Thursday, September 5, 2013

usual movie date X sweet gift !!~~



Today was a pleasent day for me .. :D
Everything went well and nice

As dearie brought me to watch the Millers as promised
wahahhaha lucky me that he dote on me so much now >.<

feeling so blessed!! <33

not that we dont face tough time together and i feel like crap.. -_.- but today now is like better :)


this movie is really nice and hilarious!!
I really like jenifer aniston inside the movie <33
She is like so gorgeous and HOT!!!!!!!!!! O.O

hahhah i want to watch it because of her too!!

After that we chanced upon this maid minion and i stopped and looked at it

Then Boyfie bought it for me after we went off and came back to buy it again!!



i really love it as throughout the despicable me 2 movie i loved the maid minion the MOST!!!~~
hahhaha never really thought that i could actually get it i though that there was no such design minion toy out there and never did i imagine me i could actually lay my hands on one given by boyfie too <333!!!!!!~~

close up view of it!~~

So that is all for now yea..!!~~


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