Thursday, August 15, 2013

We owned a KITE fnally!!


Hello all!! <333333

This month is so tough for me with all my damm exams T>T

But it is still ok because i still get to enjoy with dearie :D

Today we finally decided to get a Kite after all the discussion we had since last month :D


i must say it is so hard to find Kite for sales in SG >.<
It is after much research then we found the place from the net then we set out to buy it O.O

Hehhe we gotten a Gnome Kite so cute :p Boyfie says it looks like Papa Smurf here hurhur ^~^

And on top of these!!

we went out try out Robins Baskin love portion ice cream yesterday too <3
wahhahaha it was yummy!!


And the sweetest of all is during few days when i was struggling with my exams he surprised me by buying me starbucks espresso twice !!
O_O and delivered it personally to my doorstep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And was so thoughtful to think that i may think the drink taste bitter and bought me sweets too :P


and also he bought me this too!!
wahhaha Minion stuart love!!!!!


heheheh so grumpy like me >.<

So that is all for now :D

after all these made me realise that i must cherish him more and made me really love him more :D

Doing things for me unconditionally and thoughfully lots of time and bothering to spend all his time to me only so devoted <333

Feeling so blissed
Hopefully things stay this well as time passes too :D

that is all for now byebye <33!!

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