Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Etude house curl fix black mascara review

Hi peeps,

 I know that I have not been faithfully updating my blog space for I don't know how long hehehe

so I am here to make a short update to keep it alive.

Recently I bought quite a number of new makeup and skin care products to try out.

As the title suggests I am gonna do a short review on Etude house Curl Fit Black mascara


I am always on the lookout for smudge free and lengthening mascara and I chanced upon a review about recommending this product here so I decided to give it a try. Also I am a fan of FX's krystal hehehh

Ok enough said, so here is my short verdict on it

Effects: 3/5 I honestly, I don't really think it helps to lengthen my lashes a lot and in terms of volumizing my lashes , its effects do not stand out visibly as well:( quite smudge proof when I used it for the first time, however, subsequently I realized that it  does not last me throughout the day smudge free, as what it claimed to be. So I am quite disappointed as I placed quite high hopes on this..

Price: 3/5 price is nearly the same as other drugstore brands mascara like Maybeline and Loreal etc..

Packaging: 2/5 nothing special very simple packaging I must say.

Will I repurchase it again?
Sadly no, I think I will prefer other brands like maybeline falsies mascara etc.

I hope this will be somehow useful for some of you out there.


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