Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy 4th monthsary!! X Etude house cotton fit BB cream review!~


Hi guys!! haven been blogging for a quite a while as i was pretty preoccupied with my stuffs ..
Alot of unhappy stuffs happened but the happy events overwash them...
cant let those nasty people ruin my life right :p

And having no mood to blog too lazy me >.<

this coming month will be a very hectic one because of my exams and ghost festival is coming too >.<


bought some cosme online with my twinie


been wanting try out this cotton fit BB cream for like the longest time already especially since it is endorsed by F(x) 's krystal!! O.O <333333!!

and here is a short review!!

Effects: 4/5 gives me a really fair complexion instantly nice skin color upon application!!
Packaging: 4/5 it is girly sweet XD love it!! quite a big tube can use a long time too wahahaha!!!
Cost: 4/5 i bought it online so it is cheaper :D
smell: 3/5 it smells not bad dont have any strong smell though

will i repurchase it?
hahhaha yes of course !!!


We went to a tortoise museum last week some day it was super enriching for me!! XD


So that is all for now .. i will update soon :D
byebye <3333333333

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