Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip tint review RD003 Merlot Burgundy shade

Hello readers,

I am back with another short review,

As the title suggest, I am doing a review on korea's newly released lip tint range

Chateau Labiotte's lip tint in Merlot burgundy shade!

ok I bought this because I was attracted to its cute packaging and I love burgundy shade !
when I read and saw its review online and saw how lovely the shade is when applied on , I am like totally sold ! LOL!

Ok enough said, so here is my final verdict.

Effects: the long lasting power is quite good, stay on a little after a meal. But after say about 5 hours need to touch up again..

Scent: 1/5 I am not a wine loving person and it has a slight strong scent of the wine.

Price: 4/5 it is quite affordable as I managed to buy it on an online sale :)

Packaging: 4/5 it is super cute!! But you need to close it really securely if not the lip tint liquid ink will easily seep out from its packaging. >.<

will I repurchase this again?
sadly no! overall I do love its shade and its super cute packaging but I am really turn off by its wine scent lol weird me >.<!

I hope this is useful for some of you guys out there ! :)
so that is all for now

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