Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recent cooking X Patene Nature Hair care review!~~


Hello !!~~ it has been so so so long since i last blogged..
guilty much**


Cos i have been enjoying and relaxing much of my free time with my beloved boyfriend these days

and we have been cooking our own meals

so fun and nice!!!!!!!!!!!

the last few days we did 2 cooking one include a WESTERN MEAL !!


Fish fingers, french fries and chicken cheese nuggets!! wahahhaha
So full yet so delicious! >V<


After which we proceeded to cooking indian cuisine which just Roti Prata and curry sauce!!

so addicted to cooking now ~~


We also spent lots of our time playing games and watching anime like Naruto shipudden and toriko together hhaha so much addictive too!! lol!~


And my boyfie bought some nail polish to paint the minion of despicable me on my nails for me since he knows that i liked them so much hehheheh after watching the nail tutorial online himself that is so sweet of him !!! <333333333 AWWS~~~~~~~~~~~

So beside that, i will be blogging about my new recent hair care product too
which is my PATENE nature hair cream :)

Bought this some time ago and have been using it for quite a while already
and i quite like this!! :P
Effects:3.5/5 not much visible results though.. but it does help to smooth out the friziness and  my hair doesnt look so dry anymore satisfied!!
price: 4/5 affordable
packaging: 3.5/5 simple i guess??
smell:4/5  smells quite nice!! :D
will i repurchase this again???
maybe yes!! since overall i quite like this product!!
so that is all for now

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Garnier sakura facial cleanser review!!

                              Hi peeps!! ^~^

Today will be sharing with you all  a short review on my new and favourite facial cleanser which i just bought and am using it now :D

i wanted to buy this product quite some time ago when it first launched but i haven use finish my previous cleanser yet so now then i have finally gotten it XD!!

Effects: 3/5 no immediate visible results though but so far it doesnt break me out and it states that it is even suitable for sensitive skin too as it tested XD!!
Cost: 4/5 affordable in any drugstore in my country!!
Packaging: 4/5 white and pink in color with sakura prints
Smell: 4/5 Smell nice!! has the mild scent of Sakura <33333 !!!~~

will i repurchase it again??

Yes if it doesnt break me out :D


Most of my holidays i have been spending it with my dear we are so engrossed in anime and playing games lol!!

So that is all for now

byebye<3333 Cya soon!!! :D

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mood swings and Daily weird dreams!


Hi guys, just wanna share some personal experience here with you all now..

i am currently facing the worst haze >.< and i really hate it!!!!! DAMM those forest fires :(((

me want go out badly.. but i see the haze like this i feel so >.< unbearable!!

i am so scare it will get worse later on..

For the past few days i have been experiencing some mood swings due to my relationship ..
and everyday i dream of weird things..
and i started to get addicted to watching Naruto Shipuuden because of my boyfie watching it in front me making me interested in it too!! Especially during those battlefield episodes. XD

So that is all for now ..


Friday, June 14, 2013



Rcently i have been accompanying my dearie most of the time if not is go school do my project...
pressed for time >.<
After our first cooking last week i decided to cook with him again
this time we planned on cooking sphagetti and crispy chicken :p

Before that he wanted to do mask with me :)

so i cannot do any skin makeup that day..
and he told me there is no difference .. :)

Well i still did some eyemake up though hurhur..

i really enjoyed myself whenever i am with him that we always lost track of time :)
tiring but happy


hhehe if you all is a couple you can try cooking things together :)
it really is fun  but need to be careful of the knifes, oil and fire and although it very hot and stuffy too
but when eating those foods you cooked, you will feel wonderful especially if it taste yummY!! hhahahaha
 if not a couple can try cooking with your family or friends too :D

i will want to cook many more other dishes with him in our coming days.. :)
cook and share lots of foods together with him!!

so that is all for now byebye<3333333333

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Luxury babe 21 black lense review

Hi guys wanna do a short lense review here today for you all...

And that is luxury babe 21 black lense


i  decided to get these black lense because my boyfriend doesnt really like thick makeup on me i can feel it..

and black eye color is most asian natural eye color so it will appear more natural when i wear these lenses instead of those other light colors ones... especially with light makeup on.. or rather minimal makeup ..


These lenses are more comfy than my previous brown lense luxury number 45 choco..
these pair of black lenses' diameter is not too big though around 14.5mm plus i think??
Design is pretty natural just black rims on the outside nothing too fanciful though..
PS : i am wearing the black lense in all these photos in this post here!! :D

they hurt when i wore them for about 2 weeks plus..
then so i decided to throw them away and change to these black lenses instead..
and up till now i have no problems with these lenses so far :))

So that is all for now

byebye<33333333 and please do stay tune to my humble blog .. ^^

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Etude house CC cream silky review!! X randoms ...

I wanted to buy this product because F(x) 's Krystal is endorsing it and she is so so so Pretty!!! >.<
So jelly can??!!!
And it claims to be better than BB cream wah!!~~~
effects: 3.5/5
Price: 3/5 it is quite costly in the retail stores.. and i bought it in a retail store >.<
Packaging: 3.5/5
But overall i am still very happy with this product because it has more skincare benefits than BB cream and it is more natural becuase it's really sheer coverage ..
Next gonna share with you all what i have been doing recently too hehhehe
my dear and i have been cooking dinner for us and his family too hehehhe
We planned what foods should we cook and then went to shop for the ingredients (^~^)//
heheh look at the spread of food on the table and his happy expression XD
Scrambled eggs, Egg tofu, Seaweed chicken and porridge!! Yum ! yum!! <3333
 Brought him to see my mummy he is so nervous .. heheh so cute >.< 
 hehhee he so cute while i am washing the dishes.. he put this note on the table beside me hhehe
then shyly walked away hahahah i saw it .. :D
So that is all for now yea

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Korean Celebrity Secrets Non Surgical Nose-Up Reshaping Rhinoplasty Gel review!!

Hi guys !!!


So today i will be sharing you with a really new special product that i recently purchased online.
i wanted to buy this because it was a really big hit and keep sold out last time until recently i finally managed to found this and gotten my hands on it.. :))

There are online reviews claiming it to be effective so i just have to get it but the results on me for now is so dissappointing.. hais...

has been waiting and wanting this product for a really long time before i remenbered and now i have been using it for a week already, but still no visible results so far >.<

Which is Korean Celebrity Secrets Non Surgical Nose-Up Reshaping Rhinoplasty Gel

Effects: 2/5 effects is SLOW no visible results >.<
Packaging: it is really very small...
Price: 3.5/5 it is quite affordable

will i repurchase it again?? not sure.. maybe?

So that is all for now byebye<33333333333

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No more interviews!~~

Last few days i have been really preoccupied with all my interviews..

really hate wearing formal >.<
so Hot and stuffy and uncomfortable !!! >..<

and i had to tied up my hair too >.<

okk. i look like a weird here ..
But since i seldom tie my hair up so i decided to do some camwhore here.
So that is all for now..

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Labrador park outing!!~~~


Hello all!!~~ Today i went to labrador park with my dearie.. And this is my first time going there >.<
Had no expectations or idea how it would be like lol!!!
We seen lots of flora and fauna there... ^~^















So that is all for today's post and pictures spam lol..

i really enjoyed myself.. today ..


Monday, June 3, 2013

Biore jelly sunscreen review!

                     Photo: Going for my changi airport interview now  nervous much

Hi there!! :))

Here is another short update here today..
was preparing for my interview yesterday >.< and managed to meet up with dear shortly after i reached home :))

So i gonna do a short review here on one of my latest products i started trying out
which is
erhemm.. before i begin, i should tell you all suncreen is really a very important thing for our skin , especially if you are living in such a HOT country like me.. it can help prevent anti aging and those harmful ultraviolet rays which causes skin cancer and lastly help you maintain a fair skin complexion which i adored so much like those Kpop stars skin tone (*~*)// 
As you can see there is only a SPF of 30 >.<
Previously, i really hated those UV Biore milk sunscreen, because they caused me outbreak due to some oily skin problems.. which i am not sure of so i stopped using them completely...
So when these jelly and water suncreen came out i was quite dubious. whether should i give these a try, so after seeing so many good reviews online then i finally decided to get it :0 
Effects: very jelly like consistency and smooth when applied on skin :D
Price: quite affordable!!
Packaging:4.5/5 it is quite big size but handy and portable!! :))
Hopefully there is no outbreaks using this later on.. if got i will tell you all hehhehe..

So will i repurchase it again??
YES of course!!!!!!!!! hurhur...

So that is all for now.. byebye <333333333

Sunday, June 2, 2013

dad's birthday!


Hi guys!!! Today was special because it is my dad's bday!! :)) wees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

We dined @ 1marketplace buffet place it was costly T_T
food was so so only..

after eating, i went to collect my dear's monthsary pressie which i ordered online..
and camwhore while waiting for his arrival with twinie <33333



and i am so glad he liked my pressie to him hurhur...had a hard time thinking and wanting to find these pressies too >.<


really love him much!! :)

So that is all for now..
 gonna interview for my intern tmr.. nervous much >.<

Wish me luck and the best heheheh