Sunday, July 20, 2014

My latest kpop obession!

Hi Peeps!!

Recently, I just watched the last episode of the global series of k variety WGM show of
Puff & Cherry oppa and Key and Arisa!! T.T So sad to see them parting..

But meanwhile, I found  another awesome couple which is featuring my another idol which is Yura shi from the girl band - Girl's day!!

The guy that she is paired up is a famous actor and a model look awesome!!

They look so cute together!! <333

Recently, Girl's day has their new comeback song which I quite enjoyed listening to too is called


So here is the MV!!

This song is quite addictive and catchy for me!!
love it <333!!!
and they are all so pretty and cute too!!!

I just cant get enough of all these Kpop >.<

Are you like me too?? wahahhaha >.<

So that is all for my short sharing session of my current obsession for now!!

Ciaos!! Cya soon!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My dead twitter account and coping with university degree course programme...

                        Photo: Being able to do things as you planned is one of the best things in the world

Hi peeps!!

Do you all know about my dead twitter account which I just started reusing it again.. hahahha
since I still want to stalk my favourite Japanese models celeb and kpop of course!! hahahah

My twitter account username is : iamsherminnn  !!
here is a screenshot how I redesign my layout.. still figuring the background still..

Currently, I just started studying for my degree programme after my diploma and I even went to its orientation week and met a lot of new people there.

Struggling with many articles and case studies like the past, I need to squeeze in buses and trains and also the need to getting up early and trying my best not to be late >.<

Hope I manage to survive this 2 coming years in it and pass it!!! T.T

So that is all for now!!

Cya soon!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Skinfood passion fruit and avacado lip gloss & Innisfree lip mousse products review!!

                                  Some people you met in your life are meant to have an expiry date with you, just like my favorite lippie from Seoul
Hi peeps!!

I am guilty of being lazy these days and not updating this space recently :(

Today will be another review on my lip products

Firstly, I bought my lip gloss from my Seoul trip it is Skinfood's passion fruit and avocado flavoured and it is colorless it and I absolutely love its feel on my dry chapped lips... and it has SPF 8 lol

Initially, I just bought it off the shelf for fun because back then it was still spring time in Seoul and it is so cold and dry there so I needed a good lip balm which I failed to bring one there at that point of time and the sale assistant there recommended me this so I decided to purchase it after testing it out once and I really must say I am glad I actually bought it back then!!! hahaha!!


mine is the first one on the left side..

Effects: 4/5 love the instant moisture it gives to my lip and the feel of it making my lips shiny and smooth at the same time too! <3333
Price: 4/5 I bought this directly from Incheon aiport so it is cheap wahhaha no taxes and no shipping costs incurred in this price!!
Packaging: 3/5 it like it is plastic and can squeeze it and it is yellow in color so I don't really fancy its design...
Scent: 3/5 pleasant neutral scent?

will I repurchase this again??

                             Photo: I wanna kiss my boyfie cheeks but I want to wear lip sticks too  #commongirlproblem??

Next, I will be sharing with you my latest lip products which are also innisfree latest launch of lippies too!! hehhehe


There are many different shades of colors available but I only bought 2 colors.. I am lazy to take photo of them so I just grabbed their photos on the net.. pardon me >.<
I wanted all the colors as they are all so vibrant and lively but I am so broke T.T!!!
Hahahha just kidding some colors just don't suit me and I prefer the more natural colors for daily look and usage!!

Effects: 4/5 it is super long lasting as compared to all my previous lip products!! At the end of a long day I still need to use my makeup remover to remove its color on my lips!! O.O!!!
Price: 3/5 it is quite pricey as compared to my other lip products..
Packaging:3/5 simple? the words innisfree will fade after some time.. quite bad quality?? lol

Will I repurchase this again??
 hahaha if there are improved versions of these of any other new products similar to these I will definitely purchase them!! I will buy them at the same time I want to try out others and play with the colors too! hehehe! :3

Recently I am also obsessed with a variety show on
it is Onstyle Jessica and Krystal featuring these 2 of my female idols goddesses!! <333
Super gorgeous!!! >.<


Do check this show out if you haven't done so!! Lol!!

So that is all for now yea!!

Cya soon!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Alive museum Boyfie's advanced birthday celebration

                       Photo: at orchard gateway today !!

Hello peeps!!
It has been quite a while since I last updated this space here!!

I will be sharing with you all how I celebrated upcoming boyfie's 22nd bday celebration with me!!

First up I bought his Bday present of course!!
and it is

Givenchy's gentleman only perfume!!
So expensive!!! T.T $_$!!!~~~
                            Photo: I love this birthday present by my girlfriend  thank you dear ❤️

Next I rented a car together with him so as to let me drive around the few places that I planned on that day!!

                       Photo: So long since I drove again, it's so fun, yet scary ! Waiting for @hellomissyuki

So here is the plan on that day
1st we head to Sushi Tei @ Vivo City
Which has a nice view from outside, food is not bad!!

lazy to take photos so I just grab some online ! >.< pardon me!



2nd which is the MAIN HIGHLIGHT of that day which is ALIVE MUSEUM!



















3rd we went to woodlands to try out a new Chinese restaurant named " Paradise Dynasty" to try out the colourful and different flavours of Xiao long Bao!!
But we only ordered the crab roe and the cheese flavours to try out only as the other flavours doesn't sound weird taste to our preferences lol! >.<
But the food there was damm nice!!!!!!!!!
But costly of cos!! hahaha!!

4th lastly, we headed to Clark Quay to have a Singapore River cruise experience which my twin recommended me to. lol... 

                       Photo: River cruise ending the day

This segment was quite boring but a nice experience because we both didn't get on this ride before our entire life ! hahhaa!

So that is all for now!
Cya soon!!