Thursday, October 10, 2013

My new polaroid camera mini 7s and instax flim X insidious 2 movie review

Photo: monster inc swag ✌

Hello peeps recently I just purchased a polaroid camera :) Wees!!!~~
I specially went to order a monster inc

Uber happy can!! >.<

love it!! <333333333

Photo: My Polaroid tools and mini photo album ✌❤

here are the tools I bought for it
my front mirror tool and a mini album! wahahhaha

This is the polaroid taken i liked most wahahahaha!!
We still took many others though..

recently, i am also obessed with this Wel-b dried freeze fruit snacks too loving it! <33

And recently boyfie and i went to catch the movie insidious chapter 2

it was so scary >.<
there were people screaming at the back at some parts of the movie which were too sudden and the sound effects were shocking..

the storyline is abit strange for me though..

lol i did closed my eyes abit..

so that is all for now .
byebye<333 cya soon!!!

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