Thursday, February 27, 2014

skinfood black sugar perfect first serum review! X Holika holika green tea egg facial wash soap ( LONG POST!**)


Hi peeps I just ended my intern :)
my colleague gave me this small pot of plant ^~^
So cute right!!??
It has been a long time since I last blogged lol..

I have been lazier these days..
Because there is no office computer for me to rant my thoughts anymore >.<

these few days was accompanying boyfie and staying at home cooking some home cooked foods for boyfie some fresh green lefy vege and fried tofu :3
and some plain white rice too..

he is back from KL already hehehe like a finally and he surprised me with this baby!!

Victoria secret's love spell gift set... <33333333

Recntly, SK-II have been causing me some minor breakouts and I feel awful about it so I decided to change another toner/ skincare product..

and on one day I happened to meet up with twinie after meeting boyfie for lunch
and we passed by skinfood!

the sales girls keep recommending me a lot of products and finally she mentioned this Black sugar perfect serum!!
and she applied some of them on my hands and it was quite amazing to see dead skin cells coming out instantly but this can be used on a daily basis!!


I bought this to try out and it comes together with a box of special cotton pads..

Effects: 4/5 so far it didn't cost me any outbreaks and it did help to brighten and clear up my skin abit too !!!
Price: 3/5 costly T.T maybe when I go korea in april, I will buy more of this to top up my supply hahahaha!!!
Packaging: 2/5 it is an average sized glass bottle, very fragile, once dropped broken T.T but the design is very vintage though!!
Smell: 2/5 not much of a pleasant nice scent inside though, just some neutral scent ...

will I repurchase it again??
yes!! ahahaha!! loving it!

next is my review on my another new haul of skin care product which I managed to buy it at a super discounted price when out with twinie again!! lol!!

it is Holika Holika green tea egg facial soap!!!

there are many flavours seen in the picture below but I choose green tea!!


effects: 3/5 very gentle on skin, no visible results..
price 4/5 affordable hahah because I bought it at a discounted price!! howvever online it much more pricey..
Packaging 4/5 it is so cute and innovative !!
smell: 2/5 no pleasant nice scent, neutral.

will I repurchase it again??
sadly, no.. hahah I want to try out other cleanser or maybe go back to my faceshop ones!! hahhahaa!

yesterday was boyfie's off day, although the day before we just watched Hunter X Hunter movie already lol!
so we went out awhile to dine at Ichiban Boshi and suddenly decided to watch a movie

A snapshot of my oishii udon!! and empty bowl of chawahmushi hahahha :S

                  Photo: Yesterday dinner with boyfie at ichiban boshi ❕

we watched the LEGO movie , while waiting we went to the arcade to play some games awhile to keep ourselves occupied. :3 it was quite fun!!

We managed to get seated on the couple seat at the back row!! comfy much !! and our wedges and drink was delivered to us shortly too!!  the movie was quite a laugh though...

after movie we went to walk walk around and he bought me this!! hahaha!!

So that is all for now!! hehehe ...


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