Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Confused...X 5th monthsary!!


I have been lacking in my blog posts nowadays..

Recently have been trying out new makeup and hair style lol..
been wanting to improve my look for the longest time..


Things hasnt been really good these days..
sometimes i will be bothered by my overthinking and bad thoughts..



Recently i also went shopping to buy some new stuffs - clothes, contact lenses and makeup etc which really cheers me up alot! ^^ plus this month my birthday is coming soon too!! So makes me ultra happy!! heheheh grins**


i look so happy in these pictures with my boy!! <33

Always can forget many unhappiness whenever i am with him.. making me feel happy :D

& recently we went to watch the movie " The purge " too it was so scary for me lol!!
as i am scared of violence and murder type of movie .. but since boyfie wanted to see it so much well well i need to accompany him ^*^

and we changed to a new couple lock screen too!! WEES!~~

wahhaha like this, we only got eyes for each other only !! <3333333333

yesterday we were celebrating our 5th monthsary
and we went to dine at Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central!! ^~^

Yummilicious time!!~~





Boyfie keep only order the salmon -.- although he wanted to try others he said he was too full :O

heheh i ordered some only as i was quite full already too ;p

i really enjoyed my time there and the auto food serving tray that comes around with your order and ipad ordering menu!!

So cute the symbol too!! It was my first time there too!! wahahha


After that we went to marina barrage to fly kite lol!! But i lost the stick in between ended up could not fly at all  -__- Bummer!!

But luckily on our way , we managed to find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_<

Gonna try flying again soon if can ^_^
Tmr we are prolly gonna watch the movie " We're the Millers" Jenifer aniston is Hot inside the movie
so tempting to watch it wahahhaha

hopefully can do so tmr !! >.<

So that is all for now!!

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