Monday, August 10, 2015

Hectic life shedule

Hello people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really wonder does anyone even read my nonsense blog LOL!!
My life  has been upside down the last month and it only started picking up last 2 weeks ??

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School term resumed for me.. >.<
I really dread it ALL assignments deadlines are crushing in............Shagged life!!!!!!!!!
shall stop reviewing products for a while since I have no mood and don't really have much new products on hand too..

everything seems so BLEAK!


I shall blog about my date with boyfie last week?

it was our monthsary!!

he looks so dashing here <33333333!!!!!!!!!

we went to eat our fave Itacho sushi to celebrate our monthsary before catching the movie
mission impossible!!

At night we went to eat Astons!!
but I am so super lazy to upload our Astons date photo here pardon me >.<

And on his next off day we managed to catch Fantastic 4 Awesome movie!!!!!!!1

I hope things don't go down for now again .....>.<

So that is all for now I will update soon!!


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