forget..

                               Photo: ☺☺ basking in sunlight happiness

                                  Photo: morning !!! No edit here

anyway i am back to blogging daily ...
i bought a new pair of lenses yesterday and was quite happy with it :))

Big eye barbie in grey!!!
so tada!!

i will do a review on this if i can ... :))

And i bought a new white elegant and sexy dress too


waiting for its arrival!! >.<

gonna start my MST revision soon today.. yesterday my jap test was really crappy for me as i was really upset with myself..

i know i should let go since so many people can do it i am sure i can too!! :3
so that is all for now byebye <33333333

So that is all for now!! :))

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love i have found since i found you :)


Hello all!! my life is pretty back to normal now!! thanks for all your concern!! <333

i came to realised that i have things that i have and others wanted badly but i am not cherishing now
which i totally should!!! :))

and *** is treating me better now at least!:)
i really hope no tornadoes in my life :(((

here are some recent utods!! :)

                                         Photo: Make my world stop ✨✨✨

                                       Photo: I blog at  visit me ❤❤

A pleasent surprise for me just now <333 >.<
Thanks god for the good things that i am blind to.. i will try to appreciate them and cherish them :)
Here is a song that i recently enjoyed alot do listen!! <333

So that is all for now!! :))


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shaving pubic hair?

hello!!!~~ :)))
i am guilty of properly blogging these days as i am busy picking myself up again :)
it is like a roller coaster for me last few days :S
anyway back to norm.. now!!
So i am going to do photoshots with a photo club soon and i am really excited about it's upcoming next week!!
and i gonna do some bikini shoots too maybe...
hopefully everythings turn out well and nice!! >.<
This require me to shave my pubic hair..
(#>..<#) emabarassed
since it is most girls reading my blog !!
I was wondering does most girl shave there??
i read an article online and i found the consequence abit intimidating!!
and there are some solutions inside this web too! :)
This is all about hygeine and femine beauty afterall..
nothing to be embarassed about...
 so here are some recent photos in my life..
Photo: Nobody can help you if you don't help yourself
Photo: I want to be a guy so that I can know how those bastards player out feels

                                  Photo: Being a sad asshole these days

                                  Photo: Sometimes you just don't know what you are missing out ..

i did something bad recently i hope there will be karma as i did unintentionally seriously...

i feel bad inside but ridiculous too :0

i just dont wanna mess up my life any further want a peaceful life now..

so that is all for now yea byebye <333

xoxoxo i will update soon :))

Sunday, January 13, 2013

change yourself instead of changing others :)

Hello peeps..:))
yoyo :)) i am back to doing review today :))
i wanna do so much now :))
study is top priority :))
Meanwhile some music in my life!!

and some reviews for you all here!! :))

gonna review on dolly wink new eye glitter pen :))


effects: 4/5 love the natural shimmery effect.. :) but just not glam enoughh....easy to use :)
packaging: 5/5 tsu- chan 's packaging is always so cute!!
price: 3/5 quite costly T.T
lasting effect: quite lasting for long hours if your eyes dont tear...

i will repurchase this :)

Next, i will review this mask!!

korean Tea tree trouble free masks

PS: I have oily combination skin i bought this ;)

effects: 3/5 it did not cause me any outbreak, and it did help treat my face a bit :))
price: 5/5 very affordable :))
packaging: 3/5 quite ok :))
mask sheet: 2/5 a bit too small.. but it is ok for my face. since my face is quite small..

you only get to live once so.. live life to the fullest :)))
So rock it!!! :)))

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hello all!!~~
Today i am back from watching SO UNDERCOVER!!~~
Elated**** :))
alot of things happened yesterday.. i could not take it...
But today some one special cheered me up alot :)))))))

Feeling not so down.....

i am hoping to be better and stronger each day...
does anybody even visit here these days....


in life, there are ups and down most importantly , just try to overcome all misery..

to all my readers.. who are worried about me .. i am fine already! thank you for all your kind concern!!
i just treat this as life lessons...

Meanwhile i gotten a lil surprise for myself and it is a small MOPPY plushie keychain :))
aww so adorable :))
his so bushy tail :))
So that is all i am so peaced out now...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Words of wisdom enlighten my soul..

Hello all !~~
recently i am very very vexed over my relationship... >.<
it like is consuming me... :(
i thought it will be for the better but it seems not...
certain things cannot be forced i guess. ..
crying.. is the old me....any words to enlighten me??
pretty please... 
words.. like life is too short for unhappiness??
Girl crying over a guy nahh you are dropping your tiara~~~
i guess we all like to anyhow think when we are alone and quiet and wanna avoid ... all complications??
i just wanna be myself why it is so hard for me to do it??
happiness will only come if i learn to cherish the things around me...:)
i am so gonna cherish all my family , friends :) and my japanese which i kind of took these for granted..
They are the ones that will not forsake me ever..
hehhe ...:)
And i finally bought this!! :)
happy !!
twinie help me :))

yay .. tried this and i am quite satisfied with the effect :)

But my holika holika like nicer?? it has been quite long since i bought cosme.. though...

tempted to try tsu's new eyeshadow too

my MIR paper was rather depressing :((((((((( hais....
knock head...

if only things were nicer...

byebye <3333