Monday, March 24, 2014

what i have been doing recently.. short & random update

                          Photo: 有些事我想逃避不想去面对和想

Hi peeps !! it is uber long time since I last blogged!!
wahhaa!! >.<

I was so busy with work and bf :3
and I did not buy any skin care or makeup products recently so I have no reviews to share too!! >.<
as I am saving up for my upcoming korea trip !! $_$

                           Photo: 我的男朋友欺负我

                   Photo: 心里的话,怒,悲哀,感激和喜都想转达给你❤

had been doing nothing much recently just keep working and going out on dates :O

Meanwhile, I bought these 2 really cute love lockets to hang up for boyfie and me!! wahahha
super cute right?? and er hemm.. of cos they are abit more pricey than those normal ugly locks.!!
and we hung it up at a special place where a lot of people hang theirs too!! ^~^

hahhah I always wanted to do this but couldn't find such locks and place and keep forgetting about it until recently!! >.<

and it is like a small wish came true!!!
although boyfie found it lame and waste of money only -.-

earlier on boyfie gotten me these !!

Photo: ☺boyfie bought me these !!

we went for movie too!!
because I insisted on this movie!!  lol~~

Photo: Movie time with meatballs combo

and we also went to try out the weighing machines in the mall nearby for fun too!! hahha

I was shocked at my own weight too lol!! 38.5kg!! O>O

Photo: Boyfie and my weight 38.5!!!!

                                    Photo: YueHao LikesEating, 当你能看到你满脑子都在想的那个人,也是一种幸福󾌧󾌧󾌧

Meanwhile, I remembered going prawning with boyfie family which I found how they killed the prawns and the worms so dam gross!!!! >.< argh!!

and I borrowed some books to read up for fun - Mr midnight & Mr Mystery!!

                       Photo: 今天有点不快乐,但是男友好疼爱我,就不气了❤他超棒的❕

So that is all about for now..
just a short and random post lol!!


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