Saturday, August 30, 2014

Korea's regen synergy whitening mask review!!


Hi peeps!!
I am back with another short review here!!

& it is Korea's Regen Synergy whitening mask!!

it comes in many functions to choose from like Pore care, Moisturizing and Wrinkle care too
but I choose whitening only because I want to fairer!! haha!!
This mask is special because it comes together with a lifting sheet below as its step 2.
so here is my verdict of it after using it twice!!
Whitening Effect:3/5 after using, I didn't notice any obvious visible results :( each time I use.
Lifting effect: 3.5/5 I did feel the lifting effect when putting on , but sadly I didn't notice any obvious visible results too.. lol!! is it just me only?? 
Price: 3/5 pricey for me , lucky me my aunt bought this pack of masks for me hehe :3
Packaging: 4/5 its packaging looks interesting from the outside that is why it appeals me to want to try it out myself , stating how good all the effects are and how it works behind, I was attracted to it!
will I repurchase it again???
Maybe?? hahaha I am not so sure..
so that is all for now yea!! I will blog soon meanwhile follow my twitter tweets too "@iamsherminnn"!! Thank you &


Thursday, August 28, 2014

IOPE Bio essence review!


Hi peeps!!

Today I am back with another review!!

And it's IOPE best seller bio essence!!



So here is my verdict!


Effects: 4/5 love its brightening effects!! But it break me out a bit which clear up after a few days.. T.T  >.< it kinds of detox the skin. As after that my skin becomes clearer :))
Price: 2/5 super pricey for me T.T
Packaging: 2/5 glass is fragile .. because of its highly reactive chemical inside like SK-II
Scent: 3/5 those skin science smell, don't know how to describe it .. no odour :))

Will I repurchase it again??
hahah yes!! if  I got the money to!! hahhaha


So that is all for now


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kpop updates my recent obession!!

Hi peeps!!

Today is another mini kpop update here!!

First obsession is

Apink latest showtime episode!!!

Cos they are seriously super cute and pretty inside!!!!

And I am a big fan of APink for a long long time already I even watched the last seasons ones too!!!
This season is much better I much say..

If you are bored or same as me a pink fan you all should watch this too!!!>.<

I have attached the link here for ep 2 since I am watching now hehehe !! :3
Next my recent Kpop music video obsession is Hyuna shi - RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is like so gorgeous and sexy in this video, at first I don't really like the song until I watched and listened a few more times I start to like it and her style inside is so woah!! O.O!!! 
and I am a Hyuna's fan too!! Since her troublemaker debut!! 
one live performance link video here
So that is all for now!!
Cya soon!! Stay tune!!

HERA UV cushion review!


Hi peeps!!!

Today, I am gonna blog about my review on HERA limited edition UV cushion !! Which my boyfie bought for me online!! hehehe :3! And it is in shade C21 the cover series!

                 Photo: my bf bought this !!

Effects: 4/5super love its whitening effect!!! But because the coverage is too heavy for me so I need to be always careful on not to apply too much.. >.<
Price: 3/5 Pricey T.T
Scent: 3/5 neutral those normal skincare cosmetic slight scent??
Packaging: 5/5 love its packaging unique

Will I repurchase it again??
Yes??? But not cover series perhaps natural series but I do love this product overall!!


Hope this is somehow useful for you all!! So that is all for now!!!
Bye Bye!! <333   

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Best place for udon in SG!!


Hello peeps!!

Today I am gonna blog about something different. Reviews aside..

It is about my new found favourite Udon eating place at Takashimaya's basement, which I discovered with boyfie but sadly boyfie is not a fan of udon like me .. so he didn't try it .. >.<!!

The restaurant name is called " Tsuru Koshi!"

I didn't managed to take a photo of the place so I just grabbed it online.. Credits to the owner!



I ordered a mini bowl of udon at its menu to try it out..
and once I started tasting it .. I really really tasted awesome!!

No kidding.. lol and I keep repeating that it is delicious to boyfie upteen times at that point of time!!
But sadly, for students, the price there is abit pricey too.. >.<

I still remembered when I went during the weekends there is always a long queue there !!
And I finally got to try it!! hehehe!!
I soon wanna go back and eat udon again!! T.T

Not to forget to mention that boyfie treated me to a super posh café named Paul at Takashimaya too before my udon..
I just ordered a  bowl of 2 scoops of ice cream - mango and strawberry flavoured..
it was quite tasty too!

and recently boyfie and I watched a lot of movies like the white hair witch featuring "fan bing bing"
guardians of the galaxy  and also teenage mutant ninja turtles and lastly "The expendables 3!"
and we intend to watch Lucy next though.. hehehe :3!

Had a craving for Kimchi ramyun these days so hahaha snacking on unhealthy cup noodles!!
So that it is all for now!!