Wednesday, January 29, 2014



Hi peeps!!

It is so gonna be the end of the Jan and I am so so so looking forward to Feb because it is end of intern soon!! All my misery gonna end real soon!!!!!!!!!! I really cant wait !! >.< and super de look forward to!!! Wahaha!!! Just now I was rushing out my reflection log and typed out 6 long reflection essays non stop for a mere few hours as deadline is today!! >.<  ARGH!!

Everyday wakeup so early and sleep late and like zombie mood and only alive when it is end work time ! >.< ~~

Every day worry about my booking although I am just a mere intern there. Hais shagged life. I know I have been ranting about this issue non stop because I really dread it there. T.T

My twinie is worse than me. >.<

I have not been shopping much lately so no new hauls.. I remembered buying a Monster university mini purse to store my earrings... and a CNY Collared shirt for boyfie..



Things have been on a rough side with boyfie .. because of some issues which I really cannot tolerate and bear with any longer until my very sudden outburst... hopefully things will turn out fine eventually...

This is really getting on my nerves every now and then whenever I happened to think about it the slightest... >.<

There is a saying " Things doesn't last forever, and I was once a fool to believe it actually does.."

"I shall channel all my energy and love more for myself now.." I always said this but when will I ever do this and stop all my pain?? Only god knows best.

That is all for now :)


Friday, January 24, 2014

Rants X Etude house AC care kit review!~

           Photo: Super light makeup today

Hi peeps, do you feel like you changed over the years, months as time passes??
Well, I do...

more than often I feel I changed because the environment and the people around me make me changed be it for the better or the worse.

Sometimes, I feel myself struggling with this change >.<
as changes takes time

Changes in my thinking, changes what I want in life, and my goals and many others that I cant think of right.. I can somehow feel it..

just like feelings changes to become hot and cold at times.. and eventually numb..

I.. learnt, cried, laughed and smiled..
but at the end.. I grown from all these moments.

               Photo: Something about you is so damn addicting.

struggling with my reflection really stressed me out a lot... >.<

Next, is just a short review on one of my recent hauls which I quite liked..


Etude house AC care kit!! F(x)'s Suli and Krystal ssi are using this too for curing their outbreaks :O
I saw it on etude house sing fb page though making me super tempted to buy which eventually I did!!


Lol and the famous K drama "The heir's Cha eun sang" is also endorsing it too!!


Really love how fair her skin is in the drama so clear too!! >.< Envy max!!!

If I am not wrong it won some beauty award too!! *^~^*

Effects: 3/5 no visble effect/ results.. kind of gradual improvement towards my face slowly..
pimple is going away ... sometimes there is a stinging pain too on the applied pimple area... #>.<#
Price: 3/5 it is quite pricey for two small bottles and some cotton buds..
Smell: 3/5 medicinal smell which I don't really fancy..

will I repurchase it again?
Maybe?? I am not sure.. lol till I found a better product for my outbreaks kekeke**

So that is all for now byebye!!!

So that is all for now yea.. byebye!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chinese new year is coming..

        Photo: I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I wasted with the wrong people.

Hi peeps, Chinese new year is coming and I not looking forward it to the least, except for the rest day and doing nothing but eat at my grandma's hse and wear new clothes..
lol I haven even bought new shoes which I don't even bother about can??

Maybe this year we will be going to the sea aquarium something special for mommy..??
hahah but I am yet to get the tickets.. hahaha!!!

The worst part, is Boyfie is gonna be away to Genting T.T
No contact for 4 WHOLE Days maybe?
and then I will anyhow think again because last year's CNY totally sucks something happened and
totally ruined my whole festive mood!!!

And the worst part is last year's V's day worse day ever.. some more I remembered I was having exams back then too T.T

" I don't regret my past, I just regret spending it with wrong person." 

Last few days boyfie and I went to the arcade and I made him get me this card lol!!
Because I like the pink machine so nice and sweet hahahaha in short, girly #^~^#


Cute?? kawaii ?? hahahaha!~

Recently, I also do have the obsession with non hole earrings because I am scared to pierce ear hole
because twinie did it twice and had ear infection.. and we chanced upon these cute non hole earrings!!
And I wore it out the next day..
I really like the twinkle in my ear especially when cam whoring too :p

the earrings were on sale too hahaha lucky me!!

so that is all now byebye <33333333!~

I really wished/hoped/pray for this new's Chinese new year and vday they will be a pleasant one
for me.. will not leave me crying out there alone again...

and to graduate smoothly with a diploma :)


that is all for now..


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Innisfree green tea mineral mist review

Hi all!!
I am now back with a new review on one of recent gifts from dearie


Which is INNISFREE's Green tea mineral mist


As you can see yoona ssi is endorsing it!! <333


I have been using this mist for some days already

I love how fine the mist come out as compared to my Bio essence miracle water spray not those large water droplets that lands on your face after some sprays...

I definitely choose this spray over my usual bio essence miracle water spray!!

I haven't tried out others innisfree mist yet like their sun spray and vitamin C spray yet which I am still thinking whether to try them out anot or should I just simply stick to this mist spray?

Effect: 4/5 - one minus point it doesn't really prevent my bb cream from oxidizing which really disappoints me T.T, other than that it works fine :) Hopefully no breakouts.. lol!!

Price: 4/5 affordable :) for this small bottle mist

Packaging: 3/5 simple and clean packaging :)

will I repurchase this ?
Maybe? because I may want to try out its vitamin C spray or sun spray too >.<

So that is all for now yea!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Others call me stupid, but i guess sometimes acting dumb is better.

               Photo: Super nice can ? ^^ but so transparent

Hello all,  I am really lazy to do reviews these days..
I have been bugged by a lot of unwanted thoughts recently about myself, my life and some relationship stuffs which are kind of indescribable. Besides, I don't like my intern so I don't really go and think about it unless there is some stuffs troubling me.. -.-

Yesterday I met up with one of my good friends who just came back from Australia ^~^
twinie joined us too, we chatted while we dined at pasta mania eating pizzas .. and we stopped by Jrunway and bought some accessories.. that is all ..

Something I just feel happy for no apparent reason, something I feel bored then sad .. moody...
I guess it is my hormones.. >.< or not enough sleep -.- because my work Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

the only time I tend to forget all my unwanted thoughts is when I met up with dearie and I kind of focus on nothing but just him and see only him ..

seeing his uber cute face make me feel very happy or rather satisfied that I have such a cute boyfie to begin with.. sometimes while looking at him, I really wondered and hope that these happy moments will last >.<

Whenever, I miss him, I will have the tendency to text him if not look at his photos in my phone lol..
So cheesy right? (#>.<#)



As usual, work I get scolded quite some times.. and I really dread seeing people at work. the only joy time is lunch time and end work I guess.

Each person, has their own problems too, like my family, boyfie and friends they also have their problems is just how they dealt with it and overcome it ..

I guess I am the lazy kind who just like to ignore them if it is not urgent or pressing, until it is time ..

they say " good times don't always last, so cherish them while they last."
the funny thing with me is.. when I am so happy I will tend to overlook things and forget it till it ends..
But when I am down, I will just start to recall all the happy memories that I should have hold on to more..

I guess I am so long winded here..
so I will end this post with a peace sign


Bye!~ till the next time ..

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekends, movie & Swimming / Playing with waters

Hi peeps !!

Here is another lazy post about how I spent weekends.. lol!!
With boyfie of course :)

Sat he came to pick me up at work on sat and that day we went to eat my fav noodles at clark quay and we went to shop around awhile and he bought me this Innisfree mineral green tea mist <33!!
Since I decided to get one because of my Bio essence miracle spray is running out on me T.T


can't wait to try this out soon !! >.< lol!!~~

then we went to his house to watch some movie online.. " Wolf of the wall street"
it is supposed to be a comedy.. but I don't really like it >.<
The movie, the actors keep shouting / saying the F* word.. Zzzz

I only scold it when I am angry only lol..

and the storyline was quite complicated and I couldn't really make sense of it.. although boyfie was really paying attention to it though..

I remembered him laughing aloud at some scenes though..

So that I keep asking boyfie to go swimming with me since we always stayed at home and slack and get bored when we do nothing but sleep the whole day.. if not play some games.. which boyfie is so addicted to his Dota and Maple -.-!~

For Sunday, we went to jurong swimming complex.. to play waters it is the first time I go swimming with boyfie.. but the funny thing is that I couldn't swim at all >.<



so ended up with us playing the waters only.. >.< it was so cold ...

after an hour and a half of playing we decided to wash up and head back..

hahaha I  took a long time in the bathroom washing up and makeup about half an hour time..#>.<#

Boyfie was so -.- bummer about it hahaha

After that we went to eat KFC and headed back to his place but before that we went to buy a new fan as his old one spoilt. and it was so hot in his room -.-!!~~

so that is all for now yea..


Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Plans for 2014 !!


Blogging in office right now >.< lol hopefully don't get caught
later I am meeting boyfie (^~^*)//

Chinese new year is coming.. have you all done your CNY shopping yet?? hahaha
I bought my clothes already not shoes yet though :O
-.- boyfie is even worse have not bought anything for CNY yet
he is going to Genting during CNY going to miss him so so so much!! >.< T.T

For the year of 2014,
to begin with, we have booked our flight for seoul for our april family vacation already!!
Happiness!~~ ^~^ I am like really looking forward can?! >.<
Thinking about all the makeup, skincare and clothes that I can buy there alone makes me drool already ! wahaha!!~~
that means I really need to save up T.T for my shopping in korea T.T transit at Taipei O.O

Yesterday didn't report for work , I went to walk walk alone before going home to rest..
and meanwhile I bought a photo frame for dearie to put our polaroid to put it at his table!!

I really like putting photo frame around , it gives a vintage and a comfy feel :) haha it is a double sided frame :P


CNY is coming although I like the idea of holiday no need to work during the CNY but
I dread the idea of going to my aunt house to bai nian >.<
They will keep say me this and that one hais!!~~
But on a plus point I get to wear new pretty clothes hahaha and take some nice selcas too!!~~
And more angpows for my seoul trip too!! hehehe~~


On top of all these I need to sign up for my uni studies for my degree :O
still applying now >.<
hopefully I managed to get into the course I want >.<

that is all for now yea!!

Hopefully everything goes smoothly for the year 2014 :O
pray hard >.<
Ciaos!~~ ^~^

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Year 2013 lesson learnt..

Year 2013 was a unpleasant year for me struggling with school, intern and relationships...

I still remembered crying in Chinese new year when my ex cheated and abandoned me, waiting for the text messages that never came.. like a silly fool... believing that he will be back from ..after being used..
being cheated endlessly by my ex too, despite my tears he just continued.. lying to me..
crying alone during valentine's day which I foolishly prepared present for that some one..

unpleasant looks from my class mates and nobody wanted me in their groups.. during projects..

there was also a period of endless quarrels that drained me mentally and physically with boyfie and his family disliking me...

Crying during the first few weeks of intern, whenever I got scolded badly..

year 2013 was the worst year ever for me..

looking back, i am glad i have been through them... never wanting to go back into those nightmares again
i just hope that karma will knock on the door of those people who used or bullied me back then and get a taste of their own medicine..

and i still remembered the happiest moments of 2013 that god blessed me with are

1. My birthday celebration at USSR ( i remembered going to sentosa with my ex and standing outside the studios hoping that one day i can go in) It is just a wish came true..

2. Genting trip during the December :)

3. I get to meet boyfie daily, unlike my previous shitty relationships.

4. Boyfie will pamper me with gifts that i really wanted and not those anyhow ugly gifts that i don't even want.. :) like my clothes, minions, make up and skincare

5. Getting a polaroid camera with my first intern salary :) taking polaroids with boyfie <33

6. Spening Xmas eve with boyfie @ night safari and dining @ Crystal Jade palace restaurant, not needing to go my aunt house which i detest so much every year usually..>.<
7. Going to River Safari to celebrate boyfie's bday!!

these special moments make me feel really relieved and blessed..

Lastly, 2013 the most blessed moment is to able meet my BOYFIE <33 he make all the impossible possible for me :3 as time goes by i began to love him more and more <33


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 9 monthsary!!

Hi guys!!

Today will just be another post on how we spent our nine monthsary together ^^

      Photo: Uber happy that we gotten to spend our 9 months Tgt this month

It has been so long since we camho together already (#O.O#) hehehe :3

I surprised boyfie with a gift :) and that is CK perfume

                   Photo: Buay tahan this super cute boyish face

I don't mind splurging on him just to see the happiness smile on his face
although he does irritate me plenty of times >.<

That we went out to orchard to walk walk ^~^ looking for his new clothings but couldn't find any, as boyfie was in no mood to shop >.<*


On sunday we went out to eat some ramen and then we watched the movie 47 ronin! :O

my elder sis told me it was a nice movie even boyfie's mum told him that it is nice too :D

Since the movie timing suited us so we decided to watch it too hehehe

Outfit of the day!!

Ps: the checkered shorts is bought by boyfie when we went shopping the other day :P
actually he bought me a checkered suit !! (^~^*)

at the end of everything I am very glad he is still by me all these times
work makes me really stressed and angry most of the times >.<
but my family and him really makes me feel better and more relieved :)
it just makes me want to cherish them more all together :)

so that is all!
byebye <333

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Happy new year! everybody!

Hi Peeps!!
Happy 2014!~~~ ^~^**

2014 new year resolution to become prettier each day lol!!
and last long with boyfie :)

2013 was quite a nasty year for me one of my worst year perhaps..
I still remembered crying during the Chinese new year and struggling with my final year exams and
rushing out my projects with classmates >.< and of course tons of unwanted arguments with boyfie at first and his family too... -.-

of cos my payday came too and I bought myself some new skincare products..
from etude house their NEW** bubble peeling wash and acne care kit hehehe (^~^o)//

I am becoming more hardworking towards my skincare because boyfie like to salivate on my cheeks
causing me lots of unwanted pimples T>T despite asking him to stop doing so.. he cant help it T.T
poor me have to invest more in my skincare products clearing my facial skin. Which recently became more and more sensitive -.- as I have an obsession with keep doing mask at night I always feel the need for it ..

these 2 products shown above I will soon do a review on them once I am ready for it

Lastly, although year 2013 really sucks.. but I am still glad that I found my dear on 4/4/2013
I hope we can be together a long long  time.. and never get sick and tired of each other...

A boyfie whom easily make me feel happy, angry and sad but not for long..
Pampering me with gifts and scrimping and save on himself and feeding me good food whenever he has money and playing around childishly with me at times.. and never forget to send me home and kiss me goodnights whenever we meet up, all these little moments are the ones that make me feel the happiest..

that is all for now

byebye <333