Sunday, September 22, 2013

How i celebrated my 20th bdae!! Photo bomb!!

Hi peeps!!

It has been a long long time since i last blogged!!

 sorry was busy with my intern and dates

but this post is dedicated to how i enjoyed my bdae celebration this year!! <3333333333

Was uber happy because boyfie bought me to USS!!!

Before going there, the  night before both boyfie and i were already damm looking forward already!!

When we reached, we decied to buy the express tickets after much consideration of the long queue..

It was awesome and scary wahahhaha

Because of all the thrill rides..

When we entered, he surprised me with this mini piece of matcha cake :D

Before we went home boyfie managed to find the last minion for me :D

Boyfie likes the transformer theme the most :O

For me, it was scary lol!!!

we also bought transformer couple tees!~~~

It was so costly $_$!!!

We tried the jurassic park ride too..while it was raining outside

Such a WET adventure for us!!! >..<

Lucky boyfie bought ponchos for us before heading in the game :p

Hehehehe, he looked so cute here!! *~*


During lunch we dined @ a discovery food court, which we recieved food vouchers discount for.
Boyfie went to queue for the food for us :D
so long the queue !!!~
But nevertheless, he still queue for us and the place was a shelter for the rain outisde :O

quite touched he queued for me too >.< as i just seated comfortably and waited for him :D

During my favourite elmo ride, he presented to me my bday present a heart diamond necklace in the dark starlight atmosphere <3333!!~~


Damm touched and happy inside >.<
hahhaa but i couldnt show it to him O.O

and lastly we dined @ a chinese dimsum restuarant there !!~

i had a century egg porridge and he had a duck rice course :D
It was quite yummy!!

LOL there were still many photos that we took but i am lazy to post here >.<
I really enjoyed myself that very day !!

\Best bdae!!! EVER!!~~

byebye <333

will update soon!~~

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